Prairie Portrait: Michael Bird of Spindustry Digital – Silicon Prairie News

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Name: Michael Bird

Bio: In college I majored in both Computer Information Systems and Marketing. At the time, that combination was not a thing. Today, I am the president of Spindustry Digital and an owner of Spindustry Training and Staffing. I combine my loves of technology and marketing to solve business problems for clients every day. Outside of work I am married with 2 children.

Title: President, Spindustry Digital

Age: 40

Residence: Des Moines, Iowa


Twitter: @iowabirdman


Intro music: “Sin,” by Nine Inch Nails.

Silicon Prairie News: What compelled you to pursue both computer information systems and marketing at a time when, as you say, “that combination was not a thing”?

Michael Bird: It was just pursuing my passions. I had a wonderful computer programming teacher in high school, Jack McGrath in Denver, Colorado, but chose business school over engineering as I enjoyed business and creativity as well. The MIS/CIS major and Marketing major, both being in the business school, allowed me to do both. it was just good timing that the “web” emerged, with the need for people who understood the tech side but asked good business “why” questions.

SPN: What was the thinking behind Spindustry’s decision to change the architecture of its brands, and what have the results of that re-architecture been?

MB: Call it Iowa modesty, but we did not start out saying “we know how you need to change your business.” Having now analyzed hundreds of businesses resulting in solutions, we have learned from patterns and have become much more strategic. We formally began offering consultative services a few years back. Since then, we added more creative and marketing talent and are now an idea shop, powered by digital execution. We fully deliver on business goals through digital solutions. So, Digital focused several divisions into one idea, and we lined up Training and Staffing with the same brand architecture to create three channels to help organizations run, grow and transform their business.

SPN: What are some of the biggest benefits you have gotten out of your membership in Vistage International?

MB: Vistage has been very helpful. Not only have I met some other wonderful business leaders throughout the state, but it has provided me with a group of people who have very similar and very different problems, that I can talk to when needed. Whether it is the economy, health care, employee issues, client challenges, business expansion ideas or anything else, it gives you a sounding board and gut check before reacting just on your own intuition. We have nationally recognized speakers and an online network of members to interact with along the same lines as those in your local group.

SPN: as someone who’s been active with TAI since 1996, what stands out to you about the trajectory of Iowa’s tech scene over the last decade and a half?

MB: It has changed quite a bit, of course. Spindustry used to start presentations with a corn stalk on a PowerPoint slide and work to dispel the notion that Iowans would struggle to be technology consultants. The saddest part was this was MOST true INSIDE of Iowa. it was Iowans that didn’t believe more so than others. as we stayed in Iowa and grew our business we watched others do the same, and there have been successes. as social media and mobile technology have come to pass, this latest generation of startups and technology workers is even more connected and able to solidify around the idea that we can do this in Iowa, and it has led to a critical mass I am happy to see.

SPN: as a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, what lessons, if any, can you take from the successful management approach of the franchise’s founding family, the Rooneys?

MB: Well, I have always liked that the family remained involved (current challenges aside) for many years and many years after his passing that Art Rooney is still considered a beloved figure in Pittsburgh. I grew up in the ’70s when the Steelers were my father’s favorite team, and they have done well recently so it’s been a great way to reconnect with my dad as well. I think the challenges of running any sports team are similar to that of running any business. Character counts. Challenges come unexpectedly. Some things are in your control and some are outside. I do consider it important to be well liked, care for and give back to your community, and not to let “it’s just business” be an excuse to not act responsibly and with caring for others.

Credits: Photo courtesy of Bird.

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Computer Information Systems Schools Impart Expert Knowledge

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Computer Information Systems Schools prepare students for positions in businesses that seek expertise in computer information technology. Courses of study in Computer Information Systems focus on the design, implementation, and management of computer network systems; on hardware peripherals; and on computer languages and software uses and development. Computer Information Systems Schools offer associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees, as well as concentrated study for certificates in specialized areas of Computer Information Systems.

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Finding the Best Computer Engineering College For You

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Undergraduate Computer Major Differences.?

