Researcher creates malware that infects BIOS, network cards

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Security researcher Jonathan Brossard created a proof-of-concept hardware backdoor called Rakshasa that replaces a computer’s BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and can compromise the operating system at boot time without leaving traces on the hard drive.

Brossard, who is CEO and security research engineer at French security company Toucan System, demonstrated how the malware works at the Defcon hacker conference on Saturday, after also presenting it at the Black Hat security conference on Thursday.

[ Security expert Roger A. Grimes offers a guided tour of the latest threats and explains what you can do to stop them in “Fight Today’s Malware,” InfoWorld’s Shop Talk video. | keep up with key security issues with InfoWorld’s Security Adviser blog and Security Central newsletter. ]

Rakshasa, named after a demon from the Hindu mythology, is not the first malware to target the BIOS — the low-level motherboard firmware that initializes other hardware components. However, it differentiates itself from similar threats by using new tricks to achieve persistency and evade detection.

Rakshasa replaces the motherboard BIOS, but can also infect the PCI firmware of other peripheral devices like network cards or CD-ROMs, in order to achieve a high degree of redundancy.

Rakshasa was built with open source software. It replaces the vendor-supplied BIOS with a combination of Coreboot and SeaBIOS, alternatives that work on a variety of motherboards from different manufacturers, and also writes an open source network boot firmware called iPXE to the computer’s network card.

All of these components have been modified so they don’t display anything that could give their presence away during the booting process. Coreboot even supports custom splashscreens that can mimic the ones of the replaced BIOSes.

Existent computer architecture gives every peripheral device equal access to RAM (random access memory), Brossard said. “The CD-ROM drive can very well control the network card.”

This means that even if someone were to restore the original BIOS, rogue firmware located on the network card or the CD-ROM could be used to reflash the rogue one, Brossard said.

The only way to get rid of the malware is to shut down the computer and manually reflash every peripheral, a method that is impractical for most users because it requires specialized equipment and advanced knowledge.

Brossard created Rakshasa to prove that hardware backdooring is practical and can be done somewhere in the supply chain, before a computer is delivered to the end user. He pointed out that most computers, including Macs, come from China.

However, if an attacker would gain system privileges on a computer through a different malware infection or an exploit, they could also theoretically flash the BIOS in order to deploy Rakshasa.

The remote attack method wouldn’t work in all cases, because some PCI devices have a physical switch that needs to be moved in order to flash a new firmware and some BIOSes have digital signatures, Brossard said.

However, Coreboot has the ability to load a PCI extension firmware that takes precedence before the one written on the network card, therefore bypassing the physical switch problem.

The attack “totally works when you have physical access, but remotely it only works 99 percent of the time,” Brossard said.

The iPXE firmware that runs on the network card is configured to load a bootkit — malicious code that gets executed pior to the operating system and can infect it before any security products start.

Computer Projector Reviews

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Computer Projector is one of many computer accessories that you could use to presenting something through the projector; we could display data, pictures or videos that also shown in our computer to all people in the room. The projector is really useful for people that need to give their presentation towards someone else. to get the computer projector best buy, you need to suits the specification of the projector with your needs and also your budget.

Before you buy Computer Projector, it is better to find some useful information of projectors on the internet or fashion magazines. We also could look many kinds of projectors in the stores flyer. Usually, they completed their advertisement with the specifications of the products. Projector with the different brands is also offering different specification. each brand has their own specialty and this is making the buyers have wide range selections to make their decision.

The buyers need to consider some important things before they buy the Computer Projector. First one is knows the specification of the projector and also the needs that they want to fulfill through the projectors. If you are looking for projector with great quality of the generated images, you need to find the projector with the most great computer projector resolution among the all of projectors that available.

The Reviews of Computer Projector

There are many reviews about the projectors that you could find on the internet or computer magazines. The reviews will be useful for you to find out the best projector with special specifications. You could also know which projector that has the greatest resolution, the easiest projector to use and also the most stylish looks projector among of all projectors. Beside completed with the specifications, the projectors reviews are also usually completed with the price range of the product. The higher qualities of the Computer Projector mean that the higher price that we should pay to get the projectors.

Silent Auction Software

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When an item is auctioned, it means the selling of this product is offered and the item is given to the buyer who is giving the highest price or bid. Silent auction software, as the name suggests is used for a silent auction process where the money raised from the auction goes directly to charity. the bidders write the amount of money spent on a piece of paper and avoid the event of an auctioneer calling out the price of items. Undoubtedly this is one of the first-class fund raising ideas used for charity mission.

Good charity auction software is necessary during charity auctions and is one of the best auction ideas. from the beginning till the finish of the auction this program of silent auction helps you to:

•Build packages and track items and solicitations for the online charity auctions.
•Be innovative by offering you silent auction, live auction and online auction all at the same time.
•help you with the fundraiser auction software that can easily create display cards, gift certificates, and auction check out, auction catalog, item solicitation, and much more.
•Enable all the information by making it centralized and secured for you to browse later.
•Provides the people with thank you letters and you can give your guests a memorable experience.
•Helps you with a performance analyzer to analyze the data and the performance of the event on any particular day.
•Silent auction software provides all the details of your previous events and ‘silent auction how to’ when you are in need of new event fundraising ideas.
•Provide you with a complete reporting of whatever done including the financial details and a stream lined registration which will save you a lot of time and energy.
•Access to web-based database containing all the information needed for the silent auction with donor and buyer details.
•Credit card processing easily done with the help of silent auction software.
•Helps you rise more funds during an online charity auction.

