PC shipments sluggish in Q2 despite ultrabook push

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Market research firms Gartner and IDC released separate reports yesterday suggesting PC shipments slowed down during the second quarter of the year, as shifting technology trends and a shaky economy dampened demand. The firms estimate worldwide PC shipments fell 0.1% from the same period last year, while the decline in the U.S. was decidedly steeper ranging from 6% to 11%.

Hewlett Packard and Dell suffered the biggest drops during the three months spanning from April through June. Gartner’s figures show the former sold 13 million PCs during this time frame, down by 1.8 million units or 12.1% compared to Q2 2011, while Dell was down 11.5% shipping 9.3 million units versus last year’s 10.6 million. IDC’s estimates are rather similar with a 12.3% drop for HP and 11.9% for Dell.

Gartner: Preliminary worldwide PC vendor unit shipment estimates fo 2Q12

Company 2Q12 shipped 2Q12 market share 2Q11 shipped 2Q11 market share Growth HP 13,036,548 14.1% 14,838,734 16.9% -12.1% Lenovo 12,820,301 14.7% 11,160,303 12.7% 14.9% Acer 9,646,383 11.0% 9,315,341 10.6% 3.6% Dell 9,349,212 10.7% 10,570,007 12.1% -11.5% Asus 6,120,957 7.0% 4,416,125 5.0% 38.6% Others 36,495,872 41.7% 37,256,607 42.6% -2.0% Total 87,469,273 100% 87,557,116 100% -0.1%

IDC: top 5 vendors, worldwide PC shipments, second quarter 2012 (preliminary)

Company 2Q12 shipped 2Q12 market share 2Q11 shipped 2Q11 market share Growth HP 13,422,000 15.5% 15,298,000 17.6% -12.3% Lenovo 12,885,000 14.9% 10,290,000 11.9% 25.2% Acer 9,637,000 11.1% 10,934,000 12.6% -11.9% Dell 9,020,000 10.4% 8,980,000 10.3% 0.5% Asus 6,121,000 7.1% 4,379,000 5.0% 39.8% Others 35,645,000 41.1% 36,944,000 42.5% -.35% Total 86,731,000 100% 86,826,000 100% -0.1%

both Lenovo and Asus showed extremely healthy growth during the quarter. The Chinese computer maker is rapidly approaching HP's number-one spot with around 12.8 million units shipped, a 15-25% growth over the year ago quarter depending on who you ask. Asus on the other hand held on to the fifth spot with 6.1 million units shipped, representing a year-on-year growth of nearly 40%.

when it comes to ultrabooks, the super thin and light laptops that Intel has spent a good chunk of change promoting, the two firms agree that there hasn’t been a significant rise in sales, partly due to pricing and people holding off their purchases until the next version of Windows launches later this year.

also of note, Apple maintained its number three spot for PC shipments in the U.S. with ~12% of the market. Gartner reported a 4.3% increase in shipments to 1.9 million units while IDC estimates it actually dipped 1.1%. Although their data naturally doesn’t include iPad shipments, they did note that the tablet along with popular smartphones in the market are partly responsible for the slowdown in PC sales.

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