Delete Visited Websites For a More Secure Computer

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If you want to have the proper security on your computer then it is important to delete visited websites in your internet browser. These sites tend to fall under the temporary internet files folder. Your browser will save the sites so that they will load more quickly in the future. However there are a lot of disadvantages to having this information readily accessible on your computer.

Most individuals tend to delete their internet history by going through their internet browser. the location of the function for deleting these sites will vary depending on the browser. If you use internet explorer then you will find the correct function in the tools menu. You want to delete your browsing history and this will empty out the saved internet sites. Safari has this function under its history menu and Firefox allows you to clear recent history in its tool menu.

There is another option for deleting these saved sites and you can do this directly through your hard drive, normally labeled C. In your computer right click on the hard drive and then chose the properties function. Underneath the pie chart will be the option to clean up your hard drive. You can clean everything up or specifically select to delete your offline web pages, temporary files and temporary internet files.

There is also special software packages designed to delete your internet browsing history and these will delete your index.dat files, records, auto complete, cookies, UserData records, history files, cookies and much more.

This software can be programmed to automatically run when you schedule it. by regularly deleting these sites you are minimizing the chance of someone illegally accessing your personal information.

Deleting these files will also make your computer run faster and add to your computers security. These temporary files do take up a lot of room and you should clean them out frequently.

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