Management Information System (MIS)

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In an organization, usually there are huge amounts of information transferred among different management levels and decisions are being made everywhere. In fact, research has shown that inside a company, considerable time is spent on information processing and decision making. to solve this problem and to manage an organization more effectively, an idea about management information system has come up. a management information system (MIS) could be defined as a combination of people, machine and other procedures that deal with collecting, analyzing, storing, transmitting data and information for the purpose of making decisions by managements that are relevant and close to the overall objectives of the venture. Nowadays, most MIS are computer-based since technology makes it much easier to handle larger amount of information but MIS started off with simple manual system such as index cards. With the growing up of internet technology, computer-based MIS tend to move over the web. Web-based MIS is accessible every where, easier in installation and maintenance, making it becomes a popular trend. the result is less paper works, reducing document travel time, faster decision making process, improving company’s resources co-operation and company operation as a whole.

The different types of MIS are identified below:

  • Transaction Processing system: mostly focus on daily transactions; involve large volume of data (e.g. receipts, bank payments, etc.)
  • Information Providing system: analyze data gathered and produce summarized reports to support decision-making process
  • Decision Support system: provide models to assist management in making decisions
  • Expert system: advanced system that could make decision by itself in a specific area

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