Investing Tips for a Volatile Market

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I can’t blame you if you are spooked by today’s investing climate. Memories of the may 6, 2010, “flash crash” were just starting to fade. As I am sure you will recall, on that fateful day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by an astounding 1000 points (initially) in 16 minutes. according to the new York Times, almost a trillion dollars of value disappeared. Stocks of major blue-chip companies traded for a fraction of their value. Accenture fell to a penny a share. Proctor & Gamble dropped from $60 to $39.37 in minutes.

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water, it seems like the sharks came out in full force. Knight Capital, a big market maker (it generated 11 percent of all the trades in the first half of this year), lost $440 million (and possibly more) in less than an a hour from a “computer-trading glitch.”

These events, coupled with the slow recovery in the United States and a deepening economic crisis in Europe, have left investors dazed and confused.

The news was not all bad, which makes it even more difficult to decipher what is really going on. according to a blog by Weston Wellington of Dimensional Fund Advisors, the stocks of a large number of major companies hit 52-week highs and the S&P 500 Index reached its highest level in three months on August 3, 2012.

Many investors have lost confidence in the integrity of the system (and its reliability!) and are considering dumping their retail stocks. a column in the Wall Street Journal by Jason Zweig notes that more than $129 billion has exited stock funds in the 12 months ending in June 2012, according to Morningstar. should you join the stampede?

You have plenty of encouragement to do so. Prominent investors like Bill Gross, the “King of Bonds,” who runs PIMCO, recently proclaimed that “the cult of equity is dying.”

Here’s my investing tip for those of you who feel panicked and inclined to dump your stocks. Don’t do it.

Short-term gyrations in the market impact traders. They have little effect on long-term investors. When you look at long-term data over the past decade (one that is generally regarded as a terrible one for stocks), you can see the benefits of buying and holding a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost stock and bond index funds in a suitable asset allocation.

I reviewed the returns of a portfolio offered by Index Funds Advisors (with whom I am affiliated) for the 10 year and 7 month period from Jan. 1, 2002, to July 31, 2012. this portfolio is allocated 60 percent to stocks and 40 percent to bonds, which is a very common asset allocation for those who can accept a moderate amount of risk. it had an annualized return of 6.16 percent during this period: $100,000 invested on Jan. 1, 2002, grew to $188,282.73 on July 31, 2012.

Jack Bogle, the venerable co-founder of Vanguard, had these observations about the market in an interview published August 11, 2012, in the new York Times: “Wise investors won’t try to outsmart the market …They’ll buy index funds for the long term, and they’ll diversify.”

Bogle’s sage advice should be followed by all investors. Ignore the hype and predictions by those who believe they have psychic powers. Determine your asset allocation. Buy low-management-fee stock and bond funds. Watch the financial media if you find it entertaining. With notable exceptions, it is often not a source of reliable investing advice.

Dan Solin is a senior vice president of Index Funds Advisors. he is the new York Times bestselling author of the Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read, the Smartest 401(k) Book You’ll Ever Read, the Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read, and the Smartest Portfolio You’ll Ever own. His new book, the Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever Read, was published on December 27, 2011.

The views set forth in this blog are the opinions of the author alone and may not represent the views of any firm or entity with whom he is affiliated. the data, information, and content on this blog are for information, education, and non-commercial purposes only. Returns from index funds do not represent the performance of any investment advisory firm. the information on this blog does not involve the rendering of personalized investment advice and is limited to the dissemination of opinions on investing. no reader should construe these opinions as an offer of advisory services. Readers who require investment advice should retain the services of a competent investment professional. the information on this blog is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any securities or class of securities mentioned herein. Furthermore, the information on this blog should not be construed as an offer of advisory services. Please note that the author does not recommend specific securities nor is he responsible for comments made by persons posting on this blog.

