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The Best Dubstep Machines ReviewedThis webpage is for everyone looking for the best Dubstep creator. in order to create Dubstep beats, you need beat sequencing platform, which is effectively software to create your tracks.the popular Dubstep DJs and producers all engage really basic programs to make those massive Dubstep tracks you know and enjoy.

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Here on this page, I would like to offer a brief run down on the ideal dubstep creator, which is called DUBTURBO. There are other, much more pricey programs the huge name guys utilize to finish their tracks, but many (including myself) begin sequencing beats in Dubturbo. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DUBTURBO SITEMaking Dubstep with DubturboStartingThe huge men like Rusko and Skream have become predominantly utilizing Logic Pro (Macintosh only) for their radio-ready tracks. the many notable problem with this method is the some skill it takes to master these expert applications. Dubturbo is the best place to start when making Dubstep music, with no past experience required.

EXCELLENT BENEFITS OF UTILIZING DUBTURBO AS a DUBSTEP MAKER:1. available For Instant Download – To start making beats appropriate now2. Ease of use – This really user-friendly software is perfect for anybody3. Computer and MAC – will work on both operating systems4. No Hardware – nothing else is required in order work5. Keyboard causes – more towards the above, your keyboard will make the drum pad6. High Quality – all samples and sounds are in very high quality7. Exporting – Higher quality MP3 exports of your beats. Play them anyplace8. Plug-Ins – Further plug-ins, beats and instrument packs is downloaded

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To give you a brisk outline, we have focused on Logic Pro, that is just available on Macintosh and Propellerhead’s Reason, which is available on both PC and Macintosh.

As mentioned, both programs require a higher stage of previous experience and production expertise, though the results will show when you eventually master them.

Logic Pro starts at about $399 USD or £339 GPB, with Reason 5 becoming a small bit cheaper.

Don’t forget to click the big button below to get more detailed reviews on Dubstep Software.Go To: TodayItems To consider When Selecting a Dubstep MakerRemember:

When choosing your Dubstep making Software, constantly remember the following:

1. Skills: your level of experience is relevant here. If you are a complete newcomer with zero experience, remember to start with the easiest to utilize software. It will not take long to create banging tracks like Benga (see video below), but it aren’t happening instantly.2. Price: There is no free dubstep software download. However, you can get started for only a few dollars with Dubturbo. the others will cost several hundred, and store have a mac, you have to get 1 for those who would like to utilize Logic Pro, for example. Dubturbo is compatible with both Mac and PC.3. Time: Many programs are extremely difficult to discover how to use and took me months and months to internet to engage them on a pro level. I know I am banging on about Dubturbo, but really is the most user-friendly software there are.For Information about who I am. please go to my blog

Critical mass: ’50/50′ another critical success, but ‘Lion King’ will probably reign again 

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in ’50/50′. (Summit Entertainment)

Though one of the new movies this week – as we’ve seen the last two weeks – might end up on year-end lists, it’s likely not one of them will be able to knock The Lion King off the top of the box office charts this week.

The critical favorite this week is 50/50, a film that seems to work its way between comedy and drama the way few films can, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a cancer patient and Seth Rogen as his best friend.

50/50 pulled down a 91 percent fresh rating at the website Rotten Tomatoes. a film receives a “fresh” rating when it is given an above-average review. a below-average review accrues a “splat”.

It’s the third straight week a film has gained a 90-plus “fresh” rating, following the likes of Drive (93 percent) and Moneyball (94 percent). (And there’s a good chance this phenomenon could happen a fourth straight week, as both The Ides of March and The way are getting good marks so far.)Reviewer James Berardinelli of ReelViews says director Jonathan Levine finds just the right combination to keep 50/50 from losing its way: “Too much humor and we lose the characters. Too little humor and it becomes a Lifetime movie. Balance is the key and, for the most part, Levine finds it.”

Steve Persall of the St. Petersburg Times says the movie succeeds because it doesn’t get too sappy: “50/50 is sentimental but never too much. not with this cast. It’s irreverent about cancer and that could be inspirational.”

