Secrets To Using The Internet On Notebook/Laptop Computers

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Want to know how to use internet with a notebook computer? First check whether your notebook is enabled with wireless internet card. if your note book is embedded with wireless internet capabilities, then follow the steps. if the OS you use is Windows (maybe XP, Vista or 7) click start and go to control panel and click network settings, then your PC will give a list of network cards built in your PC. Check whether they are enabled or disabled. if disabled then enable the network cards and reboot OS to enable the hardware to work. This is the first step in how to use wireless internet on your notebook computer.

The second step in using wireless internet on your notebook computer is as follows: if they are enabled then install wireless network adapters such as D-Link, Belkin and Netgear etc. USB adapters instantly add the wireless networking capabilities to laptop computers. Just plug in the USB adapter, or the PCMCIA slot, to your notebook, many providers make the devices enabled with auto run ability so that the installation of network adapters would be easy to the user on the go. Using a USB adapter is typically easier to install than opening up the laptop casing and installing a wireless card. it would be a very easy to install the drivers of the hardware (i.e., the network card). This is the second step about how to use internet in your note book computer.

The third step in the topic of how to use internet on notebook computers is as follows: after installing the drivers of the hardware. As per the requirement of the provider of the adapter reboot the OS. But it is recommended to reboot whether the provider suggests this not. then activate the wireless capabilities in your laptop and go to start and click control panel and navigate through the network control panel. Click on the wireless tab, and then click connect. Save the settings of the network settings so as to get started even you reboot your system. by saving the network settings your laptop establishes an internet connection with the whole process explained above. This is the third step about how to use internet on a note book computer.

The fourth step about how to achieve internet access on a wireless notebook computer is as follows: one must secure the network. In doing this the control panel of the router must be accessed and a security key must be entered. Depending on the router, and the type of security used, any device accessing the network will need to use the key to gain access. certain security protocols such as WEP use the key that you enter and generate 4 other keys that can be used to gain access, other security protocols such as WPA simply use the key that the user generated to access the network. Regardless of which way is used, the main point is to secure the network. different providers will have different operations to perform to get connected with internet. Some provide software which will install automatically when you connect the hardware to your note book and have the capability to show how long you are online, how many bytes has been exchanged etc.

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