Computer Security – Difference Between a Virus, Trojan, and Worm

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With the dramatic increase in the number of online scams, hacking or other online crimes, every person needs some kind of online security. there are many online threats which can cause issues not only to the software of your computer by affecting its normal operation, but can also lead to personal or professional data losses along with monetary losses. there are many different types of malware that can harm your computer. Whether it is a virus, Trojan or a worm, you need virus removal software that can help to protect your identity.

Although we most people know that their computer should be protected from viruses, it is also very important to know which kind of threat has infected a PC so that the right solution can be provided to achieve complete computer virus protection.

Sometimes worms and Trojans are mistaken as viruses but they have specific differences.


It is a small malicious software program that is specifically designed to replicate and attach itself to the infected computer. it can cause damage by corrupting or deleting the files or data or can even wipe the entire hard disk. They sometimes inactive until you run an infected program. once it is active in your PC memory, it can infect many other programs.


Computer worms are like viruses, which can self-replicate and can infect computers on the same network. Viruses attach to executable files, but worms are self-contained and do not need to attach themselves to any host files. it replicates itself in your PC memory. some worms are harmless to host computers but some are very malicious and can create a backdoor to the infected machine and make them what is called a zombie. some worms are so dangerous that they can even get into your e-mail list and email themselves to everyone without your consent from your email address. when an innocent recipient opens such an email, it transmits itself to everyone on their mailing lists. in this manner, worms multiply and travel through internet. it should be removed as soon as it is found.


They work the same as the Trojan horses from Greek mythology. Likewise, Trojans are software that appear beneficiary to the user but cause great danger from inside. once it has been unknowingly activated, it can delete every important file and will create a lot of destruction. it can also create a backdoor on the infected machine but they do not replicate or infect executable files like worms.

You can get rid of these malicious programs by installing antivirus software. even free antivirus services offer the same level of functions and protection.

There are many online services available to you that can effectively provide you with PC virus protection. Search online to find the best antivirus software specially created for your computer and stay protected from viruses, worms and Trojans.

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