How To A Obtain Laptop Motherboard Repair

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The motherboard plays a vital role in modern computer systems, linking the various components of the computer to one another. When this essential resource fails, the computer will not be able to function properly. Fortunately, a motherboard can generally be repaired or replaced, bringing the computer back to life. if you have experienced difficulty using your own system because of motherboard issues, you have several different laptop motherboard repair options available to you.

Repairing a Motherboard

Many savvy computer owners attempt to repair their motherboards on their own, utilizing tools and resources available through many computer supply stores. Most motherboards fail when the capacitors used in the electronic circuits become damaged or are not well-connected to the motherboard. Unlike other computer repairs where the malfunctioning part can simply be switched out of the machine and replaced with another, a motherboard requires a substantial amount of actual repair to make the system function.

This process generally includes locating the capacitors that are faulty and de-soldering them from the motherboard. In turn, new capacitors will need to be placed in these locations. this is a rather involved technique and requires extensive knowledge of how the computer system works internally. Failure to carefully carry this process out could have catastrophic results for the computer system as a whole, particularly if certain components have not been soldered appropriately and in turn break off or cause the circuit not to be completed.

Utilizing a Repair Service

Because repairing a motherboard is such a complex task, many computer users instead turn to computer service companies to have their motherboard repaired. Firstly, a repair service will generally attempt to troubleshoot the machine and determine what the problem may be. should this troubleshooting reveal that the motherboard is indeed to blame, it will be necessary to completely repair the motherboard. In some extreme instances, replacement of the motherboard may be a better solution for the problems the computer is demonstrating.

Motherboard repair can be quite costly, so some computer users choose to shop around to find the best deal available to them. Many computer stores will offer a discount t existing customers, whereas others may have payment plans available. Both of these financial tools can help those who may otherwise not have the means to repair their motherboard.

In some instances, a motherboard may need to be replaced entirely, rather than simply being repaired. this is a more intense process that involves locating a new motherboard that will be compatible with the computer system. Using this new motherboard as the heart and soul of the system, all of the different components will be linked to the motherboard. because this process is so involved, it can take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Repair or replacing a motherboard may seem like a massive challenge, but fortunately, this is not an uncommon issue. Whether you attempt to resolve your motherboard problems without any outside help, or instead turn to the services of a qualified repair company, your motherboard should be able to be fixed in no time. this will allow your computer system to begin functioning as intended once again, and can help resolve some of the frustration encountered when a machine suddenly stops working. Armed with a brand new motherboard, your computer should start working like new once again.

What to Do When Your Computer Has a Problem and How to Describe the Issue to an IT Technician

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Viruses, malware, software and hardware problems are all reasons you may need to visit or hire a computer repair or Information Technology (IT) technician. it is important when doing so to be able to accurately communicate the issues that you are having with your system. This short article will help you communicate the key points when you need to speak with a technician as well as show some of the benefits of repairing versus replacing your system.

An important piece of information to keep in mind when you have computer problems is the time you have invested in the computer system setting things up and making it your own. all too often instead of repairing the valuable computer systems that you have become familiar with and that work well, the thought may cross your mind to replace the system due to cost. This is a very false mindset, in fact in most cases the system can be repaired and upgraded to surpass the original speeds of the system and run all of the latest software while having less of an impact on the environment and saving you money

Before calling to hire or bringing your system to a repair technician gather up the information that you may need to describe the problem. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Error messages on the screen
  • Whether the system is booting into the operating system (usually Windows)
  • If you hear any strange noises coming from the computer system itself
  • The last things that happened or were performed on the computer system before the issue began to occur
  • If there is any unrecognized program that has appeared and what the name is.

It is also a wonderful idea to try to remember when the issues started to occur and if there were any strange things that happened leading up to the problem that you are currently experiencing. For example if the computer started running slow, if you had a strange message show up while you were doing something in particular, a program you normally use did something strange or had an error message appear, etc.

Another thing that will save time and money is to give an accurate history of the problems with the computer system and what repairs you may have attempted or had a friend or acquaintance perform for you to resolve the issue. in general the more information that you can provide to assist your computer technician will provide you with a better, faster, and more cost-effective solution to the issues you are having.

