Conviction rate in Maha only 8 pc, worrisome, says Govt

July 18, 2012 by  
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Mumbai: Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil today said conviction rate in the state for 2011-12 had slumped to 8.2 per cent, and this was a cause for concern.

Speaking in the Legislative Council, Patil blamed the lack of coordination between prosecution and police for this.

The senior Minister from NCP said that from now on, cases would be filed only after sufficient evidence was gathered.

“Many times we see that cases are filed in the court without sufficient evidence. (Henceforth) Only after gathering the evidence cases should be filed, which will also result in fewer cases going to the courts,” Patil said in the Upper House during the question Hour.

Congress’s Mohan Joshi had raised the issue.

Besides, the Minister said the government was “trying to implement the Sankhe committee report within three months, which lays emphasis on better coordination between police and prosecution.”

A committee appointed by the state government had studied how other states

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