PC Oscilloscopes: I Can Really Build My Own?

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PC Based Oscilloscopes are a great way to display your electronic measurements on to your computer screen. They offer all of the same functions that a traditional bench top Oscilloscope offers, except that they allow you to display your waveforms and readings on a computer instead of a CRT. now what would you think if I told you that not only are these new Technological wonders very affordable, but now you can build one of these PC Oscilloscopes yourself. Many of us think of Electronic Kit building as a thing of the past, and certainly the thought of building something like an Oscilloscope just doesn’t seem possible these days.

Well think again, because now there are PC Oscilloscope kits available that offer the same great functions as manufactured PC Oscilloscopes. Features like Step markers for voltage, time and frequency, digital displays, data storage, portability and more. They make a great additional to any Electronic Technicians or Engineers tool box, and there is nothing that gives you more pleasure than knowing that you have created something with your own hands.

Building these PC Oscilloscope kits is actually quite easy and these kits don’t require you to be an expert to build. If you have a basic knowledge of Electronics, soldering and the ability to identify Electronic components, you can build one of these kits. Step by step instructions are included taking you through every step of the building process. You will also find all of the necessary components and other parts required to build the kit. the only thing you will need to supply is your time.

If building a PC Oscilloscope is something that you are considering then you should make sure that you have these basic tools on hand before you start your project: a 25 watt Soldering Iron, a Solder Sucker, Needle Nose Pliers, Solder, a Work Light with magnifier and Cutters. a nice set of Precision Screwdrivers would be helpful as well.

Make sure you have a work space that allows you ample space to lay your parts our and give you enough room to work on your kit. having adequate lighting to work on your project is a must especially when working with small parts. Take into consideration where you decide to work on your project as well. a kit of this size is something that you will most likely not finish in one evening. so make sure your work area will be safe and out of the way from high traffic areas.

PC Oscilloscope Kits are a great way for anyone to learn about Electronics. They not only provide hours of enjoyment , but offer great hands on learning about electricity, Ohms Law, resistors, capacitors, current, voltage, sensors, IC’s and more. Best of all they give you the confidence and satisfaction of knowing you created something yourself.

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