Computer probe: Glemsford School governors facing sack

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31 March 2012 Last updated at 11:13 ET Share this page Glemsford Primary School said it was initially told the laptops it was given were free of charge

The School governors at a primary school in Suffolk is facing the sack over a bill for £500,000 for what the head thought were “free” laptops.

Glemsford Primary said it unwittingly signed a deal leasing 100 computers on the basis they would not cost anything and was caught up in a suspected fraud.

Supplier, Direct Technology Solutions ltd, then went into administration owing money to Clydesdale Bank.

Suffolk County Council wants to replace the School governors with an executive board.

The school’s head teacher has been suspended since January over the affair.

The school said at that time the contract it signed meant it was liable for the lease and owed the money to Clydesdale Bank.

Chair of School governors Duncan Grafen said said there had been a perceived lack of support from Suffolk County Council.

‘Acting in best interests’

He said: “the governing body has been proactive in our support for the school community, the staff and council officers.

“we find it unfortunate that this proactive position has not been reciprocated.

“we believe that at all times we have acted in the best interests of the school and in accordance with our duties to ensure proper accountability for and control over the use of public funds.

“we have sought to comply with all requests received from the authority.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “Local education authorities have powers of intervention when schools cause concern.

“In relation to Glemsford Primary School, we are currently following the appropriate legal processes to put in place an Interim Executive Board which will take on all of the responsibilities of the School governors.

“the governing body has been issued with the appropriate warning notice.

“we are currently in the middle of an internal and police investigation involving the school and as such, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage.”


Stephen Hill: How Big A Need Is Wide Receiver For The Steelers?

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With the news that Jerricho Cotchery is in St Louis visiting the Rams, Mike Tomlin’s noteworthy comment on Emmanuel Sanders’ health and Mike Wallace’s continued lack of a long-term contract, the Pittsburgh Steelers could value the wide receiver position in this draft more than many anticipate.

The most likely receiver to be available for the Steelers to draft is Stephen Hill out of Georgia Tech, but he is also the best fit.

Hill isn’t rated the top prospect at the position as Kendall Wright of Baylor, Michael Floyd of Notre Dame and Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State University are all certainly above him in most observers’ eyes. However, he does potentially have the highest potential of the group as part of a Todd Haley offense.

In Arizona, Haley ran the offense which saw Larry Fitzgerald develop into arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. Fitzgerald and Hill have some similar qualities as both are big receivers who love to attack the ball down the field.

Hill is the latest in the line of Georgia Tech receivers who are physical freaks but are not polished route runners. the original, Calvin Johnson, dominated the league last year on his way to 96 receptions for 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns. Hill’s predecessor, DeMaryius Thomas, is a name haunting the Steelers after he almost single handedly knocked the franchise out of the playoffs last year.

As the latest in that line of receivers, Hill shares similar measurables. While he is not Johnson, 6-5 and over 230 pounds, he is one inch taller than Thomas at 6-4. He is lighter than both players as he only weighs 215 pounds but he has plenty of room to add weight.

Pivotally, Hill will only turn 21 this month. For two reasons that is important for the Steelers. Firstly, as I just mentioned, he can add weight to bulk up and share a similar frame to Johnson and Fitzgerald. However what is most crucial, is that Hill would have plenty of time to develop.

Realistically, the Steelers will only draft Hill if they expect Wallace to move on after this season, something that remains a possibility. In that scenario, Hill would enter this season as the fourth or fifth option while concentrating mostly on developing his route tree and adjusting to the professional game.

Whether the Steelers re-sign Cotchery or bring in another receiver as depth is irrelevant because Hill will be drafted as a future starter if that is indeed the case.

Drafting Hill would say a lot about the prospects of Sanders overcoming his health issues. with a fully healthy Sanders, the team won’t have any receiver needs moving forward. Sanders is a potential starter along with Antonio Brown, finding complements to them wouldn’t be any major issue.

Hill wouldn’t really be the right choice for the short-term, but bringing him in as a long-term development player, which the Steelers are not adverse to doing, will give those watching on outside the organization a significant hint in regards to the futures of Wallace, Sanders and Cotchery.

