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If your Athens children are anything like mine, they love to spend time on the computer. instead of hopping on their bike and zipping over to 84062 to talk to their friends they would rather email or Facebook them. When I was growing up in Athens, we used cans tied together with yarn to communicate from tree house to tree house and as far as mail went we used good old snail mail.

my name is JJ Birden and this is my blog where I advocate for Athens children’s health and talk about X Power Squares. Today we will discuss the importance of teaching our Georgia kids safe habits to govern their computer time to help prevent injury. Athens parents and caregivers need to regulate children’s computer usage. Moderation is the key. my kids would sit in front of the computer all day if I let them, but we set the timer for 30 minutes and then it is time to choose another activity, like enjoying the Athens sunshine. by taking breaks the muscles used while computing are able to mend and repair themselves so that they are less likely to become injured.

Kids need to vary the ways they operate the computer so that different muscles get used. instead of manipulating a mouse for every command, teach them to use a touch pad. Many Athens software stores sell voice activated systems which allow kids to switch up how they work at the computer to allow different muscles to work. Encourage your kids to take breaks to stretch and even shut their eyes for a few moments.

Georgia parents should coach their children on the proper way to sit at the computer. Posture is very important and should be loose and inherent, not stiff or unnatural. the habits we teach our Georgia kids will serve them throughout their lives.

Healthy habits for Georgia kids include eating nutritious food and exercising daily. For more information about keeping your kids healthy contact me today.

Acai Healthy Chocolate Leader JJ Birden Athens, Georgia 84062 480.824.8318 Xocai Xe X Power Squares Information from the following online article was used as reference material for this post: “Keeping Kids Healthy,”, accessed on June 29, 2012

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