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Computer maintenance is key to keeping your computer running smoothly. there are many problems that can arise with any computer system, but knowing what to do can keep those problems to a minimum and doing them before there is a problem can help you avoid problems that will cost you a lot of money. Simple things like virus scans and optimizing your web browser can help, as well as maintaining non-essential programs can help increase the life span of your computer as well as optimize your computers efficiency and speed.

Some people think that more is better. the more programs that you have on your computer, the better your computer is. in fact, the more programs you have on your computer, the worse your computer can get. the start up cache, which is the programs that come online when your computer boots up, can bog down the speed of the system causing many different kinds of errors. Among these errors are speed issues and not responding errors on running programs. the start up cache will cause your programs on your computer to run so slow that they will stop working all together. this causes an error on the program that says this program is not responding. it can also cause your internet connection to seem slower. in actuality, the internet connection is probably fine, but the web browser is running very slow. by eliminating non-essential programs, or programs that do not get used all the time, you can boost the speed that your computer functions at.

Anytime a web site is opened, information is being downloaded. in fact, it says so at the bottom of the browser. this can give way to things like pop-ups. Pop-ups are a type of virus called ad-ware and can open your computer to problematic viruses like Trojan’s and worms that can cause massive amounts of damage to a computer. However, with the right anti-virus program, you can keep them from being a problem. of course, what good is a vaccine if you do not use it? Running a virus scan every day or every other day can save you from having to spend a lot of money on computer repair in the future. Eliminate the issue before it becomes a serious problem.

A lot of connection issues can be fixed by simply optimizing your web browser. Deleting the cache, cookies, and browsing history can assist in speeding up your internet connection. Doing this regularly can also help protect you browser from becoming corrupt. when you visit a web site, your browser automatically saves the information from that site to your computer just in case you want to go back and see that site again. if too much information is saved, it can slow down the connection time and leave the system opened to viruses.

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