Unfortunately, it’s likely not a box-office conqueror – in fact, no film opening this weekend, including What’s Your Number?, Dream House or Courageous, has a lot of buzz behind it. The top upcoming film among commenters measured by is the robot-boxing movie Real Steel, which opens on Oct. 7.

Dream House was second on that list, followed by 50/50. What’s Your Number? was all the way down in seventh behind the upcoming prequel, The Thing.

What’s Your Number?: Even worse news for Anna Faris’ new movie is that critics aren’t excited about it either, as it’s scored a 30 percent fresh rating.

RedEye’s Matt Pais writes that both Faris’ and co-star Chris Evans’ characters are pretty unpleasant – and that’s just the beginning of the problem: “If casting was everything, scripts could be scribbled by toddlers and it wouldn’t matter. not the case.”

Dream House/Courageous: Dream House, a thriller starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, wasn’t screened for critics as of Thursday, while Courageous, the latest faith-based drama from the Kendrick brothers, had too few reviews to register a rating as yet.

MANCHESTER: Library has four new computers, should be running within the week

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Waiting times for computers at the Manchester District Library will most likely go down with the recent installation of four new computers.the four PCs, located on the library’s second floor, were funded with money through a federal broadband grant and will hopefully be up and running by next week, said library director Heather Sturm.“our IT guys have to finish setup,” she said. “I’m hoping we get them up running within a week.”the computers, which run Windows 7 operating system and will have a Microsoft Office 2010 suite on each of them.the four computers currently downstairs will also have Office 2010 suites installed as well, Sturm said.she said the library is tinkering with the idea of limiting the new computers to use by teens right after school for homework uses, but have not made any decisions yet.“we may do a little zoning based on age, depending on how the after-school use goes,” she said. “we haven’t quite decided yet.”Sturm said some teens have already tried logging onto the new machines, only to find out they are not live.the new computers will mean less time waiting to use the ones downstairs for school projects or resumes.“There will be less waiting, so when (the new ones) are open, folks will be able to use a computer faster,” Sturm said. Continued…

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At night, a red tide glows blue along the San Diego County coast

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While the red tide looks horrible during the day, it's absolutely magnificent at night. I was out at Huntington Beach south of the pier last night, and the hints of bright, purplish glow gleams off the whitewash when the light hits it

Peter is a phytoplankton ecologist who studies how the physical processes in the ocean influence the growth and distribution patterns of phytoplankton, so he's often the go-to guy on red tides. I have edited the emails slightly for clarity and

California Department of Fish and Game officials said the mass die-off was caused by an unusual and virulent red tide. "it is an unprecedented event," said Ian Taniguchi, the senior marine biologist for fish and game. "It's definitely going to

Michael Dermyer and his 5-year-old son Colin watch the waves glow neon blue from the red tide at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas on Wednesday evening. The blue glow is created when tiny organisms that make the red tide are disturbed by the breaking wave

EDF Climate Corps Unearths $650 Million in Energy Savings

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Press Release Source: Environmental Defense Fund On Wednesday September 21, 2011, 8:00 am EDT

BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) announced the results of this summer’s EDF Climate Corps fellowships, which placed 96 specially-trained MBA and MPA students in 78 companies, cities and universities to sleuth out energy savings and carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions. together, the 2011 Climate Corps fellows uncovered efficiencies in lighting, computer equipment, and heating and cooling systems that could:

  • Cut 600 million kilowatt hours of electricity use and 27 million therms of natural gas annually, equivalent to the annual energy use of 38,000 homes;
  • Avoid 440,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to the annual emissions of 87,000 passenger vehicles; and
  • Save $650 million in net operational costs over the project lifetimes.

“In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save, and energy efficiency is a huge, and largely untapped, opportunity,” said Victoria Mills, managing director of EDF’s Corporate Partnerships program. “EDF Climate Corps has shown once again the magnitude of cost savings and carbon pollution reductions available to organizations that know how to look for them.”

EDF created Climate Corps to cut carbon pollution by overcoming the barriers that prevent organizations from investing in energy efficiency. now in its fourth year, EDF Climate Corps has grown from seven fellows in 2008 to 96 in 2011. To date, projects accounting for 86 percent of the energy savings identified by 2008-2010 fellows are complete or underway.

