Laptops on Sale – Bait and Switch

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Throughout the year you will always find a company that is selling laptops on sale at a ridiculous price. Many of them are legit with their claim of actually selling them for the stated price, but for every four that are legitimate places there is at least one that is doing one of many different shady practices that will screw you out of your hard earned money.

The number one scam that has been done to many consumers is the old bait-and-switch routine. We all heard about how this is still being done years after laws have been put into place and quite a few have paid hefty fines and/or gone to jail for doing such scams to consumers.

Don’t think for a minute that if you see an advertised price in the newspaper or a sign hanging in the window of the place, that it’s not a scam. It may not be one, but you won’t know until you walk in the place to find out. Of course you can always walk out and not do business with the establishment, but there are skilled salesman out there that know how to get you into buying a different model than the one they advertised.

Because of the laws that have been put in place to combat this type of practice, they professional scam artist has found ways around the shades of grey in the laws.

You walk in and ask about the model that you saw in the paper, they don’t tell you right a way that they don’t have it. instead they ask you questions on what you want in a laptop. along the way they will lead you toward the model that they are looking to push and have different methods to have you believe that your needs won’t be met with the sales model.

If they can’t persuade you into buying the switch model, they will say something along the way that they will get the bait one from the supply room, only to come back and say that they didn’t realize that the last one was sold while talking to you. unfortunately listed in the advertisement it stated that they only had five of the sales brand at that price and they won’t be able to sell any of the future deliveries to you at that price.

The best way to know if your dealing with a reputable company is when you walk in the store, stick to your guns and ask to see the sales model first before he or she starts trying to sell you something else.

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