OK, wise computer people, before I drag my butt to Best Buy for tech support…

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maybe one of you knows what is happening. bought a Toshiba 755 about three months ago. Got a little freaked out the first time the screen went blank but it was because if you move the laptop, there’s something built in to protect the hard drive. a little message appeared when this happened. as soon as you are still again, the screen comes back. A couple of times, maybe twice or so, the computer shut itself off completely. I also noticed I would shut the computer down, leave it, return and the computer would turn on as soon as I opened it without pressing anything to turn it on. I wondered if maybe I had not shut down properly? Tuesday, after leaving the computer off all night, I got to work and the computer would not stay on. Pressed the power button, it would attempt to start and then pop off. tried a few times and it kept shutting off. it was plugged in the entire time. I started it in safe mode and the computer checked some files and found nothing wrong. After another couple of tries, it stayed on and everything worked fine. around 6:30 pm it shut itself off and would not come back. I use a cooling fan all the time so i don’t think it was overheated. I gave up with work and came home. Repeat yesterday morning. I used my phone to record what happened and saw it shut off and turn itself back on and then shut off. What I noticed yesterday was the battery light in the front was red. however, it was plugged into the power source. I was able to get it to stay on and do a backup and virus scan. Called best Buy and I can take it in but I know that will be a boatload of time. last night I left it plugged in all night and this morning the battery light is white. Bum battery? Bum charger? How will they check this if the computer is working fine now? I called Toshiba and they want to do a system restore. Do I have a lemon? any thoughts?

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