EDF Climate Corps fellows work with host organizations to capture immediate energy savings through equipment modifications and upgrades and also on strategic projects – such as employee engagement campaigns and decision-support tools – that deliver systemic and lasting reductions in energy use and carbon pollution.

  • McDonald’s worked with Pia Jean Kristiansen, an EDF Climate Corps fellow and MBA candidate from the University of Michigan, to find creative ways to engage the company’s estimated 700,000 U.S. restaurant employees in energy efficiency initiatives.  Kristiansen’s work will result in an educational video developed to educate employees on ways to reduce an average restaurant’s energy consumption up to 10 percent.
  • Neal Tsay, an EDF Climate Corps fellow and MBA candidate from UCLA, worked with sustainability leaders at Target to develop a plan to achieve its commitment to earn ENERGY STAR ratings for 75 percent of its U.S. buildings by 2015. Additionally, Tsay sought to improve energy efficiency in Target stores by proposing initiatives that could eliminate 50,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions each year and generate several million dollars in annual energy savings.

Buildings account for 70 percent of electricity consumption and more than a third of carbon pollution in the United States. Because opportunities to save energy are not limited to the private sector, EDF expanded Climate Corps in 2009 by placing fellows in cities and universities.  

“Cities, colleges and others can make smart energy investments just like companies,” said Michael Regan, EDF director of energy efficiency. “The program is building a diverse movement to transform how people think about energy efficiency and make it a top priority for everyone who pays a utility bill.”

  • The New York City Housing Authority learned how to reduce annual heating costs by $58 million, thanks to a plan developed by EDF Climate Corps fellows Harrison Thomas and Amy Kochanowsky, who are working on degrees in business, environmental management and public policy at Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Their findings could cut the housing authority’s annual energy costs by 11 percent.
  • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical (A&T) University discovered it could save $2.5 million over the next five years by implementing the recommendations from EDF Climate Corps fellows LaKausha Simpson, a PhD candidate in engineering at A&T, and Jonathan Wilson, an MBA candidate at Wake Forest University. A&T’s investments in energy efficiency measures, such as improved lighting, will pay for themselves in only three months.

See the full list of organizations participating in EDF Climate Corps and the energy-saving projects recommended in 2011. EDF Climate Corps is now recruiting fellows and host organizations for 2012. For more information, please visit or email .  

About Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund (, a leading national nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF links science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships. For more information, visit

About EDF Climate Corps

EDF Climate Corps ( places specially-trained MBA and MPA students in companies, cities and universities to build the business case for energy efficiency.  EDF Climate Corps fellows analyze energy-saving opportunities and develop custom energy efficiency investment plans that cut costs and carbon emissions.

From Great Depression origins to current market dominance, glass cleaner Windex turns 75

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MILWAUKEE — The nation’s best-selling glass cleaner turns 75 this year.

Windex was introduced during the heart of the Great Depression as a simple windshield cleaner. Now there’s a family of Windex products specialized for any household surface that needs a shine — from mirrors and windows to computer monitors and flat-screen TVs.

The product’s iconic blue color makes it instantly recognizable. The brand name has become a household word, so well-known that it merited a number of comedic mentions in a popular 2002 film.

Windex was developed by The Drackett Company in 1936 and became the first nationally distributed glass cleaner. The company and Windex brand were bought in 1992 by SC Johnson, a private company in Racine with $9 billion in annual sales.

SC Johnson says mothers across the generations have passed down their cleaning tricks and tips, including using Windex, since the 1930s. In recognition of its 75th anniversary, the company is inviting consumers to share their own family traditions on the product’s Facebook page.

A company statement says Windex’s distinctive blue color comes from a dye chosen for consumer appeal. The shade is so recognizable that several alcoholic shots made with blue liqueurs are generically called Windex shooters.

The blue hue could have one drawback, according to a June 2011 report from Mintel Group ltd. because the color is so associated with glass cleaners, retailers who offer their own private-label versions can siphon away customers by copying the shade, the analytical firm noted.