Auction software is the best innovative tool available to you to operate during a charity event for fundraising. A bid snipe program is very reliable and genuine downloads of the bid, auction snipe can be downloaded from the many kinks in the net. This technologically advanced tool offers you to place a secure bid form your computer. You can bid at the final moment with the friendly, simple and secure bid and auction snipe program. You can browse your online queue and allows you to bid on various items.

Silent auction and bid snipe software are extremely useful for the last and final moment bids at and silent online auctions for the charity fundraising. You can easily browse through the details and this new and technically advanced tool helps the bidding process. Popular auction software can be downloaded from the net and you can bid for anything from antiques to cars. These silent bid auctions are a part of charity fundraising ideas and you can contribute your part by involving in this silent online charity auction program. go ahead and do your best and start bidding as early as you can.

Cloud Computing Guidelines From The Information Systems Audit And Control Association

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Cloud Computing Guidelines from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association

Among the slew of guidelines on cloud computing floating around, the recent one published by industry body Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) has a lot of credibility. Established in 1965, the association has a long history of delivering guidance to its huge membership (more than 95,000 across 190 chapters in 75 countries) of Information Systems professionals and is well positioned to offer advice on the dynamic paradigm of cloud computing.

The whitepaper “Guiding Principles for Cloud Computing Adoption and Use”, available for free download on the ISACA site, offers readers a definition of Cloud Computing (see: Coining the Cloud: an Assessment of Cloud Computing’s Shifty Definition) and broad directions for adoption. According to ISACA, it “describes the nature of cloud computing and areas of pressure that, when not addressed, can increase risk to the enterprise. it also presents six principles for cloud computing adoption and use that can guide management toward more effective cloud implementation and use, reduction of pressure points, and mitigation of potential risk.”

The “guiding principles for adopting and using the cloud,” as mentioned in the paper, are:

1. Enablement

ISACA asks companies to “plan for cloud computing as a strategic enabler rather than as an outsourcing arrangement or a technical platform.” They are warned that “viewing it as a replacement for internal technology solutions limits the ability of enterprises to think broadly about how it can support the strategic direction of the enterprise.”

2. Cost benefit

Companies are advised to “evaluate the benefits of cloud acquisition based on a full understanding of the cost of cloud compared with other technology platform business solutions.” Also, cloud adopters are reminded that “the full cost of acquiring and deploying cloud infrastructures, platforms or software services is more than what is represented within the cloud contract and SLA.” thus, ISACA asks enterprises to conduct a thorough cost–benefit analysis that includes things beyond the obvious.

3. Enterprise risk

Companies are advised to take a “larger picture” view, an “enterprise risk management perspective” in the matter. rather than treat different risks – issues related to compliance and, in particular, privacy regulations and the export of personal information; and legal issues involving SLAs – as independent, they should be considered in combination.

4. Capability

Companies are asked to “integrate the full extent of capabilities that cloud providers offer with internal resources to provide a comprehensive technical support and delivery solution.” thus, companies are asked not to abandon in-house talent and assets altogether but to combine them with those provided by cloud vendors for optimum benefit.

5. Accountability

Companies should “manage accountabilities by clearly defining internal and provider responsibilities.” According to ISACA, “adopting cloud solutions may break connections among people, technology, the processes that enable technology use, and the enforcement of individual and group accountabilities and responsibilities.” Hence, proper mechanisms should be put in place to address this.

6. Trust

The paper advises that cloud users should “make trust an essential element of cloud solutions, building trust into all business processes that depend on cloud computing.” it says that “Trust is an essential requirement for business applications of technology for internal and external users” and “results from the combined effect of organizational structure, culture, technical architectures, processes and the human factors that facilitate the deployment and use of technology in support of business functions.” 

Through this paper, ISACA has provided useful, big-picture suggestions that can help cloud adopters and users nip potential problems in the bud, while maximizing the benefits of going on the cloud. with the strength of peer review backing these assertions, it is great advice to be had for free.

Custom Storage Awarded Arizona State Networking Contract

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Custom Storage Named to CRN’s 2012 List of Tech Elite 250

“We are ultra-focused and completely committed to providing our customers with a level of technical expertise superior to what they would typically find out there,” said Larry Gentry, President

Phoenix, Az (PRWEB) July 11, 2012

Custom Storage, a leading provider of data center infrastructure solutions that help organizations store, manage, protect and retain their critical data, announced today it has been awarded a contract to provide computer networking equipment and services to state government entities, educators, and local governments for the next 10 years.

This contract enables government bodies to purchase state-of-the-art networking solutions, including Cisco’s Unified Computing Solutions and FlexPod®, from leading providers such as Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Citrix and Riverbed. Services for installation and integration of these solutions are also covered by the contract.

“This contract enables Custom Storage to continue building on its solid record of the last decade, helping our public sector customers with their data center needs,” said Larry Gentry, president of Custom Storage.

“More than 35 public sector customers in Arizona have already purchased data center products from us, including storage, virtualization software, backup software, network hardware and tape libraries,” Gentry continued.

