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Computers have brought a dramatic and significant change in every home, making it an adorable pet of the family. definitely computers have made our lives easier and a lot more convenient, compared to our lives back in the 80’s and 90’s. No wonder, its magic

Computers have by far changed the life of each and every person, both physically and mentally. Even people who were naive and oblivious about computers have now started using them because of its simple and effortless operations and the result it reaps. it is employed in almost every aspect of our life, especially in the fields of education, business, medical innovations, etc., making our work easier, thus saving time.

There are myriad examples to prove the above statement; the trend of sending letters and telegrams to convey our wishes and concerns are now being replaced with emails and instant messages, which does not raise a question of dissent, since it has created a strong bond and intensified the communication among our near and dear ones, who are thousands of miles apart. Another very good example is the online shopping, which enables us to purchase what we require, irrespective of place and time. there are several others to consider; for example, the availability of a wide selection of movies and music for us to download, the opportunity to browse through a massive pile of information to get the required, the facile way of paying the bills while sitting at home, munching some popcorn, etc., and the peak of these comforts is that they are just done with a click of a button. all these advantages entice people to at least give it a try, before they fully get indulged in.

The only disadvantage or drawback that I could infer from using computers is the health problems, that are anticipated to arise from spending hours with computers. it is very obvious that it makes us feel lazy and lethargic, but this could for sure be straightened out if we restrict our access to computers. I really could not think how it could make our life stressful.

On the whole, it is a fact, which should be realized by everyone that computers have metamorphosed our entire life in regard to our attitude, behavior, appearance, relationship and our complete life style.

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