Even so, Windex’s dominance in the glass-cleaner market “is largely unchallenged,” the report said. Windex has 58 percent of the market while private labels combined account for 23 percent, Mintel found.

The movie “My Big fat Greek Wedding” featured a character whose home remedy for “every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy” was to “put some Windex on it.” The mentions weren’t orchestrated by SC Johnson, company executive Kelly Semrau told The Associated Press.

The film producers offered SC Johnson a product-placement opportunity, but the company declined, she said. Film executives decided nonetheless to include Windex in the script.

That doesn’t mean the company condones the character’s advice.

“As with any cleaning product, Windex products should always be used according to the label directions,” she said.

Official Windex website:

Dinesh Ramde can be reached at dramde(at)

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Music Video Debuts Monday

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Tony Bennett just scored his first #1 album with Duets II, and now the legend is ready to drop another video from the collabo project.

On Monday, his video for “The Lady is a Tramp” — with a blue-haired Lady Gaga by his side — will hit the Web. On the track, Gaga gets a little feisty with the 85-year-old. “I hate California, it’s crowded and damp,” the New York-native Gaga sings, before Bennett chimes in giggling, “That’s why the lady is a tramp.”

“My favorite is that Lady Gaga,” Bennett gushed to MTV News at the Video Music Awards, where Gaga spent the night in character as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone. “She’s the biggest. I’ll tell you, I never met anyone with more talent than that lady.”

Earlier this month, Bennett’s “Body and Soul” video with the late Amy Winehouse debuted. The duo were filmed recording the song together, and the Gaga video will most likely follow suit. Other Duets II collaborations include John Mayer, Carrie Underwood and Mariah Carey, among others.

Riding high on his new wave of success — including first-week sales of 179,000 copies — Bennett said his career has always been incredibly cyclical. “I’m 85; I just want to tell you, it’s a very strange situation,” he said. “I always worked live, and ever since 1950, wherever I’ve played internationally I’ve been sold out all these years. It’s amazing. so the public’s been on my side all the time.”

What are you expecting from Gaga and Bennett’s video? let us know in the comments!

Mac vs. PC: will it ever end?

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the battle between Mac and PCs have been raging since the late 1970s, and Mac and PC users have been butting heads as to which computer is better.

I happen to be a student at Saddleback College that happens to use both PC and Macs. Since I have a PC computer and my mom uses a Mac, I have a minimal amount of experience in both.

to be honest, it’s really annoying that this argument has been going on since the ‘70s. It’s a never ending cycle that just keeps going on and on forever.

Mac commercials are always portraying PCs as really slow computers that when you put a lot of stuff on it, you have to wait a long time before the computer starts slowing down.

well, I hate to say this Apple, but PCs aren’t the only computers that end up going slow from time to time. I mean, the download speed when it comes to downloading iTunes or updating the new software is really slow and can be very annoying.

I like both Mac’s and PCs, but when it comes to the price, PC is the best. This is because Macs version of the laptop, which is called the Macbook and the desktop computers for Mac can set people back thousands of dollars, while the PC desktop and laptop computers are around rank around $500 or $600.

seriously, is Apple trying to take money out of a consumer’s pocket, like a leech sucking blood from human being?

Mac computers are especially bad when it comes to the different types of computers they have. Apple only produces Macs in nine basic models while PCs have an unlimited variety of computers students at Saddleback can choose from.

the really awesome thing about PCs is their latest commercial from Microsoft which recently appeared on TV earlier in the year. the advertisement announced a special deal for students with a deal that if a student buys a computer with Windows 7 on it, then they can receive a free Xbox 360 with purchase.

I felt myself saying, Oh my god, I wish I had a job so I can get in on that deal! It was like a dream come true and I wish I really did have a job so I would have enough money to get one of those computers.

This greatly differs from Macs, which are not capable of connecting to an Xbox 360.

even though PCs work really well when it comes to gaming and the large variety of computers that they have, there are some good things about the Mac as well.

For one, Macs have yet to be threatened by a virus or experience a major security breach on their computer.

