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Q: after hearing about the reporter who had his entire laptop wiped by hackers, I’m wondering about the best way to backup all my photos to the Internet. what Internet photo storing sites do you recommend? – Greg

A: For those that haven’t heard the gut wrenching details of tech journalist Mat Honan’s epic hacking incident ( ), it’s a cautionary tale well worth reading about so you can avoid the basic missteps that he made.

One of the many actions taken by the hacker was to use the remote wipe feature of the ‘Find my MacBook’ utility, which resulted in Mat losing all of the precious photographic memories of his new daughter and family members.

As is common in these cases, Mat hadn’t got around to backing up what was on his laptop, which is causing lots of folks to think about all the precious images they have accumulated that only exist in one place.

Photo storage/sharing sites abound on the Internet, but since they all differ in one way or another, it’s important that you research those differences before you commit to any of them. making a change to another site after you have uploaded a year’s worth of photos is something you want to avoid!

Most of us have a Facebook account and upload pictures to our profiles, but that is far from a comprehensive backup of your photos. Facebook also compresses your uploaded images to save space, so you can’t ever download them in their original resolution should you need to.

Straight forward backup sites such as Carbonite ( ) and Mozy ( ) are a great way to automatically push exact copies up to the cloud, but if you want to share or make use of your photos via the storage site, you may want to consider additional options (remember, there is no such thing as too many backups).

For most casual photographers, Google’s Picasa software ( )combined with their Picasa Web Album online service is a great solution for cataloging, editing and backing up your photos.

When you install Picasa, it automatically starts to scan and catalogue (by date) all the photos it can find in common picture locations (you can manually tell it to search other folders if you have them stored elsewhere).

Once they have been catalogued, you can use the built-in backup utility to burn DVDs or to back up to an external hard drive or upload them to your Picasa Web Album or Google+ accounts.

You have the option to upload them in ‘Best for sharing’, which compresses the photos or original size which will take longer to upload but creates a true backup of the original photo.

You get 1 GB of free Picasa storage or for $2.49 per month, you can increase it to 25 GB or $4.99 per month for 100 GB of storage.

Android smartphone users can also configure the Google+ app to automatically upload images taken by the phone to the Picasa Web Albums.

If you are a hardcore photographer with a lot of images, you should consider getting setup with a Flickr Pro account ( $24.95 per year). Not only can you store images in their original size, you get unlimited storage space and support for more file formats.

If you choose to share your photos, you can choose to only allow them to be seen in lower resolution and deter casual downloaders by disabling the right-click option for downloading.

Another option that my wife loves is Shutterfly ( ) because of its free unlimited storage, easy sharing of albums (publicly or privately) and ability to design photobooks and send personalized postcards using any of our pictures.

Although you can upload images in full resolution, sharing or downloading them in the original resolution can’t be done, unless you are willing to pay to have them transferred back to a DVD by Shutterfly.

In fairness, you can download images at 1600×1200 which is sufficient to print a decent image up to 8×10, but if you want total control of your images at full resolution, you should avoid Shutterfly.

Remember, moving your life’s work in photography from one site to another isn’t easy, so don’t take this decision lightly.

Savvy Tech Gifts for Seniors

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There’s always a reason to give a thoughtful gift. if you have a senior or two on your shopping list, how about something a little different this year? Instead of yet another box of fancy soap or aftershave, consider a technology gift for today’s savvy seniors.

A Web Cam Means happy Grandchildren

Give the grandparents the gift of visual and audio interaction with their children and grandchildren. if Grandma and Grandpa don’t live next door, they’ll love the opportunity to see and speak with their grandchildren via a Web cam. most of today’s Web cams have a built-in microphone, and may come optimized to be used with Windows Messenger or some other IM system. with prices (at Amazon) varying from less than $30 to almost $300, there is a cam for every budget.

Remember that, while some seniors may be able and willing to install their cams themselves and discover how to use them on their own, others may require assistance. Include installation and a few lessons as part of the gift in the latter case.

A Web Cam Means Peace of Mind

A wireless network camera could save the day in special circumstances. for example, Panasonic’s BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11 is promoted as a camera that lets you monitor your pets, your property, or even your children when you are not at home.

You set up the camera at any location, without needing a local PC. Then, by logging on to a specially designated Internet site, you can check the room from any PC or Internet-equipped cell phone or PDA. You can also modify the camera’s pointing direction and its digital zoom via the Web browser. the camera has a built-in microphone, as well as a special night-view mode.

Consider this camera’s application in the case of a senior who lives alone and may be in frail health. if you have ever frantically phoned Granddad’s neighbors to please check on him to be sure he’s OK, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind this product could provide. with Granddad’s permission, you could set up the camera in his home and log on whenever you were concerned that he could need help-say, a time when he was not responsive to phone or e-mail messages.

