Michael Goodfellow: He’s got a year-old technology degree from one of Florida’s largest universities and still can’t find a job

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Like millions of other Americans, I need a job.

In 2011, I received my bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in information engineering technology and started the arduous process of applying for positions within my field. my skills include operating systems, computer networks, computer and network security, project design and development, systems design and implementation, operating systems security, technical writing and communication, project development and execution.

I have applied with the largest employers in the area as well as many of the smaller. I even went to apply for a position as a 911 dispatcher. when I brought the seven-page application in, I was handed a 50-page “supplement.”

I am registered with Workforce Solutions, monster.com, Career Builder and several others.

I was recently told that many job seekers are leaving the area due to the lack of jobs, but I’d really like to stay. my immediate family is here; this is my home. not long after I graduated, I was interviewed by a law firm for a position I was qualified for in Fort Myers. I guess that’ll lay to rest any question of the lengths I’d go for a job.

From what I’ve read, more than half of college graduates cannot find work. This is down from the 90 percent who could find a job a few years ago. Due in part to the economy, turnover is much less in many occupations and growth is almost nonexistent. People with jobs are working longer careers, retiring later. of course, I’m sure there is a degree of nepotism and cronyism involved. I even once knew someone with postgraduate degrees who worked as a stock person at a local retailer.

One large employer has listed the same position online multiple times. each time they do, I apply. No return call and within a couple of weeks, it’s gone.

Not long ago, Workforce Solutions called me about a position with a local company and I was elated. I was told this local company would contact me. I called the Workforce Solutions person and left messages on multiple occasions with no return.

Another employer went as far as to grant a phone interview, even though I’m less than 10 miles away. No contact afterward and the position is still posted on their site.

I had an interview with a company in Stuart some time ago and immediately sent a note thanking them for the time they spent with me and that I hoped to hear back from them soon, one way or another. I’m not holding my breath.

There are websites that, after plugging information in, will tell you what you should expect to make with education and experience. I’d be happy with, and have been asking for, less than that number to start.

What I guess it comes down to is, like many others, I really need a job. I went to school and have a wide set of skills I should be able to put to use with a company in our area. I want to live and work here, support local businesses, perhaps buy a home, even pay taxes and other obligations.

I’m not looking for a handout. I’m searching for a career, one that is mutually beneficial.

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