Details of the contract can be viewed on the Arizona State Procurement Office’s website at

About Custom Storage Custom Storage specializes in architecting and implementing complex information management solutions designed to leverage virtualization and reduce costs while providing high availability, application performance improvements and improved data protection techniques. Custom Storage is privately held and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. To learn more about Custom Storage and the Imagine Virtually Anything Alliance between Cisco, NetApp and VMware, call 480-760-2100.

©2012 Custom Storage. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Moshi Zefyr 2 Macbook Cooler Hands-on Review

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Overheating iOS gadgets are a familiar concept, but do external fans really work? our hands-on with the Moshi Zefyr 2 and my fanless Macbook Pro will find out.

In January of 2010, I walked off an airport that had flown half way around the world from New York City to Hong Kong. After 16 nonstop hours of being crammed in the window seat, I couldn’t wait to get to my hostel, plug in my Macbook, and let my family and friends know I had made it to the far east safe and sound. Instead, I found that my battery and fan had decided to crap out during travel, and would not hold charge without keeping the power supply plugged in. As a result, this also meant my Macbook was constantly hot in the already pretty tropical climate of east Asia. What’s the point of using a laptop if you can’t place it on your lap without potentially burning yourself? 

As a poor college student back then and in a foreign country, I found it hard to scavenge for an official Mac retailer to fix my computer. Instead, I’ve live to this day just dealing with cords and the inevitable overheating. this meant my Macbook constantly logs off when the CPU overclocks, making me lose work progress or stop movie streams halfway through. I could drop a few thousand bucks on a brand new computer, or a couple hundred for a new battery. but when the Moshi Zefyr 2 Macbook Cooler came along, I had to wonder if this would be a good cheap fix.

Look and Feel

Designed with same chrome finish typical of newer models of the Macbook, the Zefyr 2 fits in seamlessly as a Mac accessory. The fan folds in half and stores in a carrying case, making it efficient for travel. once extended, you can place the fan under your Macbook and it acts as a slight recliner. to turn to fan on, simply plug the USB into the left side slot and select the fan setting of low, medium, or high.

Relatively lightweight, the Zefyr 2 also has rubber grips on the bottom and top surfaces to keep your Macbook from slipping. this will obviously work better when working on a table surface rather than, say, a bed or your own lap. You can feel the air coming out from the Zefyr 2, and it’s kind of a nice touch to get a quick dash of cold against the warm laptop surface.


With my Macbook Pro’s fan declared dead for a few years now, there was no other way to test the Zefyr 2 than to put that thing on blast and see if it works. at the high setting, you can barely here the fan noise. Yes, it’s audible, but not in any way disruptive. using it on a louder environment, such as an office or coffee shop, will render the noise undetectable while low and medium settings, as you can imagine, barely made any sound. The rubber grips also do a good job of keeping my Macbook reclined without making it uncomfortable to type. 

But you’re really here for the million dollar question: does it work?

I tested the function by setting up Temperature Monitor, which calculates the temperature of my Mac’s hardware. here are the numbers before and after I left the Zefyr 2 on high for 35 minutes.

As you can see, the temperature didn’t drop dramatically (I apologize for using Celcius, American readers). but the fact that it did at all was impressive, considering my Macbook is extremely warm to the touch. I honestly believed it could not be salvaged. Considering that it has also been sitting for just 30 minutes, the effects took place at a reasonable pace. The recline also helped the air flow between the my Macbook and the surface it rested on, dissipating the heat.

However, for those looking to cool their Macbooks by more than a few degrees, you may need to look elsewhere. if your fan isn’t dead, it’s worthwhile to set up apps such as  smcFanControl to regulate how your fan works to optimize cooling features. No cooling fan is going to magically decrease your computer’s temperature externally, less you set the Macbook atop a bed of icepacks.

I give credit to the Zefyr 2 for being an extreme well-designed product. While I will keep using the cooler to help alleviate my Macbook’s pain and for reclining purposes, it might just be time for me to invest in a new computer altogether. in the meantime, this will prolong the lifespan of my laptop for just a while longer. The Moshi Zefyr 2 Macbook Cooler is compatible with all Macbook models, available now for $80.

Gaming Computers – Fundamental Configuration Information

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The idea to building a gaming oriented computer is to associate its performance to best suite yourself and also your budget. Configuring you own custom gaming computer is significantly cheaper than purchasing a pre-built gaming computer and offers advantages towards future upgrades. If you are only looking to upgrade certain components, this guide will help you with this material as well.

To produce the best possible results when playing the latest PC video games, you should begin a process to determine your gaming preferences, starting with selecting the type of hardware you need, to ensure that the chosen parts work correspondingly before configuring or reconfiguring your gaming system.

From initial design to final packaging, every resource must be squeezed into this rig to supply an adequate amount of performance. Consider purchasing components individually to assure yourself that you have chosen the correct chassis, memory modules, processor, motherboard, graphic cards, secondary storage devices, power supply unit, and other optical drives.

Before you choose the proper components for your machine, I recommend prioritizing hardware in certain areas to allocate performance as needed. some areas can be ignored overall to enhance other gaming computer components. the three areas of concern to produce the best frame rates would be the combination of the CPU, video card(s), and motherboard. after selecting these components, focus on the hardware factors that involve future upgrades to accommodate the new and improved hardware being introduced frequently.

