Facebook FarmVille Designs – 2 Cool, Easy Tricks to Help Jazz Up Your Farm in No Time

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Want some great Facebook FarmVille designs? these 2 FarmVille tricks are great to help jazz up your farm a bit.

Facebook FarmVille Design Trick #1: Stacked Hay Bales

Unfortunately, in this great game you can’t stack things on top of each other. However, there’s a cool FarmVille trick that makes it look like they’re stacked

To do this just place a bottom hay bale where you want the bottom of the stack to be, then place 2 more,
each touching one of the top sides of the bale (I hope that makes sense).

Now place one more hay bale not directly in the little pocket created, but actually one up from that.

Because you see the entire bale, its an optical illusion that makes it look like the top hay bale is stacked
on the bottom ones

So this isn’t really a FarmVille trick I guess, just a cool little design tip.

Facebook FarmVille Design Trick #2: the Elevated Farm

Using similar methods to the stacked hay bale trick, you can make your farm appear to have different levels,
or elevations.

The best way to do this is to start with a rectangular fence.

Within that big fence, create smaller cross-fences going across the middle, leaving a bit of room between
the cross-fence and the end.

Now plant trees or bushes in the open spaces, and it will look like there’s several layers to your farm

Again, this isn’t really a FarmVille cheat or anything, just a cool optical illusion.

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