PCs are really popular when it comes to Trojan viruses, with hackers easily being able to gain access into the computers.

However, the price difference outweighs the possible consequences.

to fellow Saddleback College students, if you are looking for a new computer to purchase for the new semester, I would go for a PC if you are used to using a PC at home.

But if you’ve been a Mac users most of your life, then go buy a Mac computer, just be careful of the consequences.


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Sep 18, 2011 (SmarTrend(R) News Watch via COMTEX) — below are the bottom five companies in the Computer Hardware industry as ranked by sales per share. Sales per share is a valuable metric in comparing relative value for companies in the same industry.

Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS – Analyst Report) ranks lowest with sales per share of 6.5x; Concurrent Computer (NASDAQ:CCUR – Snapshot Report) ranks next with sales per share of 7.9x; and Cray (NASDAQ:CRAY – Snapshot Report) ranks third lowest with sales per share of 10.7x.

Avid Technology (NASDAQ:AVID – Snapshot Report) follows with sales per share of 18x and Silicon Graphics International (NYSE:SGI – Snapshot Report) rounds out the bottom five with sales per share of 20.6x.

SmarTrend currently has shares of Avid Technology in an Downtrend and issued the Downtrend alert on July 22, 2011 at $14.93. the stock has fallen 37.4% since the Downtrend alert was issued.

Write to Chip Brian at


SmarTrend analyzes over 5,000 securities simultaneously throughout the trading day and provides its subscribers with trend change alerts in real time. to get a free trial of our trading calls and maximize your trading results, please visit

Get exclusive, actionable insight into how the market is expected to trend prior to market open with our free morning newsletter. Sign up at:

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Why A Master’s Degree In Information Technology Is Still Relevant

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Find out why a Masters degree in Information Technology is still relevant today.

With the many free self education resources available on the web today like MIT’s Open Courseware, a lot of IT professionals are asking the same question, Do we really need a masters degree? or Do we really need a Degree in Information Technology?

The answer is definitely, yes.

In fact, many IT professionals who want to advance their careers and of course, their pay grades, do this not only to impress their employers about their academic achievements, but more importantly, they do this to enhance their knowledge and abilities.

You should know for a fact that the world of Information Technology, on its own, replete with bubbles and booms, is a fast changing industry. what you know today will surely be obsolete tomorrow. Go ahead and ask how many computer languages have been made obsolete since Bill Gates first sold Microsoft Windows and you’ll probably be faced with a blank look, plus a general answer of a lot.

Bleeding Edge Technology Comes From Bleeding Edge Knowledge

The academia is the source of most technological innovations. Research spending in various fields undertaken by graduate students and funded by corporations that you are probably working for now, remain the heart of the innovations in technology that has brought America to the forefront of the information revolution.

It’s not just about practical application, it’s about the synthesis of theory and practice that gives birth to new things, services, methodologies, and everything that makes up IT.

In a nutshell, it is what makes America the leader today.

Practically Speaking

In more down to earth terms, a Masters Degree in Information Technology, gives you that edge in knowledge and in marketability. It is a way of uplifting your personal brand. It is your way of saying, I am qualified for promotion, not only because of my Masters Degree, but more importantly because I know how to use it to make your company more competitive today.

Compare that with this statement, I have no masters degree and I am very happy working from 9 to 5, and would most likely retire in your company having achieved nothing at all except punch in the clock.

Now, if you are the employer how would you feel about the two statements.

Contrary to popular belief, a Masters Degree in Information Technology is not just meant for career advancement. By immersing yourself back on a theoretical level, you will glean a unique perspective on the trends and the future changes that will rock your industry and company. you will be right where the action is. For instance consider this, who do you think is leading the way in the development of Quantum Computing? That’s right. Graduate students.

You may read about it later on in Slashdot and come to know the general details surrounding the technology. But come implementation time, the ones directly working on that technology will be the ones who will reap the rewards of commercial implementation. What’s that? In a word, monetization.

Right now, you will make a decision on whether to get a Master’s Degree or not. just be sure, that in the future that you won’t regret the decisions you make.

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