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DISTED College provides an excellent headstart to students who intend to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in electrical and electronic engineering, creative multimedia, computer science and business IT.


The booming electronics, ICT and multimedia sectors require more electrical & electronic engineers who are skilled in providing creative approaches to engineering design and solutions.

This is where DISTED comes in with its high-quality diploma course designed to mould the next generation of engineers.

Open to SPM holders with three credits including English, mathematics and one science subject, the two-and-a-half-year Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering provides broad-based and practical-oriented E&E engineering knowledge and skills.

Besides study projects, the students are also placed on a four-month industrial internship to gain exposure.

The diploma holders can then transfer with advanced standing to complete a related degree at universities locally or overseas.

They have the choice to complete two technology degree programmes offered by Wawasan Open University (WOU), a sister tertiary institution of DISTED.

The degrees are Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Electronics or the Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Telecommunications.

Those who opt to work can be semi- professionals or technicians in a variety of industries related to electronics engineering like manufacturing, assembly, design, product development, testing and servicing.

And while working to gain job experience, they have the accessibility and flexibility to study by open distance learning with WOU to gain the aforementioned degree.

Creative multimedia

There is a huge demand for 3D animation across the globe by the animation, gaming, interactive learning and movie-making markets.

Thus, there is a need for creative multimedia practitioners in graphic, multimedia and web designing, print publishing, advertising designing, video and audio editing, computer-based modelling, 3D and 2D animation, games development, TV, radio and educational creative content development, digital filmmaking and digital product marketing.

DISTED offers the two-year Diploma in Creative Multimedia Production to students with SPM three credits including English.

They are given a comprehensive education from design and production to management and evaluation.

They have the option to choose either web and print production major or video and audio production major.

Students also have to undergo a four-month industrial training session.

Computer science

Students wishing to reap the vast job opportunities in software production, multimedia, programming and computer graphics can start off with the Diploma in Computer Science developed and conducted by DISTED.

The industry-relevant programme, taught over 28 months, is open to students with SPM three credits including mathematics. Diploma holders can then progress to an IT-related degree course locally or abroad via credit transfer.

The curriculum provides sound knowledge and builds solid skills in software engineering.

Students learn, among other things, computer animation and graphics, computer architecture, database management, networking, operating systems, programming languages, artificial intelligence, internet systems and technology and web design.

Business IT

Another exciting area of IT with promising career prospects deals with how IT is applied to business and commerce and how software systems are built and used to support business activities.

To acquire such business advantage and efficiency, they require information specialists who are competent in information management, data administration, systems and network administration, multimedia, project and management analysis and IT applications development.

SPM holders with three credits who aspire to acquire the broad computing expertise for the business enterprise can take up the Diploma in Business IT conducted at DISTED over 28 months.

They will gain practical-oriented knowledge and skills in the applications of IT in business enterprise including developing and implementing computer systems for business problem-solving and decision- making.

Students are able to articulate into the second year of the 3+0 UK’s Staffordshire University business degrees conducted at DISTED, namely BA(Hons) Business Management, BA(Hons) International Business Management or BA(Hons) Marketing Management.


Merit scholarships are available to SPM achievers with 4As and above to pursue the diploma courses while needy students are eligible for additional support.

Those with good academic and extracurricular achievements and deserving socio-economic background may apply for the Wawasan Education Foundation and Yeap Chor Ee Charitable Trust scholarships.

Sports excellence scholarships are offered to students with outstanding state-level sporting achievements.

The next intake for the diploma courses is on August 7.

For more details, call 04-2296579 or log on to

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