I-Team: Protest video provides ‘tips’ to evade RNC security

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TAMPA – a new online video aims to give protesters tips to beat security at the Republican National Convention.  the video is one of two posted on YouTube this week claiming to represent the loosely-organized group known as “Anonymous.”

In one video, the poster claims “Anonymous” will make themselves heard at the convention. the other video provides ways to get around security cameras and facial recognition software without being identified.

“We are Anonymous. we are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. Expect us,” the narrator of the video says, using a voice altered by a computer program.

“Constant video surveillance is an issue we presently face. however, there are a number of ways that you can combat the surveillance,” the video says.

The tips are very specific. One example is advising protesters to tilt their heads, which they claim will make it difficult for the software to recognize faces.

In an interview by Skype, security expert Michael Peros of Privacy Electronics says the tricks could be effective against many face detection programs.

“Yes, I’m sure they are. for every measure, there’s going to be a countermeasure,” Peros said.

The Tampa Police Department said the video is irrelevant because they’re not using facial recognition software at the convention. They’re using “behavior recognition,” which aims to identify unusual or suspicious behavior.

The video even gives instructions on outfitting baseball caps with special lights they claim will make members unrecognizable to cameras. the FBI wouldn’t tell us whether they’ve seen the video.

“We’re aware of a lot of things that Anonymous is doing, obviously. I’m not going to give any credence to anything Anonymous is doing or anything they’re putting on their website,” said FBI special agent in charge Steven Ibison.

In one of the videos, the poster claims Anonymous’ goal isn’t to cause violence and the public should not be scared. however, they also state they are not pacifists and will fight back if provoked.

“You have an opportunity to fight back at the Republican National Convention. How you fight back is up to you,”

The poster of the video even threatens they will tear down the wall of the “Clean Zone”, which is the designated area near the convention in which weapons are banned and protests are limited.

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