Gernot Redecker Computer Brush Review: Pretend Your Laptop Has Beautiful Hair

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If you’re anything like us, your computer is covered with disgusting heaps of lint, dust, dirt, chip crumbles and rainbow sprinkles. you could blow on it or use compressed air — or you could use this gorgeous bristly brush.

The Redecker brush was originally designed in 1992 by a German company that has been making natural bristle brushes since 1937 — but now the Museum of Modern Art will sell you one for 35 bones.

A brush that will wipe crumbs and crud off your computer keyboard and screen.

Humans with a normal human tendency to dirty their computers.

Handsome and rugged, just like you and your computer. the oiled beech handle has a soft set of screen-friendly bristles and a stiff tuft for the keyboard and crevices.

Brush your computer. Debris will fly off it, as if compelled by the will of a divine entity.

It works. It’s eco-friendly — compressed air cans are wasteful! it looks classier on a desk than a big, dumb can.

It’d be nice if the tough bristles were even tougher for extra dirt-scrapin’ action.

The handle comes with a hole but no strap. Why isn’t there an optional strap made of fine leather so we can hang it from a peg?

If your computer is often in need of a good dry scrubbing, and you want to feel like a 19th century dandy, absolutely. this brush will last longer than your next two laptops.

Available at the MoMA Store this Friday.

Gernot Redecker Computer Brush

• Handle: beech wood• Price: $US35 + shipping to Australia• Dimensions: 4 inches x 10.25 inches x 1 inch

Music: “Salted Caramel” by Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn

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