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In the summer of 2011, Aaron Felt started an internship at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) through the Monterey Bay Regional Academy of Computing Education, or MBRACE. Today, his Capstone project involves the programming of satellite software which will lead to the launch of an experimental cube-shaped satellite. Since 2008, 18 NPS Graduate students have contributed to the design of this satellite with Felt being the final piece to the puzzle. He is developing software for both the satellite and for a ground command station.

This satellite is an inexpensive way to test various types of solar cells, and will test their efficiency and ability to handle harsh space environments. his goals are to make the satellite autonomous and commandable from the ground. Felt shared he was “always interested in space” but never thought he would work on projects involving it. Felt is graduating in Computer Science and Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering. After Cal State University Monterey Bay, he will be enrolling this summer at NPS in the Master program of Space Systems Engineering.

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