You can build a rig at a middle class performance level, and astonishingly enough, have a sufficient amount of room to upgrade your PC when the time is right. This variation of configuration can not be overlooked, as hardware literally becomes old news on a day to day basis with advancing PC games and associated gaming computers. I recommend becoming familiar with the upgrade process if you are serious about building and personalizing your own gaming computer.

Wilmington Schools Open to iPad or Laptop Learning

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Technology is ever changing. But just how much the technology inside Wilmington classrooms changes in the near future remains to be seen.

With high schools and colleges in the area turning to 1:1 programs that provide each student with an iPad, there are learning opportunities that go beyond textbooks. Burlington High School students received iPads last year and Regis College recently made the decision to turn into an all-iPad college.

Wilmington Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton said the district is open to the 1:1 concept. Benton said that while iPads are strong pieces of equipment for receiving content, they do not allow students to create content and thus in a 1:1 program the district prefers laptops over iPads.

“The Wilmington Public Schools has considered and has in place a plan devised to get a device into the hands of every student in the district,” said Benton. “The iPad would be a great device as an e-reader or way for students to get their interactive content or their textbooks as digital media. I just would not suggest it as the primary or first device a student should have.”

Benton said the estimated base cost of $530 for an iPad, including a cover, does not provide the same processing power or functionality of even a low-end laptop that could be purchased for $300. a laptop could be used for spreadsheets, document processing, digital photography and more rather than just document reading, Benton said.

The district currently uses a limited number of iPads for assistive technology, speech and language therapies, classroom walkthroughs by principals and more.

Wilmington’s superintendent said there is a long list of reasons why the 1:1 program would make sense for the district.

“From a practical standpoint, 1:1 devices can make the life of a student much simpler,” said Benton. “Imagine not having to carry all of your books home every night. you wouldn’t need to if all of your books were on computer files loaded onto your device. there would be less paper to fill up your locker, since your virtual locker would be online. All of your homework could come in and out of an online storage locker and be handed in to the teacher electronically. The 1:1 device can make the leap to a paperless world much easier.”

But there are also drawbacks. if a student loses their device, their parents would be responsible for purchasing a new one, though Benton said it would be the same if a current student lost a backpack full of books.

Benton also said that cheating, copying of homework and respectful communication are also concerns, but each is a topic currently taught to students in the “digital and physical realms,” Benton said.

With the construction of a new high school will come a wireless infrastructure capable of handling a projected three devices per student. Benton said the infrastructure could handle each student at the school using a phone, tablet and laptop.

In preparation for a new school that Benton and other officials have said will bring Wilmington into “21st century learning,” current high school administrators have begun testing out new methods of teaching.

The district is constructing a 1:1 initiative wing of the current high school as a pilot group for 1:1 at the new school, Benton said. That way the school will devise methods of teaching and gain experience that will carry over when the school is finished in several years.

“A proposal has been written and will be brought before the School Committee (for a 1:1 program) on August 22,” said Benton. “The School Committee, the Director of Information Technology and I are still working out the details of a 1:1 initiative because it is such a grand undertaking. we will need to include students, teachers, administrative staff, and parents.”

Overall, Benton said it is critical for school administrators to be open to the change in technology, including the possibility of 1:1 initiatives.

“Technology itself is a tool and it is only really useful when it is applied to the subjects we teach,” said Benton. “I’ve heard people say that students “unplug” to go to school and then plug back in when they leave. for modern students, schools are behind in their ability to mirror modern life and times.”

The superintendent used an example to describe why the district must keep up with new technology.

“Imagine if you worked for a delivery company and drove a shiny new Ferrari to work every day,” said Benton. “When you arrive at work, your boss tells you to take a horse and carriage out of the stable and deliver packages around the city. Then at the end of the day, you get back in your Ferrari and drive home.”

Though the school is considering iPads or laptops, and not Ferraris, Benton said the story shows why it’s important for the district to keep up with the times.

“If this were the case, you would seriously start to wonder if your boss knew what he was doing,” said Benton. “So it is extremely important for schools to change and adapt to new technology.”

The 25 Best Online Degrees

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The 2011 Survey of Online Learning by the Babson Survey Research Group shows more than six million students taking at least one course online. Close to one-third of students in higher education are taking at least one online course.

Elaine Allen, Co-Director of the Babson Survey Research Group and Professor of Statistics & Entrepreneurship at Babson College, has stated that: “the rate of growth in online enrollment is ten times that of the rate in all higher education.”

Students all over the world are taking online degree programs in an array of fields including business, information technology, engineering, healthcare, criminal justice, political science, and more.

If you’re thinking about acquiring an online degree to enter a new career or to advance at your workplace, which online degree program should you choose?

For some people it’s not an easy decision. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 25 best online degree programs. The list includes a variety of degree programs leading to rewarding careers.

We based our selections on many different factors, including salary, employer demand for the degree, employment growth in fields relevant to the degree, interesting subject matter, and job satisfaction for jobs associated with the degree. We’ve included online master’s and bachelor’s degree programs and a couple of associate’s degree programs.

The 25 best online degrees are organized by category.


Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

2010 beginning median salary: $43,879 (National Association of Colleges and Employers [NACE]).

A bachelor’s degree in business administration prepares graduates for a variety of responsible management positions, domestically and internationally, in an array of industries. Bachelor’s degree programs in business administration provide a broad-based business education. the programs review all business areas, as well as behavioral factors common to all organizational structures. They also cover the quantitative aspects of decision-making. some online bachelor’s degree programs in business administration can be completed in 36 months.