At close to $300, this wireless camera is among the more powerful products of its kind available.

Rather than a Web cam, you might also consider the QuietCare system , a health-care system designed to help seniors live independently. this system uses a series of activity sensors to learn Granddad’s normal activity around his home. when the system notes a change in pattern, it notifies a call center or sends an e-mail alert or text message to a designated party.

Computer Glasses Aren’t a Pain in the Neck

Does the computer-savvy senior in your life wear bifocals, trifocals, or progressive-lens eyeglasses? These glasses are not optimized for viewing a computer monitor. when wearing such glasses at the computer, Grandma has to tilt her head backward so she can focus on the screen when she is looking through the bottom part of the lens. to put it mildly, this gives her a big pain in the neck.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Grandma will enjoy her computer time so much more if you spring for a set of prescription computer glasses. Contact your friendly optometrist and ask for details. be sure to ask your eye-care specialist about glare-resistant lenses, also very important for computer users.

Keep Grandpa in the Loop with a DVD Player and Slide Show

Want something really special for the senior in the family who is shut in, or perhaps living in a continuing care facility? how about a small, portable DVD player and a special family slide show disc? Contact the extended family members and ask for digital pictures-both old and new. Compile your collection; turn it into a slide show using PowerPoint, Microsoft Plus SuperPack for Windows XP or some other slide show software; and then burn it to a DVD. (If using PowerPoint, you’ll need to include the free PowerPoint viewer on the DVD disc).

Remember to add titles and captions to each picture so Grandpa knows what he’s looking at. You might also shoot some video, edit it, and send along a video production that your senior can watch in the privacy of his or her own room.

Portable DVD players range in price from $30 to a couple of hundred dollars. You must be sure that the machine you choose can play DVD+R/RW. Otherwise, there will be only disappointment when your home-recorded DVDs won’t play.

You could also include a few of Grandma or Grandpa’s favorite movies with this gift. And, like the Web cam described above, your senior might appreciate some instructions on how to use this gift

VoIP Means Affordable Long-Distance Calling-Anywhere

Are the family members spread over the four corners of the globe? if so, VoIP providers such as Skype, Vonage and others make it possible for seniors to stay in contact without worrying about astronomical telephone bills.

Give your senior a microphone with headset (starting at around $20), or perhaps a special Skype phone. Make sure that Grandma has help with the Skype software installation, which can be tricky. provided all parties have a Skype account, Grandma can talk with anyone, regardless of where they live, free of charge, using the microphone or the Skype phone. if she plans to phone someone who will be using a landline phone, buy her a Skype credit or two costing about $14 each. Rates per minute vary depending on location. for example, a Skype call made from Canada to a landline in Israel cost about $8 for thirty minutes.

An iPod Means Music, Audiobooks and Newscasts-Anywhere

Consider giving Grandpa the gift of portable music and newscasts. with an iPod or other similar device, your senior doesn’t have to miss their favorite newscast or other show while they walk around the neighborhood.

Audiobooks are particularly appreciated if your senior has difficulty reading due to failing eyesight. You might consider adding a gift certificate from iTunes or from a service like, for example, along with the media player. At, you pay $7.49 for the first three months, then $14.95 afterward. your senior gets one downloaded audio book per month, chosen from the searchable database of around 40,000 titles.

iTunes similarly has many choices, including movies, television shows, music, audiobooks and podcasts. be sure to introduce your senior to the world of podcasting, if he isn’t familiar with it.

Other miscellaneous ideas include a TiVo (seniors get weary of commercials, same as you do), or perhaps an AirO2bic computer mouse , a device designed to be used by arthritic hands.

Computer Dropshippers – How To Sell Computers On eBay Using Dropshippers

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Selling computers online or on auction sites like Amazon or eBay is not that difficult you just need to know a few basics before getting started. this article will explore some of the best ways to sell computers on eBay and other online avenues.

The first thing you need to know is which computers are selling best on eBay. the way I do this is by going to eBay pulse. EBay pulse will show you what the top ten searches are within a given category on eBay. this is a free eBay service and works fairly well at finding what products are in demand in a particular month. There are more sophisticated tools you can buy that will give more details as to what people are wanting on eBay but if you are on a tight budget then eBay pulse will do.

Once you know what computers are in demand, then you will need to find a reliable supplier. I tend to use dropshippers when selling products on eBay. the reasons are simple. when you use a dropshipping company you don’t have to buy the product until after you have sold it. Unlike buying from a wholesaler where you have to put a lot of money upfront and purchase large amounts. if you aren’t able to sell the product then you will be stuck with product you don’t really want. Using a drop shipper will allow you to test the waters and see what is hot on eBay and what you can really sell. the other advantage to using a dropshipper to sell computers is that you will not have to inventory the items nor ship them. the dropshipper will send the computer directly to your customer using your name or company name. when looking for a dropshipping company try to find one that offers pre-made eBay listings for their products so that you can list products fast. this will save you lots of time and hassles.