It may be an unlikely scenario right now, but it is possible that the Steelers could only have one fully healthy and proven receiver on the roster to rely on next year. Calling Brown proven is a bit of a stretch also considering he has only been in the league for two years.

The Steelers need to explore every avenue in this draft because of the position they sit in. Wide receiver certainly could be the route they end up taking.

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Contractor for El Paso-based company charged for shut down computer on network

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A federal grand jury in El Paso has charged a 37-year-old man shut down computer on network of a California-based employment training center.

Joseph Paul Taylor has been charged with two of computer fraud and one count of making a false statement to federal authorities, federal prosecutors said today. Taylor waived his arraignment on Tuesday and has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors allege that in December 2009, Taylor was performing subcontractor work for SONISA, an El Paso-based company implementing a new telephone and data system for the Center for Employment Training, an educational institution based in San Jose, Calif.

Because of a payment dispute, Taylor allegedly accessed the center’s data system without authorization and changed access codes. As a result, the center’s network was shut down.

Taylor is also accused of transmitting a computer program or code on April 28, 2010, that allowed him to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, causing more than $5,000 in damages. When FBI agents questioned Taylor about the alleged intrusion, Taylor falsely told agents he didn’t know the password used to commit the intrusion, prosecutors allege. however, the password was discovered during an examination of Taylor’s computer in may 2011.

If convicted of all charges, Taylor faces a total 20-year prison sentence. A trial date has not yet been set.

Open Data Center Alliance Releases Security-Focused Cloud Computing Usage Models

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The Open Data Center Alliance has established five new usage models focused on security and infrastructure requirements, and an overview document on identity management in the cloud.

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — the Open Data Center Alliance announced on Wednesday it has established five new usage models focused on security and infrastructure requirements, and an overview document on identity management in the cloud.

These user-driven requirements are based on the most pressing cloud computing challenges faced by Alliance member organizations. First announced in 2011, the new usage models build on the Alliance’s vision to define IT requirements for open, interoperable cloud computing solutions.

The Alliance is working to better manage security and infrastructure across cloud computing while identifying the specific innovations and standards required for widespread adoption of cloud services.

The adoption of these innovations cloud reduce annual IT costs by $25 billion within five years, as well as more than $50 billion in cloud services investment.

Members are currently working on proof of concept testing of solutions based on Alliance requirements this year with many of these POCs and results featured at ODCA Forecast 2012.

“the Open Data Center Alliance was formed to help our members deploy cloud with the most innovative technologies addressing the most urgent requirements for enterprise IT,” said Curt Aubley, VP and CTO Global NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology at Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services and president of Open Data Center Alliance. “these five usage models, underscoring the significance of security and infrastructure capabilities in the cloud, help us blaze a path toward widespread cloud adoption based on open, industry standard solutions.”

Four of the usage models and an overview document specifically address security, which appears to be the top concern for cloud adoption.

The security usage models will drive interoperability between identity management and access management systems that will allow users to use resources in the cloud as if they were located within the organization.

The fifth usage model focuses on long distance virtual machine migration which provides information about enterprises’ expectations for availability, scalability and extendability of their data via seamless data migration.

The Alliance also announced the first sponsors of Open Data Center Alliance Forecast 2012, an event designed for IT leaders to harness the latest developments on solution delivery for the expected 2012 ramp in cloud solution deployments.

Held on June 12 in conjunction with the 10th International Cloud Expo in new York City, ODCA Forecast 2012 will showcase how ODCA usage model adoption can accelerate ROI for businesses deploying cloud solutions and services. Aubley will also be a keynote speaker at ODCA Forecast 2012.

Cloud services provider NTT DATA recently joined the Open Data Center Alliance’s steering committee.

Talk Back: do you agree that these new usage models will help increase cloud adoption and boost cloud services revenues? how are you working to increase cloud adoption among your own customer base? Let us know in the comments.