How To Get Encrypted Blu-Rays Working In VLC ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

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With a small tweak, the latest VLC 2.0.x should be able to play most Blu-rays released before 2012 (it doesn’t work for Blu-rays that use BD+). So here’s what you must do to get encrypted Blu-ray discs working with VLC 2.0.x in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.1. Install the required packages To add the PPA and install the required packages in Ubuntu 12.04, use the following commands:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlcsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install vlc libaacs0 libbluray-bdj libbluray12. Now you must create an “aacs” folder in the hidden “.config” folder from your home directory and download the aacs keys there. To do this, run the following commands in a terminal:mkdir -p ~/.config/aacs/cd ~/.config/aacs/ && wget Now to play Blu-rays using VLC, open VLC, select Media > Open Disc, make sure “no disc menus” is selected (without this, VLC will crash for most Blu-ray discs) and browse for the Blu-ray disc.The instructions above should work for other Linux distributions too, not just Ubuntu, as long as you have VLC 2.0.x installed along with libaacs0 and libbluray1.

Invalid Keynote document? Calm down and try this fix

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Let’s set the scene: It’s Monday morning, and you’ve been working tirelessly all weekend, tweaking and putting finishing touches on a big Keynote presentation that you’ll be using at today’s board meeting. Now that it’s finished, you decide to run through it one last time, just to be safe. So you fire up Keynote, and your heart sinks as you stare unbelieving at the message above.

“WHAT?! I just opened it this morning! What do you mean it’s not valid?” You’re practically screaming at your computer now, and repeatedly trying to open the file to no avail. after taking a few moments to calm down and avoid tossing your Mac out the window, you suddenly remember the Versions feature in Lion & Mountain Lion that automatically saves versions of your file as you work.

you jump into Finder, restore an older version, and… it doesn’t work either. Keynote still tells you that the file is invalid. So you try another version, and another, but Keynote remains adamant that your attempts are futile, and now you begin to panic as the realization sets in that your presentation starts in 15 minutes and your work is gone.

but before you give in to despair, here is something you can try that just might work. It’s no secret that many “files” in OS X are, underneath the surface, actually folders or other archives that themselves contain many more files. you can easily see this in action by right-clicking (control-click or two-finger-click) on an application or an archive in Finder and choosing the show Package Contents… option.

A Keynote presentation file is really no different, and if you’re working with a Keynote ’08 file, you can easily see the contents of the package using that option. but starting with Keynote ’09, the packages are zipped into archives to make them easier to share and upload to websites. this makes getting to their contents a little bit trickier, as Finder doesn’t see the file as an archive, so it keeps trying to open the file with Keynote, rather than unzipping it for you.

So, how do you get at these files, you might ask? It’s actually deceptively simple — but before we begin, I can not stress enough to you to make a backup copy of your file. Sure, it might be “invalid” and already broken, but you still should make sure you have an untouched copy somewhere should you need it. Once you’ve got a copy, continue on with the instructions below.

Step 1: Rename the file to a .zip file.

Now that you’ve made a copy, you need to locate your file in Finder, highlight it, and then press the Enter key to rename the file. If the file name ends with .key, change it to .zip. otherwise, just add .zip to the end of the filename, and press Enter again. When Finder asks, tell it to Use .zip.

Step 2. Open the zip archive.

Your file should now be named something like go ahead and double click on it, and Finder should decompress the .zip archive into a folder of the same name. If you open the folder, you should see a bunch of files there, including any images you’ve added to your presentation, similar to the screenshot below:

Step 3. Rename the folder back to a .key file

at this point, if everything has gone well, you should be feeling somewhat relieved, as you can at least see that your work is not completely lost, just hidden. So, how do you get this back into Keynote, you might ask? No, you won’t have to redo everything.

Simply highlight the name of the folder, press Enter to rename it again, and add the .key extension to the end:

Step 4. Cross your fingers and open the file with Keynote

Here’s where you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. If all went well, you should be able to just double click on the file and Keynote should fire up with your presentation, in all of its glory.

