Salt Lake computer repair business suffers barrage of burglaries

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SALT LAKE CITY — Jack Kiefer started his computer repair business five years ago and has repaired more broken glass than he ever expected.

“It’s just break-in after break-in,” Kiefer said. “It gets to a point where you just don’t know what to do.”

Some businesses are bound to attract burglars more than others. Computers, cell phones and other electronics are always hot items. but, Kiefer has had it. He’s endured seven costly break-ins, over the last five years. in that time, he estimates burglars have taken him for more than $30,000 in stolen computers and repairs.

Computer Bytes has two locations: one on 3300 South in South Salt Lake and the other in Taylorsville on 5400 South. Kiefer is pretty sure that the same thieves who busted his front window with an SUV several days ago in South Salt Lake also stole from his Taylorsville store. Fortunately, he has good surveillance video.

“When I first saw them on the camera breaking in, it actually scared me,” he said.

He got angry, even depressed. “You have to deal with customers that lost their data, lost their computers,” he said. “So it does get depressing.”

Three years ago, KSL covered a smash-and-grab burglary at his Taylorsville store. it hasn’t stopped — the last month has been very costly.

In surveillance video from June 21, you can clearly see a slender, bald man staring intently into the store window at the Taylorsville location around 1 a.m.

“He’s actually looking at the computers, where we have them when they’re done,” Kiefer said.

An hour later, a man comes back in a hoodie to smash the window, a man who looks to have the “same height, same build, same tennis shoes, same jeans” as the man in the earlier video, according to Kiefer.

A few days ago, burglars came by and tried to break into the window on a door. That wasn’t successful. They came back early Tuesday morning and used an SUV to ram a hole into a window.

“It looks like they own the place,” he said. “They just come in and they own the place and they take their time and go through everything.”

The first couple of burglaries they were in a hurry. Now they take their time.

“I think they were growing in confidence and very dangerous,” he said.

Police have some good leads, thanks to the surveillance video, and a Unified Police detective is working the case. Kiefer is optimistic they can put an end to the barrage of break-ins.

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