Phenomenon of Indie Movies

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Indie movies are gaining popularity especially in the 21st century for various reasons. The Internet perhaps is the biggest contributors to making indie movies popular as it is uploaded and made available to the public for viewing and some can be downloaded at zero cost. The movie downloads culture is a big factor in contributing to this particular industry as the public these days like to watch movies at their own comfort zone by downloading movies into their PC. there are a lot of websites that are dedicated in serving this purpose for indie movies where movie downloads sites give the public an opportunity in viewing a different genre of independent films.

The different themes that are explored in indie movies are another reason of its popularity. As indie movies are independent films, it gives the director or writer the freedom of exploring a lot themes that are often not produce into a big budget movie as it is viewed not profitable for the big studios. however, this does not mean that independent films are not popular; Quentin Tarratino’s Reservoir Dogs (1992) gained a cult hit and became a classic for independent films when it was showed in the Sundance Film Festival and recently, other indie movies which gained a lot of popularity and good critics, Juno, where it explores the theme on teenage pregnancy and Requiem for a Dream explores on drug abuses and addiction.

However, not all indie movies have themes related to social issues as mentioned above but it can be the common genres such as thriller or horror like The Blair Witch Project, which also gained huge popularity due to its documentary format although it is a fiction movie.

Basically anyone who owns handy camcorders or any gadgets that can record film or video, such as a Nokia N95 mobile can be an indie director. This is helped by the fact that the equipments are now affordable to the consumer and film-editing software like Final Cut Pro or iMovie, making film editing easy to use. big corporations like Nokia and BMW also helped in making the indie movies industry popular by organizing short film competitions to the general public and in some, the public have the option to download movies.

Hence, it is no doubt that indie movies are set to create a new wave of meaning to the film industry with its own phenomenon and unique aspects.

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