If it doesn’t work, go back and double check that you didn’t miss anything above. If you’ve checked and it’s still not working, then sadly, there’s a good chance that something really is wrong with the presentation. If this is the case, hopefully you still might be able to salvage some of your work out of the file by digging through the folder you get in step 2 and extracting the graphic assets.

If it did work, congratulations! Now you can relax… after you go give your presentation, of course.


Emachine Desktop Computers

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Emachine Desktop Computers

Formatting an eMachines computer is like formatting any other Windows PC, assuming everything is in working order. While most people only reformat a computer after. Comparison shop for refurbished emachines desktop computers Desktop Computers in Computers & Software. see store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on. Includes: Multifunction Keyboard, 2-button wheel mouse, amplified stereo speakers, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, Works 8.0, Office 2003 Trial. looking for the best eMachines desktops? Find eMachines desktop reviews, eMachines T5230 reviews, eMachines T3304 reviews, eMachines 113623 reviews and more.Shop for eMachines DESKTOP COMPUTERS at and saveShop low Prices on: eMachines EL1333G-01w Desktop PC with AMD Athlon 2850e Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium : ComputersEmachines pc desktop computer – Find the largest selection of emachines pc desktop computer on sale. Shop by price, color, locally and more. get the best sales. Shop by style and popular brands to find Emachine Computers in one simple place. Find now! we have 472 products for Emachine Computers like Emachine E725-4520 Laptop. Comparison shop for emachines Desktop Computers in Computers & Software. see store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on emachines Desktop Computers with.

eMachines Support for computers, servers and consumer electronics products. get technical and non-technical assistance such as drivers,. Desktop MonitorWalmart product reviews and customer ratings for eMachines Black EL1852G-52w Desktop PC Bundle with Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 Processor, 20″ Widescreen LCD. Find eMachines Desktop Computer reviews and ratings at Compare products and get trusted eMachines Desktop Computer reviews from actual buyers.Find the lowest prices on EMachines Desktop Computers. Save up to 70% on the same brand EMachines Desktop Computers, Desktop Computers, and more at PriceGrabber.Compare prices for Emachines in Desktop Computers. Read reviews and go through our huge selection of Desktop Computers to find the right product at PriceGrabber.ShopWiki has 19 results for EMachines desktop computer, including eMachines ER1402 Desktop Computer – Athlon K125 1.70 GHz, eMachines ET1810-01 Desktop Computer. buy eMachine T5234 Desktop Computer (Refurbished) at an everyday discount price on! get 2.95 shipping on your entire order and read product reviews.eMachines T6528 Desktop Computer – this desktop computer might be inexpensive, but it’s far from cheap! It packs some impressive and powerful features, like the AMD.

eMachines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-The company announced PC models at prices of 299, 399, 499,. whereas only 9 percent of eMachines desktops less than a year old needed repairs,. eMachines Black EL1852G-52w Desktop PC Bundle with Intel Pentium. -Walmart product reviews and customer ratings for eMachines Black EL1852G-52w Desktop PC Bundle with Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 Processor, 20″ Widescreen LCD. eMachines Desktop PC User Guide-2 Chapter 1: getting Help thank you for purchasing our computer! you have made an excellent decision choosing eMachines. we are sure that you will.

Find Emachine Desktop Computers Information at PC Bam.

Franchise Templates

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Internet Lawman is an on the internet supplier of authorized support operated by Andrew Taylor who has twenty a long time of experience as a solicitor. Most authorized perform is carried out by Andrew, and by Rajeev Goswami, a law firm primarily based in India. they are assisted by English barristers for specialist ‘probate’ and ‘land and property’ perform, as properly as Rajeev’s little group of Indian lawyers, and a French family regulation expert, as needed.

