Preserving Your Laptop’s Battery Part 1

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Are you annoyed with the somewhat short lifespan of your laptop’s battery? here are some tips that you can consider in preserving the battery life of your gadget:

Power Saver – There is an option in the lower right side of the Taskbar, the power options. in there, you have the choice to select “Power Saver” option so that your laptop will preserve its battery life while slowing its performance minutely. this is highly advisable if you need your laptop for quite a long time and not doing something costly to your laptop’s resources.

Reduce Brightness – When using your laptop, reduce the brightness. The brightness of the laptop is not only costly in power but also is stressful to the eyes of the user. Reduce your brightness but not to the extent that it is too dark because that will force your eyes. Be sure to maintain brightness at a reasonable level.

Cool Your Laptop – if you have a cooling pad, use it. it is quite helpful in preserving battery life of your notebook. if you don’t have one, it’s either you purchase one or just raise the level of your laptop’s rear side a little to cool off the air vents. Another option would be using an electric fan (if you are at home) to help cool the laptop.

Don’t Overcharge – Overcharging is something that a lot of people are guilty of. it is advisable that you do not charge your laptop more than 8 hours per time. moreover, when the battery indicator on your taskbar indicates that the laptop’s battery is full, remove the charger. That way, you save up on energy consumption as well as on your battery’s life.

These are just a few of the many ways you can preserve your laptop’s battery. Hopefully, it will no longer be a hassle to preserve your notebook’s battery.

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