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A notebook or a laptop, there seems to confusion when it comes to exactly what is a notebook. Whereas netbooks have only been developed in the last couple of years, notebooks have been around for a while now and are in some ways identical to that of a laptop. the term laptop and notebook is often used as synonyms for each other.

The phrase notebook first came about in 1989 when describing laptops that were size of an A4 paper notebook. NEC and Compaq development of notebooks had made them become popular with the wider world. Laptops are considered to be bigger, wider and thicker as they either have to fit in extra components, a larger screen or increasing the airflow allowing the powerful processors to stay cool.

A notebook was referred to as a smaller laptop that mainly used by business people or students. This was due to the lighter size and weight of the device and being easier to carry around. due to the smaller size of a notebook, it is less powerful than a laptop. A notebook is ideal to work alongside a desktop computer but not to be replaced by them. in today’s market notebooks are developed in different sizes which has made them look and feel like a laptop. with more expensive laptops claiming that they can do all sort of things that most desktops can do, then you easily purchased a less powerful but more streamlined notebooks.

Notebooks are sort of in between a netbook and laptop in terms of their computing power and how they are used. Netbooks are very portable and are much cheaper whereas a notebook has been designed to do every task that laptop or a desktop could do. with laptops and notebooks now becoming very similar to each other we may soon see that there is no difference between them at all.

But one difference that does make the notebook stand out from a laptop is a touch screen capabilities. Notebooks are now being designed with built-in touch screen whereas as laptops have the facility for touch screen support but is currently confined to notebooks.

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