Ask for the use of children’s artwork for illustrating and making yearly family members newsletters. the final result of this as a new information angle is that it promotes children’s participation in their personal family or extended family traditions by assisting them produce a loved ones publication. Children’s artwork can be scanned as saved in personal computers or on disks then uploaded to newsletters. For more information, verify out, making Loved ones Newsletters & Time Capsules.

Tiny business sample legal files can undoubtedly help an organization preserve funds especially when your enterprise demands a great deal of paperwork. This is particularly correct for publicly listed businesses that want to file documentation about earnings and other transactions. Small companies also need to file a number of authorized files, such as social safety kinds, tax returns, business licenses, permits, and the like. or maybe you are starting out an organization, and you would like to set up a limited liability corporation. an entrepreneur may well also have to bargain with the business office lease, contractors, servicing agreements and the like.

For relatives who have disabilities, use the proper format video, audio, or print. For blind family members, use the solutions of a Braille transcriber or preserve the document in a format that can be study on a pc making use of accessibility engineering your relative currently has.

If you use a publication template and print out each and every replicate on your laser printer, it takes about six hrs just to compose the functions for a standard newsletter of numerous webpages. If your pages improve to the business kind of 8-webpage newsletter, permit yourself at the very least 1 complete day’s function.

Did you find this write-up useful? For a lot more beneficial tips and hints, factors to ponder and preserve in brain, techniques, and insights pertaining to credit card, do please browse for a lot more info at our sites.

Net Lawman gives a broad variety of legal document templates inside 1-third of a traditional solicitor’s price although ensuring simplicity, comprehension and efficiency.

So, ought to one actually use a legal document, as for illustration a template for a will downloaded on the World wide web? of program this answer is dependent on the high quality of the download template but also who is heading to use it. A law firm can rapidly determine whether it is a good template or not. and most crucial – a law firm is capable of modifying the template to suit the particular situation. For these who lacks authorized training the subsequent questions ought to be posed when thinking about using an authorized template.

What Sorts of Legal Paperwork?Internet Lawman documents address a wide variety of domestic and business legal scenarios. We on a regular basis draft and negotiate numerous kinds of legal documents. We have the largest collection of authorized files covering each and every domestic and company legal circumstance. see our Legal Document Centre section.

Worldwide Office Options Johnson Controls Worldwide Workplace Options (GWS) is a major supplier of services and industrial actual estate management for several of the world’s greatest organizations. We create business benefit for our consumers via customized options that optimize their actual estate and vitality performance whilst decreasing complete occupancy fees. Our eighteen,000 employees have sent above $3 billion in cost savings for our clients because 2000 and ensure the business continuity for the 1.5 billion square toes of actual estate that we control in much more than seventy five international locations.

Sommer Sission operates a shop which has for sale legal document templates

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Atlanta’s Daily Deals: Phish, Jersey Boys, Impulse Music Festival, Mama Mia’s, Buckhead Italian Restaurant & Market, Sal Grosso, Red Brick Brewing Company, Bi-Plane Ride, Mini Golf, Mani/Pedi, & More

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Here are a few of the highlights from the daily deals sites. if you’d like to browse the full list of deals that refresh automatically, you’ll find it on the Atlanta’s Daily Deals page.

Since it’s Wednesday, June 6, most deadlines are 11:59 p.m. tonight:

Theatre, Concerts, Attractions, & Sporting Events

Bi-Plane Ride, Mini Golf, Fishing, go Karts, Paintball, Tubing, Laser Tag, Shooting Range

Shopping, Crafts, Kids’ Activities, Airport Parking

–Jennifer Maciejewski

Tip of The Week (TOTW): Deleting Multiple Email Messages

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I frequently get asked if it is possible to delete multiple email messages easily.  Actually, it is very easy, once you know how.  the same process applies to moving your emails to a different email folder or marking the emails.

Here is how to do it on the iPad and iPhone.  Below is how to do it on your computer.