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$HPQ News: The Dell dilemma

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FORTUNE — is Dell finally turning a corner? Five years after Michael Dell returned to lead the PC maker he founded and transformed into a colossus, Dell may actually be ready for a second act. But the next several months will be crucial in determining how strong any recovery will be.

Between 1995 and early 2000, Dell’s (DELL) stock enjoyed one of the biggest rallies — even for the tech sector — rising nearly 900% to $59 a share. the dot-com crash brought it back down to $16 share by the end of 2000, but the strength of its brand in the PC market helped Dell rebound to $42 over the next four years as Dell’s reputation for efficient manufacturing and assembling customized PCs made it the market leader.

But in 2005, following the departure of Michael Dell as CEO, Dell’s stock began to decline again, pushing the price back down below $20 a share in early 2006. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Chinese manufacturers such as Acer began competing harder in laptops. Michael Dell returned as CEO in 2007, vowing to revive the company.

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But as HP is learning, turning a tech giant around is a grueling process that can take years. in February 2009, the great Recession brought Dell’s stock down to $8 a share. After that, it rebounded to and hovered around the $15 mark for a few years. Meanwhile, netbooks and then the iPad and other tablets became hot items, slowing growth rates for PCs and laptops. the company

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Compassion, Pol Pot, And Charles Manson

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Man’s nature, the product of millions of years of evolution, defines us. It is neither good nor bad but a combination of both.

But man has the capacity to subdue and bridle his pugnacious, destructive side so that his creative and better one will be the dominant force in his life.

Compassion, Zen enjoins, will be critical in this task. Recognizing and accepting that there is a Hitler, Pol Pot or Charles Manson lurking in all of us, just waiting to be unleashed with the right combination of circumstances is the beginning of compassion. then we can really relate and connect with the sufferings of their victims.


True enlightenment is possible only when we muster the will to raise our level of consciousness to transcend the tyranny and destructive power of dualistic thought. We can define this mindset as people’s tendency to view things (persons, race, religion, culture, nature, etc.) in a compartmentalized, confrontational, and separatist way; a mentality that has wrought so much havoc in human affairs and our planet.

It’s imperative that we tame and sublimate our destructive side by making a determined effort to free ourselves from our dualistic prisons so that our thoughts and action can be in unison. Instead of always warring and producing inner tensions that translate into unhealthy minds and unhealthy bodies.

We don’t have to live in the relative seclusion of a Buddhist monastery or retreat deep in the mountains to meditate to realize that harmony and balance is better than discord and instability.


Harmony doesn’t mean blind agreement or compromise with life but ENGAGEMENT WITH LIFE, whether it’s pleasure or suffering.

The central fact of life as it IS, is what Zen seeks, without any embroidery or external (supernatural) agency for guidance or help.

In the words of American Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel:

.taking life as it comes, not knowing what will happen next, we can be fully present each moment to experience whatever it is. if it is suffering, we suffer; if it is pleasure, we have pleasure.

Can man, now intellectually in the space age learn how to control his brutal impulses before it destroys him? Or will he be, emotionally, just an undisciplined trousered ape playing with modern toys that can maim and kill?

Francis Collin, former Head of the successful multi-billion dollar Human Genome Project aimed at deciphering human nature and genetic disorders, said that in spite of the wonderful medical advances that made it possible for longer life spans, people will still find ways to disagree with each other and kill one another out of self-righteousness and desire to be on top.

He said, We may understand a lot about biology. about how to prevent illness. but I don’t think we’ll ever figure out how to stop humans from doing bad things to each other.

Yahoo is laying off 2,000, but not here

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Yahoo announced Wednesday that it is laying off 2,000 employees, or about 14 percent of its workforce.

But the grim news contains a bit of a silver lining for the Yahoo facility in the Town of Lockport.

State Sen. George D. Maziarz and David R. Kinyon, Town of Lockport economic development director, received phone calls from David Dibble, Yahoo executive vice president, informing them that Yahoo intends to add jobs at the Lockport data center.

