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We know more about Apple’s iPhone 5 than we should and now there’s only one thing left to do: Go out and buy the device.

Apple has had its fair share of major product releases, but maybe none have come with the same hype as its iPhone 5. making sure you get your next-generation iPhone on opening day can be as easy as following a few steps.

The iPhone 5 will be announced on Sept. 12 at a major media event. Once that event is completed, you’ll be able to go onto Apple’s online store and pre-order your iPhone and have it shipped to you on Sept. 21, the expected release date.

You have to be quick though.

Apple’s online store will be jammed packed with people doing the same thing as you, so it’s important to be one of the first. Simply refreshing your browser may not be enough either as browsers could cache Apple’s website.

My advice? have two computers going (or a computer and an iPad) to ensure you can place your order. There’s a good chance Apple will need to change its “ship by date” on announcement day to a 3-4 week waiting period.

If money is no object to you and you’ll do anything to get your hands on an iPhone 5, then eBay is the way to go.

Quite soon, eBay sellers will start placing auctions that allow you to bid early and guarantee you get an iPhone 5. Expect the price to be marked up considerably, however (more than $1,000).

Like i said, if money isn’t an issue, this is the way to go.

As a tip, make sure to post your used iPhone 4 or 4S on eBay on Sept. 11. right now, used models are going for as high as $400. if you don’t mind a cellphone contract, you can actually make money off selling your old iPhone and buying the iPhone 5.

Everyone says they would never wait in line for a product release, but you haven’t lived until you’ve woken up early and waited outside of a shopping mall to get a hot product on day one. The iPhone 5 will be one of those hot products.

If you have to wait outside (check with mall security to see when they’ll let people inside a day or two before), prepare for rain or any kind of bad weather. Bring some coffee and a box of donuts to share with people around you. You meet some great people at these events, which makes it more fun.

What are your tips for getting the iPhone 5 on its release date?

Share it with us below.

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