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If you are looking for a highly powerful laptop computer, you should be willing to pay the price asked. it is known that portable systems are not cheap, especially if we are taking about the best ones on the market. Users are always wondering which are the best laptops and the best products in general. well, opinions are shared, because every user consider some points essential, whereas others think that other features count more. Nevertheless, the best to buy laptop computers will ask you to empty your wallet. In case you want a roundup of some of the computers worth investing in, let’s take a closer look and see them as they are and as users and editors chose them by rating them and testing them.

With excellent ratings and being the best mainstream laptop computer, Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011 wins the battle. it surely requires a serious investment, around $1700 and even more, especially if you want to add optional upgrades. but leaving the cost besides, there is no better option to think about.

It works perfectly at home and at the office and it comes with a stunning design and display. the MacBook Air is also worth considering, if you are looking for the thinnest and most portable laptop out there. the 13.3” version is available almost in the same price tag and it can be used as a mainstream laptop, having inside everything one needs. Regardless to say, that anywhere you spot an Apple MacBook laptop, it has a powerful impression upon you. HP Envy 15 is available for around $1000 and it does a great job at being the high-end system of the company. Some new features are added, such as volume wheel, and a quality built can surely be noticed. There is even a desktop replacement available, HP Envy 17, 3D version, able to give you the 3D experience you usually get when you go to the cinema. without doubts, you can surely sink your teeth in this high-end laptop computer and you will not regret paying for it. and to remain at the high-end category of laptop computers, Dell XPS 15Z is a great example. the laptop comes packed with 6GB memory, 750GB hard drive and up to eight hours of battery life. but with everything as it is, the system is on the heavy side, weighting 5.54 pounds. but when you need the best laptop, you have to know what you are expecting. With a fast processor, excellent battery life, Dell XPS 15Z can be the perfect system for you. Even though it weighs a bit, it is thin and it makes it easy to store the laptop inside a bag or something and carry it around. the 15.6” display gives you enough space for browsing the internet, view movies and watch photos. it is perfect for gaming as well and for creating presentations. Colors are crisp and vibrant and you will not miss out on this amazing product.

Sony Vaio S series has a small design and weighs just 3.8 pounds, so this is one portable alternative. If you can settle with the 320GB hard drive, you can have a stunning laptop, noticed by everyone, everywhere you go. If you want portability, catchy design and features to enjoy, this is an excellent choice. from all these mentioned laptops, you can surely make your own statements and be able to choose a certain system.

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