We hope this has assisted you with the decision to get your computer repaired and provided you with the knowledge to do so effectively. thank you and we hope you have a wonderful experience

Review Laptop Computers » HP Folio B2A32UT 13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop Computer Review

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HP Folio B2A32UT 13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop Computer Review Once in a blue moon I have fallen on a portable computer that has fascinated me. HP 13-2000 Folio certainly is one of the most impressive models available on the market. HP has packed in a very elegant and advanced comprehensive components. at the time of this letter which Intel recently announced that they will start their initiative  » Ultrabook  » portable systems on the market which could compete with thinner Macbook Air series s Apple .  Laptop Computer Review As a warning that my years of experience with computer systems were used in the Windows environment so this review will focus closely with Folio HP rather act as a side-by-side comparison with the Apple Macbook Air products. In the box and the original Folio held in place two pieces of foam on each side with a space between the Folio and the Commission which I think is a good thing where he was forced to enter in contact with the force of brutal. Ultrabook Laptop Computer In addition to the Folio itself contained a card and package of documents in the field. Physical control of the Folio is very dense in touch. In contrast to My previous Asus netbook laptop case is not sensitive at all and very resistant to bending. As stated on the page specification Folio site HP inches Ultrabook inches long and measures 8.67 brett 12.54 0.7 cm (depth). Unnecessary to say that the Folio is extremely thin. Remarkable is also the weight of 3.3 kg. On the left is RJ-45 (Ethernet) HDMI USB 3.0 and SD ports. While the law has a USB 2.0 port and headphone.13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop interestingly missing Folio Kensington security lock regardless of the reason of his absence and accepts that the owners of this machine amazing rarely remains out of sight during a period of potential thieves. beautiful metallic finish with silver in the HP Ultrabook Laptop Computer logo integrated Centre and the lower part usually contains a range of ports for exhaust and sticker.

Concepts of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing has grown significantly with the growth of the information technology sector. due to its vast features and benefits it has become a need of the user and most of the IT support companies as well as software development firms are providing it. the new generation of today has been continuously becoming familiar with the new technology and trends of cloud services and its benefits.

When the computing is delivered through different types of shared resources and software, information is distributed to different computer systems into a network. In this a main server called as a central remote server is used for managing the data and other information. Only an internet connection is required to access the important resources without any installation of any specific application program in order to make access to the data. all the needed resources such as processing, storage, memory etc are centralized increasing the productivity of the computer system.

We can understand this by many examples like when we use different mailing applications like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, and Hotmail it works without installing any software. we use them only via internet and we use it for mailings and other services offered by them. Cloud computing comprises of three main parts like cloud computing applications, platforms and infrastructure respectively.

Cloud computing applications contain the software that is used in it for delivering various services to the people like email, data storage, chat etc. whereas the platforms are the operating system, the applications are installed on it like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows server etc. the infrastructure mainly contains the physical components such as the processor, memory, storage parts, and network connections etc. Most of the organizations of software development are offering cloud services basically of two types:

Public Clouds:

It is a free service to the users managed by a third party off-site provider. This provider charges the users on a fine grained utility computing process, it is a traditional way.

Community Clouds:

It is a different one than that of a public cloud. Here many firms which have almost same needs share a particular infrastructure. the charges for using the cloud are divided between the cloud members. the level of security of the cloud is high between the community members.

There are two more categories like hybrid and private. Hybrid is a combination of two or more clouds that can be public, community or private. Private cloud is established generally for a single organization for its own use. many small scale firms in the early stages were not known to cloud services hence it was not so popular to everyone. it has come on a large scale from the last few years. In fact now cloud services have become one of the best affordable IT services.

Engine Warning Light Forces Quick Landing of Airlife Helicopter in Field

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(New Braunfels, TX) — A couple of tense moments yesterday morning for an Airlife helicopter taking off from the New Braunfels Regional Airport.

Airlife officials tell KGNB News that at 8:41am, Airlife 1, which is stationed at the New Braunfels Airport, departed for an emergency call. But immediately after take-off the pilot noticed an “engine over-speed indicator,” which is a warning light according to Airlife officials and warranted an immediate precautionary landing.

So at 8:43am the pilot quickly set the helicopter down in a field about a mile south of the New Braunfels Regional Airport off of FM 758. the landing was normal and there was no damage to the helicopter and there were no injuries of the pilot or the 2 medical staff members on board.