Typically, students have the opportunity to select a concentration in a field such as human resources, finance, management, information systems, marketing, operations, or supply chain management.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration prepares students for a variety of careers in business and industry, including finance, banking, product development, human resources, manufacturing, and business analysis.

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Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

2012 beginning median salary: $90,000; many industries report significantly higher beginning salaries (U.S. News & World Report).

According to the 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey and the Graduate Management Admissions Council’s 2012 Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 62% of recent MBA graduates have job offers upon graduation.

An MBA degree often provides career advancement opportunities, a more rewarding career, and a larger salary. Online MBA programs typically include core courses in subjects such as economics, finance, information systems, accounting, marketing, and management.

MBA programs also cover management skills, human resources management, and leadership. the programs usually include case studies. Typically online MBA programs take two years to complete, but some programs can be completed in just one year.

MBA specialties include computer and information security, health administration, marketing, applied computer sciences, information systems management, engineering and technology management, environmental management, and international business.

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Online Master’s Degree in Finance

2011 median salary for Financial Analysts: $75,650; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 23% (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS]).

A master’s degree in finance gives graduates a competitive edge in areas such as investment management, corporate finance, commercial and retail banking, and financial management of companies and nonprofits, as well as analysis and brokerage.

Financial Analysts evaluate investment opportunities for businesses and individuals. They evaluate the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. some Financial Analysts evaluate the feasibility of a deal and create a plan of action based on financial analysis.

Many employers seek candidates with a master’s degree in finance or an MBA. Those with experience have an opportunity to become a Portfolio Manager and supervise a team of analysts. Portfolio Managers choose the mix of investments for a company’s investment portfolio.

They work for banks, mutual funds, pension funds, securities firms and other types of businesses. Successful financial analysts often become senior financial analysts or associates after three to four years.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management

2011 median salary for Lodging anagers: $47,450; and for Meeting, Convention, and Event lanners: $46,020 (BLS).

The program prepares graduates for management positions in companies in the rapidly growing hospitality industry, such as hotel management, restaurant and food service management, conventions and meeting management, tourism management, and other areas.

The programs incorporate practical business knowledge with management theory. Students gain the skills and expertise required to excel in a management, operations, or marketing position in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Managers work in a variety of sectors, including amusement parks, associations, colleges and universities, country clubs, cruise lines, convention centers, conference centers, hotels, motels, resorts, and more.

Most large, full-service hotels require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, whereas many small hotels accept applicants with an associate’s degree or a certificate in hotel management or operations. Many Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner positions require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or a related degree.

  • Banquet Director
  • Catering Director
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Event Planner
  • Food/Beverage anager
  • Operations Manager
  • University Food Service Manager
  • Club anager

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

May 2011 median salary for Human Resources Specialists: $54,310; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 21% (BLS).

Human Resources Specialist is the #25 ranked job in the 25 Best Jobs list for 2012 by U.S. News & World Report. Employees are the most important asset of just about all businesses. Human resources personnel help keep them happy, trained, and efficient.

Companies place a strong emphasis on human capital development, as well as the leadership initiatives developed by human resources professionals to deliver, develop, and retain employees. They’re regarded as the most vital and competitive factors in business.

Human Resources Managers are employed in just about every public and private sector. A bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources management makes it much easier to enter the profession. Students learn about corporate headhunting, business coaching, contract negotiation, employment law, employee training, benefits analysis, and other subjects.

Human resources professionals help workplaces operate smoothly. Human resources professionals train personnel, manage evaluations, and oversee benefits. Large employers typically have specialists for specific areas, whereas in small companies a human resources professional may cover all areas of human resources.

Most human resources specialist positions require a bachelor’s degree in human resources, in business, or in a related field. some human resources manager positions require only a bachelor’s degree in human resources or in business administration, but high-level jobs may require a master’s degree in human resources or in labor relations, or an MBA (see the following entry).

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Online Master’s Degree in Human Resources

May 2011 median salary for Human Resources Managers: $98,130; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 12% (BLS).

In small companies, Human Resources Managers are involved with hiring, position assignments, training, resource allocation, compensation, benefits, and health and safety issues, as well as following laws and regulations affecting employees and the workplace. in large companies, they typically specialize in an area. An MBA is often required for some high-level management positions.

An MBA program with a concentration in human resources combines expertise in human resources with the knowledge necessary to be a strategic business partner. Students learn to connect human resources decisions to business objectives and strategies. the programs cover ways to maximize human output in a business setting.

The programs cover subjects such as labor economics, finance, and business law. Students spend a lot of time on case studies. the program is typically completed in two years.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

2011 median salary for Marketing Specialists: $52,200; employment growth rate from 2008 to 2018 is forecast to be 28% (CNN Money).

Similar bachelor’s degrees include PR & Marketing—International Management, Internet Marketing, new Media/Internet Marketing, Sales and Marketing, and Marketing Management.

Marketing Specialist is ranked the #5 job in the 2011 best jobs in fast-growth fields list by Money/ Marketing positions are available in just about every industry. Marketing professionals play a vital role in helping businesses become more competitive and in increasing their profitability.

