How to Choose a Touchscreen Laptop Computer

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Touchscreen laptop computers are slowly making their way into the mainstream computing world. Chances are that you’ve owned one or more computers in your life and you know how to go about buying a good laptop or personal desktop computer. now that touch screens are being introduced into notebook computers, many people find themselves wondering how to choose a good one. there are a few factors that are key to choosing a good system.

First and foremost when choosing a laptop computer with a touch screen is the sensitivity of the screen. It would be pointless to buy a system that didn’t respond well to touch input. Not all systems are created equally and it would be wise to try out the laptop before purchasing it. This can be a little difficult because not all computer stores carry touchscreen laptops and knows that two are not likely to carry a wide selection. It’s no big deal to order a computer on the if Internet since you can basically read the specifications and know if you will be likely to like it are not. when it comes to purchasing a laptop with a touch screen, you really need to play with it to decide whether or not you’re going to like it.

There are two types of touch screens that you’ll have to choose from. The first is called passive digitizing and the second is called active digitizing. The differences between the two can get quite complex and technical but for your purposes, all you need to realize is that with a passive digitizing screen can use your finger or a stylus to write on the screen and make selections. with an active digitizing screen, you need to use an electronic digital stylus that has its own power source. old active digital stylus pens had a power cord that tethered them to the computer but new ones are usually equipped with a small battery. Some digital stylus pens can be turned over in the back of the pan will function like an eraser on a pencil. This can be a very handy feature when taking notes.

Active digitizers generally recognize handwriting more accurately but you must always use the digital pen. Passive digitizers offer the flexibility of using your finger if you would like but handwriting recognition isn’t quite as accurate and if you dump the screen with the palm of your hand, your palm will interfere with the input. The computer will basically think that you meant to make an input selection with your hand when all you actually did was bumped the screen.

Some passive digitizers come with what is palm rejection. This is a feature that is basically intended to make the computer ignore accidental bumping of the screen from your palm.

When purchasing a touchscreen laptop computer, all of the other factors that normally come into play remain the same. you want to buy system with a good fast processor, plenty of memory, a large hard drive, plenty of USB ports, a card reader, a DVD rider, WIFI capability, etc.

What ever you do, don’t fall in love with a computer just because it has a touchscreen. make sure that the touchscreen computer that you’ve decided buy functions well and powerful enough for all of your computing needs.

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