The pilot powered down the engines of the helicopter normally and called in maintenance crews to look at the issue. Another air ambulance service was called into action to take care of the patient. meanwhile, the Airlife helicopter remained in the field for several hours Monday, as maintenance crews went over the aircraft’s engine and computer systems to see if the engine over-speed warning light was a false alarm or if there was really something wrong with the engine.

In the end it was decided that the helicopter’s engine would have to be replaced, putting the helicopter out of service for the next day and half or so while a new engine is shipped in from out of state. the manufacturer of the engine will be the one to decide exactly what went wrong inside the engine.

The helicopter remains on the ground with security watching the area until the new engine can be replaced.

Cuba Schools aiming for the clouds

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Cuba Schools are heading into the clouds—or, more precisely, toward cloud computing. the R-2 Board of Education agreed Monday night on an $80,000 project that will result in software applications being run from a remote server location, freeing up computer resource demands locally and also allowing for a transition toward a full cloud-based data and information system district-wide.

“This is a step—the first step—toward virtualization,” explained computer systems expert Ryan Keele of Midwest Computech in his presentation to the board. “It is moving you toward a more centralized, managed server system. Ultimately, this cuts down on your need for technical staff working on individual desktops for software or hardware upgrades. You’re eliminating labor time and also opening up new possibilities for the future. In the end, you will save money in equipment costs as you begin to replace your existing desktops with ones that don’t require all the extra hardware.”

Keele said housing documents and applications on remote cloud servers, rather than physical desktops, allows students and teachers to work on their projects both at school and at home via an internet connection. a simple, one-time software download allows home users to tap into the school’s network through Citrix XenApp software. he said it’s a simple system that is also fully encrypted and secure from hacking.

“What it does is streamline your applications and the delivery of files and other information to the students and staff members in your district,” said Keele. “Really, the huge benefit to students is it helps those students who do not have the nicest, newest computer technology at home. By reducing their resource requirements, they can have an older computer at home, running an older operating system, but it still works just fine.”

Keele indicated there would not be file format or operating system conflicts, as the Citrix system will work on all platforms, Windows or Mac. It even works on next-generation platforms, such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and other tablets.

The one-time startup cost through Midwest Computech is $78,911.84. that includes the implementation of new software and five remote servers to handle up to 270 licenses online at any given time. Training and other needs are also part of the Midwest commitment. There is an additional cost of $9,150 for “software assurance,” essentially providing for future software upgrades across the entire system.

“I think it sounds great,” said school board member Alex Steiger, “and the way that most businesses and other organizations are going to. my only concern would be the return on investment and what our long term savings might be.”

Keele indicated that it would lessen the district’s future needs for computer tech personnel and that desktop equipment costs would be substantially reduced over the long haul. “Since you’re running everything off the server, the desktop just isn’t as important anymore,” he said. “You may be able to stretch out the usage of your existing computers by another one or two years because they require much less in resource power.”

The board debated acting immediately to implement the plan or waiting to consider it further, due to costs. Superintendent Johnny Thompson said he included the cost of the project in the 2012-2013 district budget and felt like it makes sense to make the system changes now, while school is out of session. “My feeling is this would help set us in motion for where we want to go in the future (with our technology system),” said Thompson. “I feel we should do it now and have it already in place when students return to campus in August.”

The board agreed with Thompson’s recommendation and unanimously approved the Midwest Computech bid. the system is expected to be ready for the district’s new school year.

Computer science receives millions of euros in research fun

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20.06.2012 – (idw) Universit

Cyber-attack concerns raised over Boeing 787 chip’s ‘back door’

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Two Cambridge experts have discovered a “back door” in a computer chip used in military systems and aircraft such as the Boeing 787 that could allow the chip to be taken over via the internet.

The discovery will heighten concerns about the risks of cyber-attacks on sensitive installations, coming on the heels of the discovery this week of the ‘Flamer’ virus which has been attacking computer systems in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

In a paper that has been published in draft form online and seen by the Guardian, researchers Sergei Skorobogatov of Cambridge University and Chris Woods of Quo Vadis Labs say that they have discovered a method that a hacker can use to connect to the internals of a chip made by Actel, a US manufacturer.

“An attacker can disable all the security on the chip, reprogram cryptographic and access keys … or permanently damage the device,” they noted.

