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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about how the field of engineering is a remarkably fast-growing field and is in high-demand for good, skillful workers. You probably also know that the field of computer programming is also booming, especially with the rise of social media and our growing use of the Internet. So it only makes sense to combine these two fields in your studies in order to have a successful career, right? If you find these two fields interesting and are looking for an ever-changing, exciting career you might want to declare a major in computer software engineering.


According to the College Board, a major in computer software engineering tends to lead to a degree at the bachelor’s level. Helpful courses to take in high school to prepare for this major include AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science and AP Calculus. Typical college courses include software architecture and design, systems analysis, website design and fundamentals of software development. You’ll learn how to prepare for your career in your final project, often creating your own software development with your classmates and applying all the knowledge you’ve learned over the past four years of study.

What to know before you apply

Students who declare this major will be taking classes in both computer science and computer engineering so knowledge and a passion for both areas is essential. It is usually beneficial for students to complete an internship so it’s important to look at the internship opportunities available at the schools students are looking into. Students who declare this major should be able to think abstractly and problem-solve because the field of computer software engineering often requires the ability to analyze and design many different kinds of software.


A career in computer software engineering earned an average of $90,170 in 2009 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other related careers are also an option for graduating students, including computer programming which earned an average of $74,690 and database administration which averages a yearly salary of $74,290 as of 2009.

Pl email us what is syllabus of Computer hardware, computer software and Information technology?

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•Computer Software Engineering — Develop methods for the
production of software systems on time, within budget, and
with few or no defects.
•Computer Hardware Engineering — Design new computer
instruction sets, and combine electronic or optical
components to provide powerful but cost-effective
•Information Technology — Develop and manage information systems that support a business or organization.

We would like to know what should we select alomng with finance

What is the difference between computer hardware, software, and general engineering?

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Just in case the question isn't clear…..
What is the difference between

Computer Engineering
Computer Hardware Engineering
Computer Software Engineering?