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Information Systems Bar Pearl Technology1.what are society? s main threats to information security? poorly written software or improperly configured systems? the system administrator has made a mistake when setting up leading to security problems.

? Improper configuration of these servers can be left open breaks,. People make sense outside the organization can use the server

? Misconfigured mail server allows anyone to send e-mail spam in particular, through it.

? Misconfigured systems make companies vulnerable.

Viruses and worms? A computer virus is a self replicating that loads on a computer without the user? S knowledge.

? A worm is a virus that spreads over a computer network, most commonly the Internet.

? A single worm, called love Bug traveled by e-mail can enter your computer and delete important files.

external Violations? Unauthorized access to a computer by someone outside of an organization.

? the mass media generally uses these terms for people who commit offenses outside:. Hackers, crackers, and script kiddies

Internal Violations? Security breaches that is knowingly performed by a person, or is deliberately omitted.

? Ignores or violates security policies, practices or procedures established by the company.

2.put plan security awareness training for employees and franchisees.

the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the person who will develop a training plan for the company? S employees.

IOC must involve everyone in society. this will help identify the business? S security threats and develops a plan for preparing security for the challenge.

Pearl Bar lacked political and security procedures and, therefore, the training plan must include:? all departments have worked together to develop a security plan

. ? Incorporate technical, procedural approaches, and education.

? Awareness of good technical solutions to all departments.

? only people who should have access to classified information are the only allow access to information.

? Implement a method to verify that the person requesting information franchise …

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