Woods told the Guardian that they have offered all the necessary information about how the hack can be done to government agencies – but that their response is classified.

“The real issue is the level of security that can be compromised through any back door, and how easy they are to find and exploit,” Woods said.

The back door may have been inserted by Actel itself, whose ProASIC3 chip is used in medical, automotive, communications and consumer products, as well as military use.

Woods said that “a back door is an additional undocumented featured deliberately inserted into a device for extra functionality” – in effect, a secret way to get into the chip and control it.

Crucially, in this case it exists as part of the design of the silicon chip – meaning that it cannot be removed because it is inherent in how the chip reacts to certain inputs. He suggested that it may have been put there by design by Actel, because there are some traces of the existence of such a back door in the system files of Actel development software.

But, he said, that creates serious risks: “The great danger comes from the fact that such a back door undermines the high level of security in the chip making it exposed to various attacks. although Actel makes a big claim that their devices are extremely secure because there is no physical path for the configuration data to be read to the outside world, a back door was added with a special key to circumnavigate all the security set by themselves or one of their users.”

Connecting to the chips would be comparatively easy over the internet if the chip is wired to an internet-enabled controller, he said. normally a special cryptographic key would be needed, but the back door does not need an encrypted channel.

Among applications where the ProASIC3 are used are remote surveillance systems, drones, and for flight-critical applications on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Actel did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.

Rik Ferguson, director of security research at the online security company Trend Micro, said: “This kind of flaw that gives somebody access right into the device has inherent flaws. The fact that it’s in the hardware will certainly make it harder – if not impossible – to eradicate. We’re already seeing a steady flow of devices such as digital picture frames coming out of factories with malware already on them – but that’s software which can be fixed. if you have this sort of flaw, then you need to replace the hardware, which means the chips.”

But suggestions that it is part of a cyber-attack by China, where the chip is made, have been discounted.

“It was very likely done at the design stage,” said Woods. “However, the traces left in the Actel development software suggest that this feature was well thought through from the very beginning.” He doubts it is part of a Chinese state-sponsored sabotage attempt.

Skorobogatov and Woods will present a paper on their findings at a conference in Belgium in September.

Two Seattle men sentenced to prison for burglarizing multiple Eastside businesses

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Two Seattle men were sentenced Thurday for a 30-month crime spree that involved both physical burglary and hacking into computer systems at multiple Eastside businesses to steal personal and business information used in a variety of thefts and frauds.

John Earl Griffin, 36, was sentenced to 95 months in prison and three years of supervised release.

Brad Eugene Lowe, 39, was sentenced to 78 months in prison and three years of supervised release.

Both men pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to intentionally access a protected computer without authorization with intent to defraud, intentionally causing and attempting to cause damage to a protected computer and thereby causing loss in excess of $5,000, accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

At sentencing U.S. District Judge Richard a. Jones said the crime spree was “a sophisticated endeavor … a unique combination of computer hacking and burglary.”

“More than 50 local businesses were hacked, burglarized, or both by this crime ring, resulting in more than $3 million in losses,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny a. Durkan who leads the Justice Department’s Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Enforcement working group. “The companies had their computer systems damaged or even effectively destroyed. beyond the fraud and physical damage there are costs without a price tag – the violation of the sense of security for their customers, employees, and owners.”

According to records in the case, beginning in 2008 and continuing into 2010, Lowe, Griffin and a third defendant, Joshuah Allen Witt, 34, hacked the networks of more than a dozen businesses and burgled more than 40 businesses to steal equipment and obtain personal and business information used for fraud.

The ring obtained credit card numbers and used them to purchase tens of thousands of dollars of high tech equipment and luxury goods that they used or sold. they hijacked payroll information so that payroll funds would be distributed to accounts under their control and sent company funds to reloadable debit cards, allowing them to rapidly cash out the company accounts.

The ring broke into businesses and stole computer equipment which they then used to hack into the company’s network. The men outfitted at least one vehicle with high tech equipment, including extensive antennas, allowing them to search for wireless networks they could use both for hacking or to hide their “digital fingerprints” when they accessed a company network.

The steps they took to hide their identities led to innocent third parties or company employees being suspected and interviewed by law enforcement.

Several Eastside businesses were named as victims, including at least three in Kirkland and four in Bellevue. one of the major thefts, totaling more than $300,000, took place at Concur Technologies in Redmond.

