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ASUS U36SG-AS71 13.3-Inch Laptop PC Review If you are reading this much until mid-2012 year-ish I can guarantee that this will be the best value. many other similar thin and Sexy stylish laptops price have its disadvantage that will take you on a laptop like this. These disadvantages can be things like a small hard drive or a i3 Intel HD graphics card a really useful. Asus u36-as71 comes with i7 processor packd [unless a quadcore or later chip set but a sandybridge] an nVidia Geforce Graphics card with 610 m Optimus technology [aka the switch from nVidia that Intel HD graphics card in your computer t it n requires.Laptop PC Review and a decent sized hard drive. A thin and light design it is always a good idea to use as a lap-top. But this heat t it n qualify for a lap top in viewers. I’ll explain a hot scenario now. Laptop PC The left half of the notebook is usually cool because portable fan takes care of the temperature on that side. On the right is half of the laptop however always hot. we can hear the terrible noise from this page and when it is heated (say after 20-30 minutes the first use of laptop) heat sure half will continue as there is no fan to expel the heat generated. 13.3-Inch Laptop PC Some hardware can be found here on the heating base. To be more specific is where is the serial number of windows. If you listen to this area you can hear a faint sound. Notebooks Review in General the right half of the laptop is too hot … U36SG-AS71 Laptop PC for the most part it becomes a bad laptop. I ordered this laptop for my wife’s birthday when was gold box deal. ASUS Laptop PC Another reviewer said that it was not an i7 as product description t said. The laptop arrived today and it’s a quad-core i7. Quality seems to be excellent and the screen is the thinnest I’ve seen yet. The entire laptop is fine. we are very satisfied so far.

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