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While there are many brands of computers, there are only two major operating systems for average users -Windows and Mac OS. Linux is also out there, but that is usually only chosen by people with advanced computer skills or businesses. when you have to buy your next computer you will be well served to look closely at what both Mac and Windows can offer you and we are going to be checking out some of the respective advantages offered by both in this article.

If you spend a lot of your computer time playing games, then Windows is probably the best choice for you. If you have a Mac, there are some games, but Windows has a much larger selection. the truth is that a Mac computer today can be run like a PC, when you use a program called Bootcamp on your MAC. For anyone who takes their games seriously, this would be a lot of trouble to go through. it takes a lot of power and speed to run some of Windows demanding games, and even though Bootcamp is useful, it probably won’t work that well for these games. There are computers, that can be quite expensive, made especially for gaming, and they can make your gaming experience the best. But when it comes to Mac vs. Windows, the latter is definitely the better choice for gamers. when you go out and purchase a Mac computer, it will come with software programs already installed that are useful and a wide variety. iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie and iWeb are all part of iLife, which comes with your Mac computer. having the ability to edit your videos, photos and audio files, along with being able to organize and share them, is what you get with these programs. If you are looking for a computer that comes with good software, you won’t find it in Windows. You might thing you are getting a lot of software on that PC you just purchased, but by looking over the fine print, most of these are free trials, which you will later have to pay for. You might be surprised after a couple of months, to be told you have to upgrade a program to keep using it. lower priced PCs are famous for doing this. this could make the price comparison not seem quite as good for the PC when compared to a Mac.

Macs have a distinct and irrefutable set of advantages to owning them and one of those is the level of support the company offers. when you purchase a Windows based PC, there are different levels of support depending on which store sold it to you and what brand you bought. Yet if you do a little research, you’ll find that many brands of PC have poor or at best mediocre customer service. If you want better support, you are going to have to pay for it.

Macs, on the other hand, have a much better reputation for technical support. not only can you call up for support, but there are many repair centers where you can bring in your computer rather than having to ship it for service.

You now know what a Mac and Windows operating systems have that are different. A Mac or a reasonably good PC will serve your needs for most tasks you will do each day, such as watching videos, chatting, running typical programs, and whatever else. However, there are still differences between the two and you should compare their design, features and price and decide which is more suitable for you.

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