Marketing Specialists evaluate the marketing and promotional potential of companies. They implement and oversee parts of a marketing plan. Marketing specialists may focus on a narrow area, such as social media. Many Marketing Specialists have a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

A bachelor’s degree program in marketing thoroughly evaluates subjects such as consumer behavior, promotion strategies, the principles of effective selling, and helping companies make decisions on product development and pricing.

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Online Master’s Degree in Marketing

2011 median salary for Marketing Managers: $116,010; and for Marketing Research Analysts: $60,250; employment growth rate for Market Research Analysts from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 41%; and for Marketing Managers, 14% (BLS).

Students in an MBA program with a concentration in marketing learn to effectively build brand power by studying the theories, concepts, principles, and terminology of brand equity and brand management. Students also learn about new product development, target market identification, media choice, and message strategy, as well as the quantitative and qualitative marketing research methodologies. the programs also cover the decision-making process involved in marketing goods in foreign markets.

These programs typically focus on marketing management and marketing research. An MBA program with a concentration in marketing thoroughly reviews theories about consumer buying behavior and market research. Graduates of the programs have the knowledge to manage a company’s market research, marketing strategy, advertising, sales, pricing, promotions, and product development.

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Promotions Manager
  • Sales Manager

Many Market Research Analyst positions require a master’s degree. A master’s degree is often needed for leadership positions.

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Online Master’s Degree in Project Management

2012 median salary for Project Managers: $85,000; and for Senior Project Manager:s $107,000 (

Project management is required in most business areas. Project Managers plan, budget, and coordinate the efforts of everyone involved with the project. Those with expertise in a specific field combined with strong academic credentials in management have opportunities in this increasingly important career field.

Many employers seek Project Managers with a bachelor’s degree in a particular field, such as construction, business, computer information systems, or engineering, combined with a master’s degree in project management.

These programs combine a comprehensive business education with real-world applications. the programs teach students to plan, measure, monitor, and adapt from the beginning to the end of a project. Graduates are prepared for positions such as Construction Manager, Director of Project Management, Vice President of Production, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Financial Manager, and Engineering Manager.

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Online Master’s Degree in Computer Security

2011 median salary for Database Administrators: $75,190 (BLS).

Similar career names include information assurance, cybersecurity, and computer forensics.

There’s a demand for computer security professionals in private industry and government agencies. Graduates are qualified for management positions, such as Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and Access Control Manager. the program can be completed in 18 months.

Computer security professionals protect the security, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data and delivery systems, whether the data are in storage, processing, or transit. They have the challenging task of preventing hackers from entering computer systems and networks. They also deal with viruses.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems

2012 median salary for Information Technology Managers: $48,873 to 113,368; for Systems Administrators: $37,438 to $74,624.

Similar career names include information systems management, computer information systems, and systems analysis and integration.

Computer Information Systems Specialists design, build, and implement software solutions. They also evaluate existing systems to find new ways to improve their performance. They work for practically every type of business, nonprofit, and government agency.

Graduates use the business and technology skills they’ve gained to manage data systems and meet business challenges. the programs cover information technology tools such as operating systems, computer hardware, programming, networking, and database management systems. Graduates are qualified for technical and managerial careers.

  • Data Analyst
  • IT Developer
  • Computer systems Manager
  • Security Specialist

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Online Master’s Degree in Information Systems

2011 median salary for Information Systems Managers: $118,080;  employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 18% (BLS).

Companies have a vital need for people with a strong understanding of computers and business. Information systems managers keep business operations running smoothly by managing networks, databases, and websites, and by training employees to use the latest innovations. Information Systems Managers oversee the flow of information. They’re responsible for the rapid and accurate dissemination of information to employees while maintaining security.

Some employers seek Information Systems Managers with a master’s degree, such as an MBA. some information systems professionals take an MBA degree program while working.

Master of science degree programs in information systems cover information technology, business systems, and project management. the programs are designed for students seeking management positions requiring advanced technical skills with computer systems. the programs emphasize business practices and new technologies. some of the programs can be completed in one year.

Career options include:

  • Information Systems Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Systems Architect
  • Application Developer

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering

2011 median salary for Software Developers: $95,600; and for computer Systems Analysts: $78,770 (BLS).

Computer science and engineering careers are available in practically every industry. the degree enables graduates to work as part of a team in a vast number of areas, including software development, systems design and analysis, data mining, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, game design, animation, finance, robotics, digital forensics, and more.

Software Developer was the #1 job on the 2011 list of best jobs in fast-growth fields by Money/ Information Technology Consultant is the #7 job on the Money/ list and Database Administrator is the #8 job on the list. Computer Systems Analyst is ranked #7 in the 25 Best Jobs list for 2012 by U.S. News & World Report.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering provides job opportunities in an array of information technology fields in private and public sectors, including financial institutions, technology companies, medical device companies, and more.

Students learn to produce software and develop ways to send data over networks. Many of the online bachelor’s degree programs in computer science cover programming, network communications, systems security, advanced server administration, storage area networks, and social media. Graduates have the skills required to deal with the complex levels of networking vital to businesses.

Career options include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Network Administrator

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics & Multimedia

2011 media salary for Graphic Designers: $44,010; employment growth rate is forecast to be 12% (BLS).

Similar career names include computer graphic design, digital media production, and computer animation.

Due to the popularity of the Internet, Graphic Designers are in demand to create images and designs for websites, portable devices, video entertainment media, and electronic publications. some successful Graphic Designers are self-employed.