Maziarz said Lockport is one of only two Yahoo locations in the country that will be adding jobs, though he said he wasn’t told the number. Yahoo employs 75 people in Lockport now.

Maziarz, R-Newfane, said he didn’t know if the additions to the Lockport workforce will be hires or transfers from other Yahoo locations. “I don’t think they’ve decided that yet,” he said.

“I think it’s great news. they [are] just elated with the quality of the workforce,” Town of Lockport Supervisor Marc R. Smith said.

The $180 million complex includes an administration center and five 33,000-square-foot data pods with about 50,000 computers. It serves as Yahoo’s East Coast data center.

The Buffalo News reported Feb. 21 that Yahoo was negotiating to buy 14 acres of additional land in the town industrial park that are adjacent to the 30 acres the company bought from the town in 2009.

“I think [closing the deal] may be 60 days away,” Smith said. the company paid $15,000 an acre in 2009; Smith said the contract for the new sale is still being negotiated.

In 2009, the town Industrial Development Agency granted Yahoo an 18-year property tax exemption, which included a complete exemption from property taxes for the first 10 years.

Yahoo also received 15 megawatts of reduced-price electricity from the new York Power Authority, enough to power 15,000 average-sized homes. One additional megawatt for the since-completed second phase of the project was approved in 2011.

The value of the tax breaks and utility savings topped $250 million, making Yahoo the most heavily subsidized business in the region’s history.

Dibble, the Yahoo vice president, has a connection to Western new York. his family hails from Ellery Center in Chautauqua County.

Yahoo estimated it will save about $375 million annually after the layoffs are completed later this year. the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company will absorb a pretax charge of $125 million to $145 million to account for severance payments. the charge will reduce Yahoo’s earnings in the current quarter.

Workers losing their jobs were being notified Wednesday. some of the affected employees will stay on for an unspecified period of time to finish various projects, according to Yahoo. the company employed 14,100 before the layoffs.

The housecleaning marks Yahoo’s sixth mass layoff in the past four years under three different CEOs. this one, under CEO Scott Thompson, will inflict the deepest cuts yet, eclipsing a cost-cutting spree that laid off 1,500 workers in late 2008 as Yahoo tried to cope with the recession.

The previous purges under Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and his successor, Carol Bartz, boosted earnings. but trimming the payroll didn’t reverse a revenue slump, which has disillusioned investors seeking growth at a time when more advertising is flowing to the Internet.

The cuts are part of an overhaul aimed at focusing on what Thompson believes are Yahoo’s strengths while also trying to address its weaknesses in the increasingly important mobile computing market.

Thompson is betting Yahoo will be able to sell more advertising if it’s more astute in the analysis of the personal information that it collects from the roughly 700 million people who visit its website each month.

He is also looking for ways to improve the products the company makes for smartphones and tablet computers, a goal that may require hiring more specialists in mobile technology.

Yahoo also has been exploring selling a service, called right Media, that helps place ads around the Web. if a deal is reached, that would enable Yahoo to shed even more workers. no further details on the right Media discussions were provided Wednesday.

Thompson is making his move three months after Yahoo lured him away from a job running eBay Inc.’s online payment service, PayPal.

Tolworth computer repair company fined for breaking laptop (From Kingston Guardian)

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Tolworth computer repair company fined for breaking laptop

11:00am Saturday 10th March 2012 in News by Tom Barnes

a computer repair company was forced to pay nearly £1,500 in costs and damages for breaking a laptop they had been paid to fix.

Kingston County Court ruled in favour of Alan George after he claimed PC Rescue twice failed to repair his £1,400 Sony Vaio laptop.

In his submission to the court, Mr George claimed the Tolworth Broadway outlet refused to take responsibility for the state of the computer despite failing to fix the virus, crashing the Wi-Fi function and breaking the touchpad.

In a written statement submitted to the court, PC Rescue said Mr George’s accusations were based on “understanding and memories” and “not on fact”.

The court document, submitted by owner Saif Shariefi, also claimed “greed was the only motivation” for the court case.

