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Award for ‘Eyes and Feet’

There was an event called Seedcamp in Singapore that was to identify 30 hot start ups in the APEC region. We won an award and got coverage all over the world.

In 2010 itself, we got 3,000 sign ups and investor interest as well.

Renaming the venture

It was an interesting time and I wanted to make the company strong technologically. So, I convinced two of my best friends from IIT-Madras – Joseph Varghese and Kumar Krishnasami – to join as co-founders.

We decided to call it Tech Origami Software Pvt Ltd mainly because nobody in Chennai will join a company that is named ‘Eyes and Feet’!

Sekar Vembu became an angel investor in the company. Another person also joined as an Angel investor. Kumar chose to work from Coimbatore and Joseph, from Chicago.

Target the big ones and not small restaurants

We started off with the product Eyes and feet to target small restaurants. My visit to the US in January 2011 changed the direction. I went to the US to identify the potential partners for our product, ‘Eyes and Feet’. I met some big guys like the American Express or Capital One Bank who could help me get in touch with 20,000 restaurants in one go. I also met a lot of restaurant owners.

I found two things, restaurants are an incredibly difficult market to crack. But the interesting thing was, the big guys are trying to figure out what their competitors are doing on their social pages.

I learnt that we had to target the big guys and not the small ones. I also learnt that we were focussing on the wrong market and that we could not sell a product like Eyes and Feet to these big guys.

My co-founders also agreed that we had to have a similar product but more technologically advanced for the big ones. We thought we would focus on a new product and wind up ‘Eyes and Feet’.

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