Graphic Designers communicate ideas and messages visually, integrating a range of media such as digital imaging, illustration, and photography. these creative people also have technical skills. Talented Graphic Designers grab the attention of consumers.

People with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design have employment opportunities in package design, advertising, product development, Web design, digital production, illustration and other areas. Most graphic designers work in publishing, specialized design services, public relations or advertising services.

The programs prepares students for careers in commercial digital graphic design. Students in online graphics design programs learn about color and composition, typography and design. They learn to provide effective solutions for the business world. They acquire the skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development

2011 median salary for Web Developers: $60,900 (CNN Money).

Web developer (or web design) was ranked the #18 job in the 2011 best jobs in fast-growth fields list by Money/ Companies doing business on the Internet want attractive, enticing websites. talented Web developers grab the attention of the audience to increase brand awareness and sales.

Web Developers work with various elements to create an intriguing, functional, user-friendly design. They develop the layout, look, and the overall impact of a website.

Jobs are available with small and large organizations in the private and public sectors. Web Developers also have opportunities to work as a consultant. the BLS reports people with knowledge of multiple programming languages and digital multimedia tools such as Flash and Photoshop will have the best opportunities.

Bachelor’s degree programs in web development provide skills in multimedia design, computer graphics, interactive video, and animation. Students learn to create a variety of interactive web content. Students learn to concept, code, and publish their own standards-based content for a variety of formats such as the web, tablets, and smartphones.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration

2012 average salary for Operations Managers: $69,000; for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators: $65,000; and for assisted Living Executive Directosr: $53,062 (PayScale); employment growth rate from 2010 to 2012 is forecast to be 22% (BLS).

Health Administrators play a vital role in the daily operations of healthcare facilities. There’s a growing demand for qualified healthcare administrators who can improve the efficiency and quality of care.

Health Administrators usually need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter the occupation. A master’s degree is the standard credential for most generalist positions as a healthcare manager; however, a bachelor’s degree can provide opportunities for entry-level jobs in small facilities and departments and opportunities to assist department heads in large hospitals.

Students gain the knowledge and skills to effectively function as a supervisor or manager in the healthcare field. the programs cover technological innovations, as well as the complex regulatory environment of the healthcare delivery system. in some of the programs students can specialize in a specific type of facility, such as as a hospital, group medical practice, or a nursing care home.

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Online Master’s Degree in Health Administration

2011 median salary: $86,400; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2012 is forecast to be 22% (BLS).

Healthcare facilities need Health Administrators to help ensure their productivity and efficiency. Health Administrators coordinate and organize the delivery and financing of healthcare. They’re involved with managing the daily operations of healthcare facilities. They work in healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices.

The programs focus on the financing, organizing, marketing, and management of healthcare institutions and the delivery of personal health services. Graduates are qualified for management careers in health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Students typically take two to three years to complete an online master’s degree program in health administration.

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health Policy Analyst
  • Managed Care Administrator
  • Health Services Research Analyst

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Online Associate’s Degree in Medical Informatics

2011 median salary for Health Information Technicians: $33,310; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 21% (BLS).

Health Information Technicians organize and manage health information data by ensuring its accuracy, quality, security, and accessibility. Most Health Information Technicians work in physicians’ offices or hospitals.

Many entry-level positions only require an associate’s degree and professional certification. Most jobs are provided by healthcare organizations; however, some Health Information Technicians work for insurance companies or government agencies.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Informatics

2012 median salary range for Medical Informatics Specialists: $39,631 to $88,117.

Students learn how to use data to improve the quality of healthcare. Medical Informatics Specialists combines research, statistics, and design in a health and human service context.

Medical informatics professionals gather and analyze patients’ records, use computers and specialized equipment to maintain indexes, prepare reports, update forms, and assign patients to appropriate diagnostic groups.

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Online Master’s Degree in Medical Informatics

2012 median salary for Health Information Managers: $68,000 (Simply Hired).

Students in these program learn to apply the principles of computer and information science to organizing, analyzing, managing, and using information in healthcare. the program provides professionals the analytical skills and business acumen required to improve healthcare delivery systems and lower costs through information technology. Many students in the program have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare or computer systems.

Those with a master’s degree in medical informatics often take a job as Health Information Managers. Medical informatics professionals are responsible for maintaining and securing all the patients’ records. They help optimize cost efficiencies in the healthcare system. Medical informatics professionals use health information for knowledge management, decision support, strategic planning, and outcomes assessment.

They work for federal government agencies, hospitals, public health agencies, nonprofit medical and health associations, physicians, insurance companies, and physician group practices.

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Online Master’s Degree (MSN) in Nursing Education

2012 median salary for Nurse Educators: $56,000 (; employment growth rate from 2006 to 2016 forecast to be 23% (CNN Money).

Nurse Educators are in demand. A lack of Nurse Educators is often cited as a contributing factor to the nursing shortage in many states.

Graduates of the programs are qualified to work as a Nurse Educator in associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as in healthcare staff development and community education programs. They teach in hospitals and related healthcare organizations. They also educate their community on best practices or health concerns.

With some programs students can obtain a degree in five or six semesters. MSN degree programs in nursing education prepare students to take the National League for Nursing’s Nurse Educator Certification Exam.

