Hackers Attack Flash Player

August 30, 2012 by  
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Adobe's Flash Player is used every day by many in the finance community. Not only can the program enable video watching and interactive platform viewing, but it also facilitates many web operations, such as keeping the user informed on real-time market updates. However, users may want to be careful and adhere to best security practices, as the latest update may result in hacks.

According to SecurityNewsDaily, Adobe updated its Flash offering on August 13, but the new version contained security holes that prompt two kinds of attacks.

SecurityNewsDaily said one of the attempts is from an email with the subject line "iPhone 5 Battery Images Leak!!!" which is laden with a fake Flash file, which once opened, taps into the computer. Citing Symantec data, the source claimed around 1,300 attacks of this sort have been blocked so far.

The other hack is being waged on Android-based phones that have Flash installed, as many fake applications have cropped up since Google began taking away the Flash Player on devices in the Google Play app store.

Security firm GFI Labs published a blog featuring the various file names smartphone owners should look out for before downloading a Flash app, most of which are from Russian sites. the source said many users will realize they have been hacked because of the constant stream of pop-up ads lighting up the notification bar or the fact that it will start up when the phone is turned on.

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