Proven Ways to Protect Your Mac From Catching a Virus

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When it comes to internet security for Macintosh (Mac) computers, the subject is an increasingly controversial one. Some believe in the necessity for protection and some don’t. Some feel that the Mac OS X operating system is the most secure operating system on the planet. while others feel OS X is ripe with exploits that have not been taken advantage of as of yet. wherever you stand on the matter, the fact is there is a new more prevalent security threat to Mac in the wild with MacDefender.

If you are a Mac user and you have not heard about this security threat, then you may want to pay close attention to this article.

MacDefender has place a hole in the impenetrable reputation of the Apple OS X operating system by popping up on Mac users as an authentic looking security alert. This notice attempts to convince the user that their Mac has a virus infection in need of cleaning for a small fee.

Although this type of fake anti virus alert is nothing new to PC users, I am finding that many Mac users have no knowledge of the imminent threat. in fact, I have even been met with disbelief in speaking with several customers about the issue.

Inevitably, whether you are a believer or not here are some steps you can take to error on the side of caution in the interest of protecting not only your Mac, but your identity as well.

Install McAfee SiteAdviser for Mac

This free tool acts as a critical first point of contact between your internet browser and a potentially unsafe website. Once installed, you receive color coded notifications in your search results as well as on your browser. Green is Safe, Yellow is caution and Red is Hazardous. the process is straight forward, log on to the website click on the Download button install the program and you pay attention to the McAfee specific alerts.

Internet Security for Mac

Whether you have a brand or even color preference (my wife likes the yellow one), in my opinion it is irrelevant. the main idea is for you to get some kind of internet security for your Mac. Without it, you are taking your own chances. We really like a few vendors and often recommend them to our customers. but for this discussion, we recommend that you take protection as a priority for your Mac. Regardless of name, brand and yes color.

If my tone seems a little intense, that is because there is a sense of urgency on the matter. your personal information and identity may be at risk. not to mention your finances and recovering stolen items or trust. be vigilant about protecting yourself using the SiteAdvisor, and a reputable internet security suite.

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