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So have you been wondering what does a motherboard do and what different kind of boards is there? well a motherboard is to a computer as the nervous system is to a person. A motherboard controls all aspects of your computer. It holds all the settings for how the various components operate. It directs the set amount of power needed for each part of your computer. However it does much more than that. It takes the information enter by various input devices such as your keyboard, mouse, microphone, etc and sends it to the processor. Once the processor does its part the motherboard will send the information on to the place of storage or display such as the hard drive where all information is keeps on your computer or it may send it to your writable CD or DVD drive to be copied to a CD or DVD. Depending on the model of your computer it may handle much more.

It is becoming more and more common to see integrated motherboards. these boards actually have you component such as video graphic card, network card, and sound cards built into it. this takes up less space in your computer and also lowers the cost of production of computers. this method by which components are integrated into a motherboard also make the data transfer rate slightly faster than having a totally separate video card, sound card, etc. Some may worry that with a integrated motherboard that if a integrated component fails that they will have to replace the entire board. this fortunately is not true.

In the event of a integrated component failure you can connect a separate component of the integrated type that has failed and disable what is more commonly referred to as on board component to allow your computer to function properly again.

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