How to make Dropbox sync your game saves

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Steam Cloud is one of the best features of Valve’s digital distribution platform. it makes gaming across multiple computers effortless by keeping settings and save files in sync. but the problem is that some games, even new ones, don’t support Steam Cloud. Fortunately there’s a simple way around that frustration by getting Dropbox to pick up the slack — and it works even with non-Steam games. All you need is a Dropbox account, a small extension, and a few minutes of setup on each machine.

1. Since you’ll be moving files that might represent hours of your gaming time, backup any saves you intend to sync.

2. If you haven’t already, install the Dropbox client and log into your account. make sure you have enough free Dropbox space to add the save files you want to sync.

3. Download and install Dropbox Folder Sync, which will allow you to backup any folder to your Dropbox account. when you use this application on a local folder, it will move all the actual data into Dropbox, and leave behind a symbolic link to the new location.

4. Browse to the folder where the save files are stored. For Steam games on Windows 7, the folders are usually under “SavedGames” in your My Documents directory. Right-click the game folder you want to backup and choose “Sync with Dropbox”. Dropbox Folder Sync will now move all those saves into cloud storage, so the Dropbox client will need at least a few seconds to sync them to the cloud.

5. With the save files tucked away in your Dropbox account, it’s time to sync them to another computer. If you haven’t already, install the game you want to keep synced, the Dropbox client (remember to log in and let it update your files, as well), and Dropbox Folder Sync on the second machine. now locate that same game save folder. If you already have save files on this machine, back them up to another location and then delete the originals from the game save folder — this ensures that there won’t be any conflicts with those Dropbox saves. As before, right-click the game save folder and choose “Sync with Dropbox.” the Sync application will recognize that a Dropbox folder with that name already exists, and you’ll need to give it permission to merge and overwrite.

Now your save files are in your Dropbox folder, and both machines can get to them through those symbolic links. any changes or new save files will go directly into cloud storage, and you’ll be able to play across your machines just as though all your games had Steam Cloud. And once you’re familiar with the process above, setting it up on additional machines only takes a few minutes.

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