How to Estimate the Cost to Replace Windows

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The question on how to estimate the cost to replace windows can be best answered by mentioning a list of considerations that affect the final price. I have recently written an article about the cost of different replacement widows and I am not going to make this article a duplicate of that one.

Instead I will provide some guidelines that will help you make the right estimates. Just read the article right to the end if you want a comprehensive answer to your question.

How many windows you need

First you need to know the number of windows that you need to replace. You will probably need an expert to come over for a house inspection lest you leave out some that also need urgent attention.

The installation costs

In most cases the installation costs will be quoted per window. I have seen a number of people trying to save costs by attempting to install the windows by themselves and after a while having to live with leaking windows due to poor installation.

The Cost per replacement window

Once you have ascertained the number of windows you need. You will then have to get think about the cost per window. You can these really vary a lot. I mean you can get one for about $180 and even way less. it depends on some of the factors that I mention below as I list some guidelines on how to estimate the cost to replace windows.

The labour – who you will hire

Like I said earlier some people prefer to try and DIY. I usually say – wrong move. why risk it unless you know what you are doing. You have an option to get a contractor do the job for you or find a friend or neighbour who has experience in window replacement. it will be cheaper to do the latter than the former but riskier.

Window Accessories

Different types of windows come with different type of accessories that you may need to buy in order to complete the whole replacement job.

Type of windows to Use

There are typically 3 type of windows i.e. wood, vinyl and fibreglass. Wood is more expensive, vinyl is the most popular and fibreglass is newer but also effective. You also need to figure out the type in terms of the windows themselves i.e. will they be double or single pane.

The window brands to buy

As you may know brands like Pella and Andersons are more expensive than the rest. But then they are also good quality windows. You have an option to choose a less popular brand if you want to reduce your short-term costs. I say short-term on purpose.

Proximity of supplier or contractor

This is my last point on how to estimate the cost to replace windows. the closer the supplier or contractor the cheaper it will be for you.

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