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What are the differences between Computer Science and Computer Engineering and Computer Information Systems Majors?
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Online Or Offline: Computer Information Systems Degree Will Save The Day

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Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business Announces 2011 Bergeron Scholarship Recipients

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Scholarships, Mentorships Awarded to five Women who have Demonstrated Potential for Leadership in Technology

College & University Pressroom August 04, 2011 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

ATLANTA–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business today announced the recipients of the 2011 Bergeron Women in Technology Leadership Scholarship. this is the fifth year in which the scholarship has been awarded to female undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated high potential for leadership careers in technology.

“Sandra and Doug Bergeron’s support of this program makes it possible for Robinson College to encourage the professional development of these bright young future industry leaders”

this year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Katrina Eddins, of Tampa, Fla., a candidate for the Master of Science in Information Systems and a 2004 graduate of Georgia State. Ms. Eddins aspires to provide innovative mobile solutions to businesses.
  • Palak Gupta, of Indore, Madhyapradesh, India, a candidate for the Master of Science in Information Systems. Ms. Gupta is a native of central India and has been a graduate assistant with Georgia State University’s department of Computer Information Systems.
  • Nalishia Taylor, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., who is pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems. Ms. Taylor has worked in the technology department of an international law firm for the past six years and aims to become an enterprise systems architect.
  • Anna Turcu, of Alpharetta, Ga., who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. a native of Russia and mother of a four-year-old son, Ms. Turcu has been employed full time during the course of her higher education and first earned an associate degree before matriculating to Georgia State University. Her immediate goal is to work in quality assurance and software testing.
  • Shavonne Verdree, of Decatur, Ga., a 2010 Bergeron Scholar. Ms. Verdree is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and aspires to senior executive management of a Fortune 500 company and wants to encourage more young women to enter the IT field.

“In the five years we have awarded Bergeron Scholars, I have been encouraged by the progress and inspired by the aptitude of these young women. We’re looking forward to providing this year’s winners with professional mentoring and financial assistance to help them achieve their goals,” said Sandra Bergeron, a graduate of Georgia State University and chair of the mentorship committee.

the Bergeron Scholarship program rewards significant academic achievement and is the largest dollar award available to students in the Robinson College of Business. the program was funded with a $1 million endowment from Sandra and Douglas G. Bergeron

“Sandra and Doug Bergeron’s support of this program makes it possible for Robinson College to encourage the professional development of these bright young future industry leaders,” said Robinson College Dean H. Fenwick Huss. “Past and present Bergeron Scholars are paving the way for increased diversity in the leadership ranks of the technology industry and will help the students prepare to exploit their leadership qualities in the professional world.”

the college’s Computer Information Systems Department is ranked in the top 10 for both undergraduate and graduate offerings by U.S. News & World Report’s annual listings of best colleges and best graduate schools.

Shilpa Chakravarthy, a past recipient of the Bergeron Women in Technology Leadership Scholarship, described the benefits she derived from the program: “The mentor aspect is unique to the scholarship because of the tacit knowledge transfer that cannot be gained by just being a college student. my mentor provided invaluable contacts and opportunities, and it was actually one of her contacts at a leading Atlanta company that eventually helped me land my first professional job. the scholarship gave me a firm launching pad for my career.”

Sandra Bergeron is one of the most highly regarded female technology leaders in Silicon Valley. She is a Venture Partner with Trident Capital, chairman of the board of TraceSecurity inc., and serves on the boards of Qualys inc. and TriCipher inc.

Douglas G. Bergeron has been CEO of VeriFone Systems, inc. (NYSE:PAY) since 2001 and is one of the company’s largest individual shareholders. he also is a member of the Listed Company Advisory Committee of NYSE Euronext. VeriFone, based in San Jose, Calif., is the world’s largest provider of electronic payments systems and employs more than 300 high-technology professionals in Georgia.

[Editors Note: Individual photos available:]

What's a good career in business compuer information systems?

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I don't know what to do. I'm trying to decide what career would best suit me. at first I wanted to go into the medical field. however, now that I'm in Business Computer Information Systems class, I think that I would do excellent in a career such as that. The problem is I want the career to be fun, exciting and challenging. Something that would involve interactions with people. I don't want to be sitting in front of the computer all day.

Computer information systems degree and need an entry level job?

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I will be graduating with a bachelors in computer information systems and would like to get into networking… the problem is that I cant find a job that can get me in the door. is there another route? I didnt like programing. is there any other job that doesn't require much programming in this industry?

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