Is Maintaining Your Mac Really Necessary? Speed Tips for Your Mac Computer

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Mac Computers belong to the most up to date computers running in a stable and reliable environment. many problems you might have had on a Windows computer you will most probably never experience on your Mac. there are several reasons for this:

  1. The Mac OS comes with lots of already included programs, which work perfectly together with each other and do not cause problems
  2. There are not too many viruses for the Mac OS
  3. Since 2011 most available software for the Mac is sold over the Mac App Store and tested by Apple so it won’t cause problems

There are most probably many other reasons to buy a Mac computer but that isn’t the topic of this article. The main question is if you need to maintain your Mac computer – clean file entries created by the operating system, remove leftovers of uninstalled programs, protect your Mac from viruses, and identity theft.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Protecting and maintaining your Mac isn’t as insane as it is protecting your Windows computer but there is no way the Mac computer can do it all itself.

There are various tasks you can do manually, also recommended by the Apple service.

This list includes maintenance tasks such as:

  1. Reset hardware
  2. Cleaning Cache in various areas
  3. Reset your Ram
  4. Repairing disk permissions
  5. and resetting Spotlight

But you can do more to keep your Mac clean and healthy. there are various programs available to help you doing this with one click:

  • Clean my Mac
  • MacKeeper
  • MacCleanse2
  • Macaroni
  • MacPilot
  • Cocktail

Some are available free on the Mac App Store.

The best program, however, to keep your Mac clean and healthy is MacKeeper.

It is an all in one tool – it does not just protect your Mac from viruses but also cleans up Binaries, Cache and Language Clutter. The most important is definitely the Antivirus you get free and the Fast Cleanup – you just click scan and it scans the whole computer and finds the junk.

But there are more great tools – Anti-Theft is one of them. When you install it and your Mac gets stolen you can locate it and you even get a snapshot from the thief.

Another great tool is Onyx. A free program to repair disk permissions.

There are many tools available to keep your Mac Computer clean and healthy – and it is necessary to keep an eye on the maintenance.

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