The key to selling computers online is to find out which products are in demand and then find a reliable drop shipping company to supply you with product. good luck and happy eBay selling.

Long Island PC Tech – What to Buy Best and Cheapest Computers Laptops Printers Accessories and More

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here is the list of the best and cheapest Desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, printers, cd-dvd burners, monitors, mouses, keyboards, wireless routers, wireless usb adapters, speakers, internal and external hard drives, screen cleaners, microphones, webcams, anti-viruses software, tune-up utilities etc. like I mentioned before, it took me several months to put it together and discover the best, cheapest priced items with the highest value/quality you can get. Most of these items have been personally tested and purchased by me, some by a few of my assistants, some by my friends and customers and all were researched and scrutinized for quality, reliability and price. Coincidentally these items which are displayed and sold by, by and by other major computer sale stores, have been and are voted incredibly well by hundreds of people, hundreds of comments leave you and me positively certain of the purchase we are about to make. Rather than making this list into several blog entries which would have annoyed a lot of people, I simply created this list below, each item with its own link for you to look at the product and immediately verify people’s comments and reviews. Look no further, thousands of hours have been spent by me to create this list, and here it is quickly put together for you to access with no sweat and effort whatsoever. You can simply bookmark it for later and future access, you should find almost all you will ever need to complete your tech needs. Feel free to add and suggest more items, leave comments in regard of this list and share it with friends to help them out making the best, cheapest purchase of computers and accessories :).

Library computer usage keeps growing

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It has been an upward trend for years, but computer use at the Portage Public Library still seems to be growing.

Library Director Shannon Schultz said Tuesday during her director’s report at the Portage Public Library Board meeting that computer usage has been on the rise, even more so lately.

In addition to offering computer classes, the library has begun to offer individual training sessions to interested patrons, lasting up to about 50 minutes in length. The individual sessions, Schultz said, reach a even broader segment of people.

“There are always those people who don’t do well in the classroom setting,” Schultz said.

So far, it is has been popular. Originally, Schultz set aside one library staff member to help with the sessions. Now, a second has been added. Times with both employees are booked until May.

“We have had such a strong response to it,” Schultz said.

Schultz said that she also will lead two different classes on how to use e-readers, electronic tablets that allow books to be downloaded onto them from paid services or checked out from the library online.

A class on Amazon’s Kindle device will be held at 5:30 p.m. March 28, while a class on Barnes & Noble’s Nook device will be held at 5:30 p.m. April 4.

At these classes, attendees will use their own e-readers to download library books, ask questions and learn tips. Seating is limited, and advanced registration for the free classes are required.

Schultz also noted an increase in the amount of requests for Portage library materials, likely due in part to stepped-up information on the Internet about library content. Patrons can place holds on materials online.

Holds on content are up, Schultz said, and so are loans of Portage library content to other libraries in the area.

“That means that the stuff that we are buying is the stuff that people want,” Schultz said.

They ahold dispatched a computer towers although i had to retain the delve to scrub him to betray « Everard's journal

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Big Deal on Manfrotto MB SS390-5BC low price: A peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder

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Computer Accessories# Hewlett Packard EM893A8#ABA 42IN 1920X1080 1000:1 LD4200TM VGA HDMI LCD Display Touch

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14 of 30 people found the following review helpful: Does not come with a stand, December 16, 2010 This review is from: Hewlett Packard EM893A8#ABA 42IN 1920X1080 1000:1 LD4200TM VGA HDMI LCD display Touch (Personal Computers)

Here’s a warning: don’t buy this unless you can find your own stand (Amazon does not carry the stand for this TV.

In typical HP fashion, they design a wicked 42-inch touchscreen when there is nothing like it on the market and then manage to muck it up by not including a stand. I can imagine the HP ding-a-ling who came up with the idea. “Razors and Blades” he yelled, “we’ll make 80% gross margin on the stand alone!”

I bought this TV for a piece of my display at the Detroit Auto show. The box arrived and I was excited to rip it open to demo the touch screen interactive display that we had spent a week creating only to find myself asking, “Where is the stand”. my Chinese colleague told me that a similar thing had happened to his father once, in China, but other than that it was nearly unthinkable.