From one Renton business the men hacked in and stole the personal information of more than 50 employees.

Among the techniques was a tactic known as “war-driving,” according to the charges, in which people drive through neighborhoods with a long-range antenna to find vulnerable networks.

At the sentencing hearing representatives of the victim companies addressed the court. one man whose firm had built the computer network for one of the victim companies said, “years of work and the building of trust were soiled beyond repair … Because of the hacking we had no option but to essentially pour gasoline on years of work.”

The third defendant, Joshuah Allen Witt pleaded guilty last month, and is scheduled to be sentenced in June. in August, Judge Jones will determine the amount of restitution the men owe. The figure is expected to be in excess of $3 million.

The victim companies quickly reported the suspicious activity on their networks, which assisted law enforcement in the investigation.

Avoid being a victim

The U.S. Attorney and law enforcement urge businesses to take steps to avoid being a victim:

• Businesses should review their wireless encryption and confirm that they are using the appropriate level of encryption (WPA2 Personal or WPA Enterprise).

• Businesses should keep record of all laptop computers and ensure that any computers with remote access are encrypted.  Any missing laptop computers should have passwords and credentials replaced immediately.

• Businesses should be aware of hacking that can occur from physical access to the server room as well as from external hacking.

• Employees should never click past security certificate warning screens and should notify I.T. immediately.

• Managers should be aware of “watercooler” talk among employees that may indicate a breach has occurred.  this includes numerous employees complaining of fraud on personal accounts.

• Businesses should ensure that they have a security response plan prepared in the event that some kind of incident does occur.

• if you notice suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement.  you can make a referral to the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force.

The case was investigated by the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force comprised of officers and agents from the Seattle Police Department, King County Sheriff’s Department, Kirkland Police Department, Bellevue Police Department, and Lynnwood Police Department.  Significant additional assistance was provided by the Redmond, Renton, Woodinville and Bothell Police departments.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Kathryn Warma.

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Computer Information Technology – What it is & Why it is Important

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What is computer information technology? to begin, it’s a good question-and quite frequently asked too. Basically, computer information technology (commonly referred to as IT within tech industries and the business world) is a term used to describe the design, creation, and maintenance of complex computer and networked computer systems. many businesses and professionals use the term to also encompass the wide range of technology that surrounds the computer systems themselves too.

For example, computer information technology is often used to describe:

  • Computer hardware
  • Computer servers
  • Computer networks and networking equipment
  • Computer monitors
  • Software and operating systems
  • Printers
  • Copy machines
  • Fax machines
  • Office phone systems
  • Internet systems
  • Cell phones
  • Many additional types of technology and data management equipment

IT also represents the how all of these systems are used and how they inter-relate to one another at the same time.

In the Workplace: the IT Department

While it is not necessarily a rule, more often than not these days, a business’s IT department will typically manage all of the office’s technology needs, including everything from the procurement of computer and technology equipment to the installation and ongoing maintenance of the systems. In the modern data centered workplace environment we’ve come to expect today, ensuring the computer information technology backbone is operating effectively and efficiently has become absolutely mandatory to running a successful business or workplace operation.

Why is Computer Information Technology So Important?

IT has become the lifeblood of how business is done. as our world continues to adapt more and more towards an information based society, managing the stream and storage of data and making access to data more and more reliable and easy to use is not just important from a profit standpoint alone-we’ve actually come to totally depend on technology 100% to make business possible.

In this type of environment, ensuring that every small slice of the pie operates and performs as it should is essential. think of it much like setting up a chain of dominoes-if one piece of an organization’s technology system goes down, it is certainly going to have an entire chain of cause and effect throughout the entire organization.

Information technology is so important because it requires thoughtful and knowledgeable planning and development to create sophisticated systems that work seamlessly with each other to produce an end result of transparent functionality that we rely on. It’s almost like one of those things that we’ve just gotten used to-we’ve come to expect it to work flawlessly all of the time, only noticing it when something goes wrong.

This kind of operational transparency is usually the main goal of IT professionals. Making sure that data and technology systems work properly and dependably enables others to perform their duties without a hitch. Qualified IT professionals are always in high demand and generally well compensated for the services they provide.

It’s safe to say that computer information technology really is what makes the world of technology go ’round

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