On the iPad & iPhone:1) Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner of the email list (not the email itself).2) you will see empty circles appear next to each message.3) Tap the emails you want to delete, one by one. you can scroll to select more emails. the circles will turn red for the selected emails.4) At the bottom of the message list you will have three options: a) Delete, b) move, c) Mark. choose the one you want.5) (see illustrations below)

On the computer:To delete all –  Select one then tap “CTRL” & ” A” keys at the same time (on a MAC “Command” and “A”).To delete a range – Select one at one end of the range you want to select, hold the “shift” key, select the one at the other end.To delete random ones – Select one, then hold the “CTRL” key (on a MAC the “Command”) and select any others one by one.NOTES: – To select a single email, means to use use the mouse to highlight the email with a simple click of the mouse.  Do not double tap to open it.– the “Command” key on a MAC is the one with “⌘”.

iPhone & iPad Illustrated

1) Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner of the email list (not the email itself).

2) you will see empty circles appear next to each message.

3) Tap the emails you want to delete, one by one. you can scroll to select more emails. the circles will turn red for the selected emails.

4) At the bottom of the message list you will have three options: a) Delete, b) move, c) Mark. choose the one you want.

No human interaction required: AT&T iPhone unlock can be done via iTunes (Updated)

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Hate going into AT&T stores and interacting with real humans? Worry not, as unlocking your AT&T iPhone is turning out to be a simpler process than expected for some users. The process can still be performed in-store by AT&T personnel, but it can also be done at home with the help of AT&T chat, Apple, and iTunes.

We reported on Friday that AT&T would begin unlocking iPhones for qualified customers beginning Sunday, April 8. that was yesterday, and readers have begun reporting back with their experiences. As it turns out, all you really need is an active Internet connection and your iPhone’s IMEI number to get started (you can get it from your iPhone under Settings > General > About). after logging into AT&T’s website with your account credentials, you can then bring up AT&T’s Wireless Support Chat where you can request your device be unlocked.

As long as you meet the criteria—your phone isn’t associated with an active-term commitment, you’re out of contract, and your account is in good standing—AT&T will likely approve the request. But then it comes down to Apple, which has to push your unlock code to your e-mail address before you can proceed (this happens within 72 hours, but many users have said it took an hour or less). Once you receive the code, you must perform a backup and restore of the device through iTunes while tethered to a computer.

As with most processes that are user-facing, the unlock process doesn’t always work smoothly. AT&T’s own documentation on the process points to this Apple support document on troubleshooting unlock issues, though there are a number of forum threads dedicated to discussing the nuances of performing the unlock procedure as well. Do you have any extra tips to offer for those who have yet to go through the process?

Update: we have begun hearing that AT&T is making users call to initiate the unlock process instead of using the website chat feature. Still less effort than going into a retail outlet, but human interaction is somewhat required.

Free Report: Windows 7: Tips & Tricks

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Hi everyone, here is a free report for Windows 7, this report provides 50+ tips and tricks for Windows 7.

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The 113 page eBook titled “Windows 7: Tips & Tricks” is for people who have Windows 7 and want to go one step further in experience. it contains a compilation of the finest Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 and also contains a bonus section for Windows 7 Applications.

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Computer Arts 200: Neville Brody

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In 1995, we launched issue one of Computer Arts magazine. As you can see from this selection of covers, back then it was a very different magazine to it is today. But one thing has been common over our lifetime – we've always brought you the best access to the most influential designers, image-makers, illustrators and creative professionals. In our first issue, we sat down with Neville Brody – someone then we described as 'the most influential designer of the last ten years." We've interviewed Neville many times since, but as we approach issue 200 – on sale april 5th in the UK – we thought it would be great to look back on the designer's views back in 1995. Interactive CD-ROMs were at the height of fashion, Research Studios had not long been going (after changing its name from The Neville Brody Studio) and the web was coming into its own. It was indeed a very different time…

