5 Sites To Learn How To Repair Your Own Computer

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If you have it, it will break-this adage thoroughly applies to computers. We are often left with a broken computer for days as we try to reach technicians, who seem perpetually busy just when we need it. So, it is paramount for every computer user to know how to do a preliminary repair of their computer. it is not necessary to know everything about your computer to do that; the following few websites will help you learn how to repair your own computer.

Fixing My Computer

This website makes to the top of the list for one simple reason: it breaks down the problem into flowcharts. it makes diagnosing the problem much easier. There are individual flowcharts for Boot Errors, Hard Drives, Video Cards and Motherboards which will help your triangulate your problem and act accordingly. There is a step by step guide, data recovery, outlook password recovery, safety and backup guide that will help you make your computer absolutely free of loopholes that might cost you data later. some other repairs that have detailed guide are Fix Boot Error, Failing CPU, HDD failure, Boot Sequence and so on.

Lifehacker’s top 10 Computer Hardware Fixes and Upgrades

This website is more of a ‘start from scratch’ guide than ‘tweak the bits and start it running’ manual to small problems. however, the 10 problems are very common and will give you an overall education on how to repair your own computer than providing quick fix to small problems.


Although not a dedicated computer repairing website, it has an extensive computer fixing category that has more of a forum approach. this is both good and bad in some ways. It’s not ideal because the answers to your problems may not always come from very trustworthy sources, but then only users dedicated to computers frequent such forums, so mostly their solutions are on the money. On the other hand, you do not have to shuffle through categories, narrowing down until you get a similar problem- you can simply post your problem and get specific answers.

Laptop Mag

It is not only desktops that are prone to breakdown; laptops go haywire once in a while too. Laptop Mag will keep you better geared up for that with its ‘11 ways to fix your computer’. the eleven problems it provides detailed repair guide on are


This website is not dedicated to simply computer repair either, but the PC repair section has detailed information on different problems and information on all the parts of a computer that will help you fix common problems.

These are some of the most common problems, but problems are rarely so textbook. you may need to use knowledge of some other sites to learn how to fix your computer. besides, no matter how well you learn from these websites, don’t toss your technician’s number in the bin just yet. some problems are always better handled by professionals.

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