Kindle Fire 2, iPad Mini and Nexus 7: Smaller tablet computers (A Recap)

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Yes, the iPad Mini rumor is not dead, in fact, it keeps getting stronger amid Google’s Nexus 7 success.

Many publications say, especially the pro-Apple news sites, that Apple must find a way to stop Google as reports confirm that the search giant’s new Nexus 7 is the most popular Android tablet PC to date citing sold out stores including Google’s own Play Store.¬†According to the Guardian, Google underestimated the demand for the Nexus 7 specifically the 16GB model following the temporary discontinuation of orders of the 16GB model.

If Google can sell more $249.99 models than 8GB with $199.99 price tag, then it is safe to say that customers are not only buying the Nexus 7 because it is cheap, but also because it runs an advanced version of Android. Apart from the cheap price, other features of the Nexus 7 are quad-core processor, 7-inch IPS LCD display, front-facing camera for video chat applications, and Android Jelly Bean out of the box. for beginners, Android Jelly Bean includes a slew of new features including the new Google Now and Google Search with Voice, a combo that competes with Apple’s Siri. Tests show that Google’s platform is more realistic, convincing and faster than Siri.

Speaking of Siri, rumors suggest that Apple will join the smaller tablet form, but sources of several sites say Apple’s “mini iPad” or “iPad Mini” will ship with either a 7.7-inch or 7.8-inch. in short, it could be slightly bigger than the Nexus 7, and possible heavier, knowing Apple, they will use “premium materials” to raise the product’s price tag. some analysts and a bunch of blog assertions online suggest that Apple’s smaller iPad will sit within the $249.99 to $299.99 price tags, possibly depending on storage.

Additional reports say that Apple is the only company that can stop the “Nexus 7 invasion” citing Apple’s larger ecosystem, etc, etc. the only problem of Apple that they have failed to mention are the consumers who love Google.

Also joining this year’s smaller tablet revolution is Amazon, or should I say — re-joining. after quickly gaining share, and losing some (according to research firms), Amazon is reportedly planning to launch its new Kindle Fire Android tablet computers this year, and new reports suggest that the retail giant will introduce at least 6 versions of its “Kindle Fire 2.”

Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 will likely run a highly customized version of Android because Amazon will definitely remove Google’s Play Store and other services. for starters, last year’s Kindle Fire included Amazon stores only and does not support many Google services. by comparison, the Nexus 7 can run Amazon’s stores too aside from the native Google stores just by downloading them online.

Is the Nexus 7 the first tablet that can seriously challenge the iPad’s large market share? or Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 will retaliate? it is worth noting that iPad’s tablet PC market share is the most critical for Apple because it is an¬†important growth driver for the company. it also, possibly, holds the secret behind the so-called “Apple Halo effect.”

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