Five Ways to Keep Your PC Healthy

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The computer and the ability to compute is one of mankind’s greatest creations. Being able to share ideas, thoughts, and important files instantly was unthinkable no less than 30 years ago. Small nanochips create small talk fast in order communicate to the installed software. The possibilities of places that advanced computing can take the human race is truly miraculous. that is, until users take that technology for granted and make common mistakes of which a majority of PC owners are not aware.

These mistakes may be a software security issue or not properly taking care of your computer’s hardware. there are several ways to “tank” your PC. The most common issues that keep your computer unsecured are simple and can quickly be fixed.

Browsing unsafe internet neighborhoods can be a huge threat. Adult, gambling and torrent sites are all places where nasty viruses lurk and pray on the unsuspecting. These malicious files held within these sites dig into a computer and can cause slower computing, pop-ups and hard drive failure.  Users are advised to stay away from dark side of the World Wide Web.

To follow, using more than one anti-virus programs can also lead to difficult complications. Anti-virus programs tend to see each other as viruses and will annoy each other until one is shunned. they are not smart programs. they look for viruses for which they are taught to look. Keeping virus protection updated prevents this problem.

Reckless troubleshooting can also confuse and mess up a computer’s registry. Registry is essentially how a computer remembers how to start itself up.  Use of a cleaner, for instance IOBit, and lacking full knowledge of how to use the program is ill advised. by allowing the program to clean everything without knowing what it’s doing, it could potentially wipe extremely important files. Be careful when cleaning up the PC. it is very fragile.

The next two ways to secure a healthy PC lean towards the hardware. Dust buildup in your computer case can clog air vents. A computer needs to breathe just like a person does. Dust allows the computer to heat up to dangerous levels, putting the expensive hardware in jeopardy. High temperatures can lead to fried equipment. Users should clean their computer case regularly and make sure fans are working properly.

Finally, hooking up to an unsecure outlet can put an end to a computer’s life. The power can surge and fry certain pieces inside your case. one flick of the power can disable your power button for good, requiring a pretty penny to put a fix on it. to fix this, buy an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). this will keep a PC grounded and safe even with power outages.

  1. Stay away from unsecure websites.
  2. Use one virus protection and keep it up to date.
  3.  Be careful when cleansing a PC.
  4. Clean your computer regularly, dust it out!
  5. Buy an uninterruptable power supply to hook up to.

Maintaining a PC can be really simple. With the right tools and guidance, anyone can compute smoothly and efficiently. there are several fixes to the everyday problems PC users encounter. These tips apply to all MAC users too. The same rules apply.

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