Then Amazon pitched in by showing a picture of the stand with the display and mentioning nowhere that the display does not include a stand… Read more

Real Below Wholesale Laptops

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Real below wholesale laptops and notebooks are readily available from a variety of sources today. In fact, there are so many excellent sources of real below wholesale computers, including laptops and notebooks, that it’s a wonder anyone purchases these at retail prices anymore

Sources for buying below wholesale laptops include:

Manufacturer’s outlet store
Refurbished units
Amazon’s website
Classified ads of individual sellers (like Craigslist)
Flea markets
Garage Sales
Companies unloading old or unneeded computers
Used Computer Store

While laptop computers don’t wear out the way many manufactured goods do, like cars, there are a number of things to be wary of when purchasing real below wholesale laptops and notebooks. for example, many people have a specific use or application in mind for their laptop, so it’s best to be absolutely certain the wholesale laptop can use that application before purchase.

Another consideration is what to do if something does break after you purchase it. where will you get it serviced? Sometimes the model isn’t even supported by the original manufacturer anymore, if it’s more than a couple years old.

Finally, you will want to be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed once you’ve paid your money. There’s no worse feeling than taking home your new laptop, even if you’ve purchased it below wholesale, and finding out something you must have just isn’t there or isn’t working Of course, this can happen even with a new laptop, but in that case you can always return for a refund or have serviced at no charge.

So you can see that it’s easy to get laptops at real below wholesale prices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good deal. Consider the above factors along with the price, and check with our web site to be sure you’re really getting a bargain.

What You Should Be Aware Of Regarding The Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to computers, and the Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook, might be you should check out, if a notebook computer is what you are looking for. You really should see if this model will meet all of your needs, rather than just be taken in by the low price. After reading this review, you should know why you should buy the Eee PC 1215N, and also you should know why you shouldn’t buy it.

People that have purchased the Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook will more than likely have done a review on this computer; this is information that you need to read before buying. this is true of anything you buy, of course, but some products don’t have that much feedback, either because they’re brand new or because not that many people have bought them. the Eee PC 1215N Notebook, luckily, is a product that has many reviews that are easy to find. As you may have guessed, Amazon is the primary source for these reviews. You can look at the star ratings, and find out what people like and don’t like about the item. although some people have remarked negatively about certain aspects of the Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook, overall it is a very good product. the popularity of the Asus Eee PC 1215N from the Seashell series is a great addition to this company’s model line. Appealing to look at, and lightweight, the series is ideologically similar to seashells. for a computer in this price range, it has a look that’s both modern and sophisticated with glossy black plastic and a silver finish. whether you use this from your desk, or bring it to work, this feature-rich computer is easy to carry around and use at different locations. this shouldn’t be your main concern when buying a computer, but the stylish look of the Eee PC 1215N is something you’ll appreciate if you decide to get one.

Upgrading your notebook later is a thought that many people have when they buy a cheaper notebook such as the Asus PC 1215N. if you have this intention with this particular PC, it may not end up exactly as you want. this computer comes with 2GB of memory, which would have been considered a super powerful computer not that long ago, but is actually quite low by today’s standards. Upgrades only go to 4 GB which will definitely help, but falls short of what you really need. Overall, it doesn’t matter if you upgrade the RAM because the computer is not designed to run programs that are memory intensive.

This particular computer, the Asus Eee PC 1215N, has high-quality graphics similar to some high-priced models with the dual core processor. although this computer has many features, it lacks the RAM necessary to play high end games. one other design flaw that this has is a power plug that can break. all in all, the Eee PC 1215N is a high performance notebook at a bargain price that could still use a few improvements.

There is more information available about shop there is a lot of information not detailed on this page, go to Author’s web blog to locate more.

Computers-New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011)

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Computers-New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011)

Price Only : £931.00

You Save : £68.00 (7% OFF)

New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011)-Computers features

  • Processor clock speed: 2500 MHz
  • Processor family: Intel Core i5
  • Processor model: i5-2400S
  • Number of processors installed: 1
  • Processor number of cores: 4

New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011)-Computers description

Apple iMac 215 Core i5 25GHz with 6MB onchip shared L3 cache 215 viewable LEDbacklit glossy widescreen TFT display with support for millions of colours 1920×1080 Mac OS X Lion Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5 memory 4GB 2x MC30 read more…

New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011)-Computers compare price

Compare Prices

Available from 1 Store : Select your deal and Buy New Apple iMac 21.5 inch All-In-One Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2X2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB graphics) (Launched May 2011) At all of these merchants listed below. Click any of the deals below to buy now on the merchant’s website.

Seller InformationRating PricesShipping New GBP 931.00 usually dispatched within 24 hours 

Find more Computers ProductsComputers

At the low price of , the world’s cheapest computer tablet, made in India, is targeted mostly at students. in a country where laptops range from anywhere between 0 and 00, and where the average income is much lower, the hope is that more people, particularly the country’s youth, will have greater access to technology. in the next few months over 100000 such computers will be available in select universities. If successful, India may even sell it commercially, but experts say the design still has a long way to go. Al Jazeera’s Prerna Suri reports from New Delhi, India.Video Rating: 4 / 5

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