Neville Brody: Q&A

The most influential designer of the last ten years, Neville Brody is one of the main driving forces behind contemporary typography. And now he’s embracing technology in a bear hug. Interview: James Binns I’ve just climbed a flight of stairs leading to the reception area of Islington-based Research Studios to meet the man dubbed as a god by almost every graphic designer I know. He should be dressed in an expensively cut matt black ‘suit’, maybe sipping a can of the latest fashionable lager and balancing on some un-sensible shoes. The man waiting to greet me, though, is wearing Vans sneakers, a pair of baggy cotton trousers and an unbranded navy T-shirt. Street smart but  casual. Surely this can’t be the Neville Brody of the modern design world? But it is. I know this because my photographer, who arrived earlier, is fussing ‘round him – though Brody won’t have any of it. “I’m starving,” he declares, so we leave the photographer setting up some lights and disappear to a Liverpool Road restaurant, which I’m assured is “cheap but good”. We open by talking about the renaming of his studio. Until recently it had been called The Neville Brody Studio, but it’s been renamed Research Studios. why the change? “We don’t need the name to get work. And anyway it  wasn’t fair to all the other talented people working here.” The starters arrive and Brody looks at my lifeless Sony dictaphone. “Shouldn’t you be recording this?” I reach for my questions, roll the tape and switch into interview mode. Computer Arts: how does working with a computer influence the creative process? Neville Brody: Is this going to be one of those sad nerdy conversations? Isn’t the point more about what the technology allows you to do rather than what you can do with the hardware? The whole thing has become so upside down. Design has become such a technology-obsessed industry. CA: So are computers just tools or something more? NB: I used to think computers were just tools. Because my initial response to the computer was that if a job can be done by hand, then you don’t need a machine to do it. then I realised that it doesn’t affect the way you think about your work, just the way that you can do it. As a labour saving device it doesn’t save any time at all. It means you’ve got more time to try out more options, more time to do things you wouldn’t have been able to do before. So you don’t work any less. you work just as much, if not more. There’s more stuff happening all the time. And now we’ve got the bloody Internet to deal with.

Neville Brody in 1995: "Most Web pages are so awful. They’re not designing with the net in mind."

CA: Have computers speeded up the creative process? NB: It’s not even that. you should look at some old physical artwork. See how it used to be done. Before typesetting you’d have to do pencil roughs, enlarge things and trace them. Use photocopied photographs. It was a nightmare. you could never visualise it. then you’d send off for your typesetting and you’d have to get it set in a few different sizes and typefaces because there was no opportunity to change it. Otherwise you’d get it back and think. “oh, maybe it should be a bit bigger.” So you’d send it off again. It’d come back. then maybe, “oh this type face should be a bit heavier.” So of course you’d have to wait 24 hours or longer to get your typesetting done. then they’d have to cut things up to make prints of it to different sizes and even then you couldn’t visualise it. It was all still in black and white. No colour. The thing with computers is that you can see what you’re doing. CA: But have you lost the time to think and reflect? NB: I would have said yes, but a lot of work that’s being produced now is still as thoughtful as it always was. I think there are a lot of people who don’t think, but that’s a different story. CA: So how is a computer more than a tool? NB: The mistake people have made is to assume that the computer is just a tool. It’s not just a labour saving device like a food mixer or washing machine. The computer is a new medium like television or cinema. or books. you can use a book to make paper aeroplanes or something; that’s using it as a tool. But the best way to use a book is to read from it. People design on the computer for the physical world, but why not leave things on the computer? And then you start to realise your activity is changing. Because the way you behave and respond to a computer screen is completely different to television or cinema. So the whole premise of the activity is completely different. It’s like when television first appeared – they looked like radios because that’s what people were used to. And the way people performed on television, the way the sets were designed, it looked a lot like theatre. That’s what people were used to. So, it seems that  all new technologies can only be accepted if they replicate an old technology. It’s going to be a while until people realise that computing is a new and  different genre and that things can exist here which you wouldn’t see in any other medium.

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