But the court disagreed and ordered the company to pay £895 in damages, and awarded a further £595 in costs and fees at a hearing held at the end of January.

Mr George, 62, from Kingston, said he travelled extensively for work and needed his laptop.

He said: “After three bodged attempts to fix it they left the machine entirely unusable; a Sony laptop that I had bought new for £1,399 in February 2009 was now good only for the rubbish bin.

“What is worse is that when something goes wrong they blame the customer and then accuse them of greed.”

PC Rescue, which has branches across London, including in Kingston, paid Mr George the cash in damages ordered by the court but denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Shariefi said: “Mr George’s claims do not provide an accurate, nor fair representation of our work.

“There are thousands of satisfied customers whose thank you letters we receive each year which has allowed us to serve more than 12,000 returning customers and what our 12 year reputation has been built upon.”

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Project Glass from Google – A New Step in Tech Revolution

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A group from Google[x] has started a project for bringing up Project Glass which will be the new technology innovation and revolution, well many concepts are already been made, many more company are trying to bring something like these gadgets but now when Google is upto something so you can already wonder if what possibilities are to be explored. So below are images we got from the official Google+ Page you can check those too.


So Google’s Project Glass is something which will make your interaction with all world so unique that talking to them and responding to their questions will be just a fun. Now with these glasses you can text your friend by just watching a visual of what is being typed as you are dictating, live weather streaming by just looking at those clouds or outer environment and getting all the live traffic feeds and updated on the g by just wearing these awesome trendy glasses.

So it will be a huge fun for anyone adapting this new and innovative way of living and interacting with people your friends and family members. Well GoogleX team has also created an amazing video demonstrating these new glasses right now as a concept check that below.

Genesee Community College Announces March Employee and Student of the Month

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BATAVIA, NY (04/03/2012)(readMedia)– Genesee Community College is pleased to announce Ken Mead has been named March Employee of the Month. Ken is a highly regarded member of the Mathematics and Computer Information Systems faculty, valued for his generous support of various technical projects, and his passion for making sure those projects are user friendly.

A Long Island native, Ken earned both his degrees from the University at Buffalo: a bachelor’s in Mathematics and his Master’s in Mathematics Education. he also taught math as a graduate student at SUNY Buffalo and spent a year teaching high school in Byron Bergen, before joining the faculty at GCC.

Ken helps design the electronic voting system for the SUNY Chancellor’s Awards, serves as the membership webmaster for the Genesee Educational Association, and sets-up the online registration process for the annual Mini Summit. “GCC has great people to work with, great students, and a positive, vibrant and creative atmosphere,” which Ken says make his work so gratifying.

In addition to his GCC responsibilities, Ken also serves as the webmaster for the New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges (NYSMATYC), and works as a Server Specialist with Datatel+SGHE, Genesee Community College’s long-time technology support provider.

Batavia, NY- Genesee Community College is pleased to announce Devon Kleinbach has been named March Student of the Month. the Batavia, NY resident leads by example, through her exemplary work as an SGA Senator and President of the campus Phi Theta Kappa chapter.

“GCC has been in my life for a very long time. I knew about all the different programs and opportunities and after hearing great feedback about the Education program, I decided to pursue a Liberal Arts and Science degree in the Teacher Education Transfer program.” After graduation from GCC, Devon plans to attend SUNY Geneseo as a chemistry major, and earn her teacher education certificate. “My dream job? Taste tester at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! but realistically, I hope to become a Chemistry teacher.”

Devon has been an outstanding scholar and athlete at GCC, earning a place on both the President’s List, which requires full-time students maintain a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) and the Dean’s List, which requires a quality point index of 3.50 to 3.74. she also earned the Nicholas J. Goergen Teacher Education Scholarship and was named to the 2011 Academic All Region team for Women’s Lacrosse.

Devon’s proud family includes dad David Kleinbach, stepmom Desire Kleinbach, mother Anne Kleinbach and stepdad Rich Stefaniak. she also has 7 siblings: sisters Ashley, Taylor, and Ryann and brothers Ronald, Steven, Tyler and Parker.

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