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Online Master’s Degree (MSN) in Nursing Administration

2012 median salary for Nurse Managers: $85,000 (

Students are prepared to deal with a broad range of administration and management responsibilities. They’re prepared to oversee nurses at all levels in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings.

Graduates are qualified for positions such as healthcare facility administrator, health services manager, administrator, healthcare manager, health information manager, and clinical manager. They’re also qualified for case manager positions and to be consultants.

Online Master’s Degree (MSN) in Nursing Informatics

2012 median salary for Nursing Informatics Managers with one to four years of experience: $82,500; and for those with five to nine years of experience: $97,500 (PayScale).

Nursing  informatics plays a vital role in the United States healthcare system. Nursing informatics professionals help reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of healthcare services and increase the access to healthcare. They automate clinical care, train healthcare workers to use computer systems, and build new operational data systems, as well as collect and analyze data to improve patient care.

Graduates of the programs are qualified for positions such as Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Researcher, Administrator, and Executive at all levels of an organization.


Online Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

2011 average salary: $77,990; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 19% (BLS).

Civil Engineer was ranked the #4 job in the 2011 best jobs list of fast-growth fields by Money/ Civil Engineers design and supervise the construction of highways, bridges, water and sewage systems, tunnels, and more. Civil Engineers often work on complex projects involving numerous economic, technical, environmental, and social factors. Typically, it takes about a year to obtain a master’s degree in civil engineering.

Master’s degree programs in civil engineering include specialties such as:

  • Hydrosystems engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Structural engineering

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Online Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies

2011 median Salary for Paralegals: $46,730; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 forecast to be 18% (BLS).

Paralegals perform important tasks; they’re an important part of a legal team. in many ways, their duties include the same tasks performed by lawyers. They help lawyers prepare for trials. A substantial portion of their job includes drafting documents for litigation and writing reports. Paralegals perform a lot of research. besides litigation, Paralegals work in patent and copyright law, as well as in real estate and corporate law.

Paralegals employed by corporations are involved with shareholder agreements, benefit plans, and stock options. Paralegals work in attorneys’ offices, corporations, courtrooms, government offices, bank trust departments, and other settings.

Most paralegal studies programs are completed in two years; however, a number of colleges and universities provide bachelor’s degree programs for those interested in the occupation. also, the BLS reports that Paralegals’ work is less likely to be offshored when compared to other legal workers.

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Personal Computer Case – How to Choose a PC Case

July 30, 2012 by  
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Choosing a PC case is one of the most important decisions to make when building a PC. the following advice will show why this is so and how to go about it.

1. Space

Your choice of PC case will depend on the type of PC you want to build and one rule applies to all types. the larger the case, the easier it is to work with. A large case will also aid cooling of internal components.

However, if you only have a small space or you want to build a discrete PC then a small case will be necessary.

2. Motherboard Compatibility

Motherboards come in various form factors and it is important to make sure your chosen motherboard fits your case (or vice versa).

The main form factors and their sizes are as listed below.

ATX 305 x 244 mm
Micro-ATX 244 x 244 mm
Flex-ATX 229 x 191 mm
Mini-ITX 170 x 170 mm

ATX form factor cases vary in size from Midi to Tower (full size ATX). if you intend to build a high power gaming system or you want to install a large number of hard drives, then a large Midi or Tower unit is highly recommended. it will greatly facilitate the installation of cooling fans, large CPU coolers and graphics cards.

Micro-ATX cases are usually used for general purpose PCs that will not take up too much room on a desktop.

Flex-ATX and Mini-ITX cases are used to build quiet, discrete systems that will blend in with their surroundings.

3. Power Supply

Most ATX cases come without a power supply. This allows the builder to choose a power supply that best fits their needs. for example, a powerful gaming PC is going to require a more powerful and maybe larger sized supply than a PC used primarily for surfing and emails.

Smaller cases often do come with a supply and this will normally suffice, since small PCs are rarely used for power-hungry applications.

However, it is wise to buy a power supply separately. This way it can be ensured that the supply is exactly what is required and is of sufficient quality.

4. Case Material

PC cases are usually made from a mixture of steel and plastic. the build quality rises with cost. Expensive cases may make extensive use of aluminum rather than steel which makes for a lighter case and is convenient if the PC is to be carried around a lot.

However, aluminum is more prone to vibration and is not ideal if the builder is attempting to build a quiet PC.

5. Cooling

Good cooling is vital. A cool system will be more reliable and components will last longer. Obviously the more powerful the system, the more cooling it will require. for example, a fast processor together with a high-end graphics card and an array of hard drives will require a case that can support multiple fans.

Support for 12cm fans is ideal as these shift more air with less noise than smaller fans. you should be able to fit at least one of these for drawing air into the case and one for drawing air out. for smaller form factor cases where less powerful components are used, there should still be provision for cooling of some kind even if it is just, for example, one small fan.

6. Noise

If you are building a PC with the express condition of keeping it quiet, then I would recommend choosing a sturdy steel unit with good ventilation and using quiet components. if the case is well ventilated then the number of cooling fans can be reduced or they can be run at slower (and hence quieter) speeds.

7. Design

There are plenty of cases to choose from. Designs vary in quality, shape, colour and complexity. In terms of quality however, you do tend to get what you pay for. Better PC cases will be made from higher quality materials. they will be easier to work with and should have no internal rough edges to cut your hands on.

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