Dirty Tricks to Catch Your Spouse Cheating

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If you want to catch your spouse cheating then you might have to refer to what some would call dirty tricks. in my opinion there is no such thing because the dirtiest trick of all was them secretly cheating in the first place.

With the technology available today there are many things you can covertly that will give you the proof you are looking for without them even knowing it. Let’s take a look at a few here:

Cell Phone – Ahhh the cell phone. It’s a wonderful piece of gadgetry. It enables us to communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime and that’s exactly my point. It will leave what’s called a call history on the phone. You can scan through your spouse’s call history and look for unfamiliar numbers that are recorded repeatedly. then simply punch those numbers into a reverse cell phone look up program and you will know who those numbers belong to.

I know, I know. they delete their call history along with their text messages. Well my friend there is a way that you can undelete those text messages and read them for yourself.

Computer – if you simply install a spy program onto the computer it will run in the background without them ever even knowing it’s there. It will record everything they do while online such as emails, chats, internet sites, etc., even if they delete the computer history when they are done. How much would that information be worth to ya?

GPS – Imagine you being able to get on your computer and see where their vehicle is at any given time. WOA That’s some powerful stuff

The fact is this. You are suspicious, angry and hurt. Your spouse has turned your world upside down and you feel powerless to be able to do anything about it. Wrong You CAN do something about it. You simply need to make that choice right now.

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