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Always, the government jobs have been in favor with people. in the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s, getting into a government jobs was enough for anyone. they were not only considered among the elite classes but were the luckiest persons. with government backing, many organizations had sufficient posts, up for grabs by the people. those who were able to complete a decent education, say up to the graduation levels, could easily find a job that would go on for a lifetime. Rightly so, many people who joined the government services in those days are in the days of their retirement in the beginning of the 21st century and they vouch that there couldn’t have been a better job than doing it in the government sectors. then came gradually, the days of private sector companies where a lot of recruitments were done with millions of people, fresh and middle aged, jumping the bandwagon. the perks and salaries were good, the life seemed more interesting and enjoyable and many sensed a shift in focus of the jobs from the government sector to the private sectors. A time was there when the government jobs were given a pass and lucrative jobs in the private sector were taken up. Another reason, for the take on private sectors and the government jobs being given a miss, was the factor of lack of sufficient numbers of jobs for the growing population. this was also quite natural to happen, in the rate at which, the number of people eligible for jobs were increasing. with the help from the private sector, these people where absorbed into the job net. Much of the jobs that were created belonged to the revolutionary recruitment by the IT industry. Thousands of people came into the slew of jobs that were formed by the IT companies from the country as well as from outside. Indian companies were said to be the major recruiters. but the government jobs remained in the same static condition. Although, many sectors in the government were able to provide jobs, IT sector of the government was not doing a great work in recruiting people. not much could also have been done as the core industries are the main strength of a government rather than the software business, which was the strength of the private companies. but with a proper system of job creations with introduction of computers and software application, the government based IT jobs have been coming up fast in recent years. with most of the organizations under the government introducing the use of information technology in its working, the prospects for the IT students are looking good. Most areas and offices are equipped with computers and most of the communications are being done through internet. Starting from the health sectors to the post offices, computer has become the major role player in them. Students and experienced people are being recruited into the govt IT jobs in large number to fill the created vacancies. with telecommunication industry, pharmaceutical aspects, industrialization and infrastructure, and many other works being done with the use of high end technology, the IT industry in India is looking up. and the hopes of people of India to work for the government are again flying high.

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