Why I am switching from a PC to a Mac

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Last weekend, I got that familiar blue screen of death on my PC laptop, you know that blue screen with a bunch of cryptic lines of words on it that tells you your computer just crashed and everything you were working on was for naught. I have been getting these at least once or twice a day on my 3-year old Windows 7 HP Laptop and frankly I had got sick of it. so I put it out there on Facebook that I was ready to move back to the Mac after 17 years in the PC world and waited for replies. everyone who responded told me to go for it. Not one person said they regretted going for a Mac. so I went for it. Here’s my story so far on why I’m switching from PC to Mac with a bit of a twist at the end.

Right now I’m waiting for my MacBook Pro to arrive and I’m pretty excited. When I was in school some twenty-five years ago I got a Mac SE. it was mandatory since my campus was wired and it was a Mac campus. I got another four years later, staying on the Mac platform until the mid-1990s. I was pretty gung ho about the Mac, an Apple fanboy if you will. But then business school came a calling and I found that I couldn’t use my Mac for group projects and excel spreadsheets and so I switched. I started out with Dell and stayed with them until 2006 outfitting myself and my family with Dell computers. That’s when I moved to Acer, outfitting my wife, my wife’s school and my mother with Acer products too. I then switched to HP in 2009, moving my wife, her school, her mom and my mom with me again. Apparently, I am the tech guru in our family.

Anyway, all throughout this period, I still had my Apple products to use and network: iTunes, the Airport Express, my wife’s iPhones, her iPad, my many iPods, but just not the Mac that I used to love before I became a PC ‘drone’.  Now I am ready for the move back and it’s interesting what a different perspective it gives me. in the old days, I used to go into the Apple stores in the cities I lived in – new York and DC – just to see what people were doing, what Apple had to sell, and what kinds of things were happening in the non-PC world. Basically I was a voyeur. I wasn’t really there to buy anything because I was a PC guy. OK, I bought a few iPods and iPod accessories but I never had an iPhone or a Mac so I wasn’t in there to shop. I just liked the customer experience Apple had to offer and it made me long for my Mac days of old.

Now that I am a prospective Mac owner, I look at each of the products a bit differently, going around thinking, "I could buy that". This is a totally different Apple Store experience for me and I like it.

So I’m switching to a Mac because it’s a better product. It’s more expensive, yes. But, like with other Apple products, it’s well-designed, reliable and it comes with a whole support, customer focus and retail shopping experience that is pleasurable, almost fun. I won’t miss Best buy for the equivalent PC experience, let me tell you.

Why am I telling you this story? I’m thinking about Apple and it’s fading dominance in the mobile space despite this great user experience and wondering how my own user experience fits in. As a PC user I used to hate how Apple tried to tie me into the iTunes/iPod platform. I had to have an iPod to sync with iTunes and I had to have iTunes to sync up an iPod. and Apple would regularly mess with my music files, renaming them without my knowing. it drove me crazy. I swore I would never let Apple or any other company (think Microsoft or Google) have that kind of control over my (electronic media) life. But here I am drawing myself deeper into the Apple ecosystem. Yet Apple is losing share in its most profitable part of that ecosystem, the iPhone.

See here:

  • Samsung Widens Handset Market Share Lead Over Nokia, Apple – WSJ.com
  • Android is Winning | TechCrunch

I’ve said it before, but Apple is one company going against an army of 100s. How can they expect to compete? If network effects and sunk costs are a factor and they definitely are – think developers and apps – then adoption rates have to matter. to me, it’s Betamax/VHS or PC/Mac all over again. Betamax was in the worst position because it started out losing, Mac had a better position relative to the PC and iOS has (had?) an even better position relative to Android. But the lesson is clear: developers, makers of content, and distributors like platforms with economies of scale, ones that can reach a lot of customers with as few logistical hassles as possible. And we, the customers, DON’T like to buy stuff – videos, DVDs, mobile apps – and make it obsolete 1, 2 or 3 years later.

Mobile is a land grab right now. People like my mom complain to their sons about how complex their phone is when they go out and buy an Android phone on their own. they make their sons figure it out for them. But they go and buy the damn phone anyway. and they use that phone too. and then they’re sucked in… for life – or at least the next 5 to 10 years. Do you seriously think my 82-year old mother is going to switch away from Android? seriously. not any more than she is going to leave AT&T. Sunk costs, my friend. After all, that’s why AT&T plied my mom to Android with the free phone to begin with.

And does it matter if HTC or Motorola makes any money? That’s a clown question, bro. C’mon. They’re churning out shed loads of inexpensive and well-distributed product. and that’s getting people hooked on Android, just like it got people hooked on VHS or PCs. does it matter if they’re profitable if they’re driving platform stickiness? Design and user experience only takes you so far. By the way, if you’re Apple, it’s irrelevant how much money HTC makes – just like its irrelevant how much money Packard Bell and Gateway made. all you know is they’re sucking in customers that could be yours and you have to decide whether to drop your prices to compete. and that’s bad for your bottom line.

That’s what’s happening right now. Tech Crunch is right: Android is winning. They’re winning ugly, yeah. But they’re winning.

Review Laptop Computers » HP Folio B2A32UT 13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop Computer Review

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HP Folio B2A32UT 13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop Computer Review Once in a blue moon I have fallen on a portable computer that has fascinated me. HP 13-2000 Folio certainly is one of the most impressive models available on the market. HP has packed in a very elegant and advanced comprehensive components. at the time of this letter which Intel recently announced that they will start their initiative  » Ultrabook  » portable systems on the market which could compete with thinner Macbook Air series s Apple .  Laptop Computer Review As a warning that my years of experience with computer systems were used in the Windows environment so this review will focus closely with Folio HP rather act as a side-by-side comparison with the Apple Macbook Air products. In the box and the original Folio held in place two pieces of foam on each side with a space between the Folio and the Commission which I think is a good thing where he was forced to enter in contact with the force of brutal. Ultrabook Laptop Computer In addition to the Folio itself contained a card and package of documents in the field. Physical control of the Folio is very dense in touch. In contrast to My previous Asus netbook laptop case is not sensitive at all and very resistant to bending. As stated on the page specification Folio site HP inches Ultrabook inches long and measures 8.67 brett 12.54 0.7 cm (depth). Unnecessary to say that the Folio is extremely thin. Remarkable is also the weight of 3.3 kg. On the left is RJ-45 (Ethernet) HDMI USB 3.0 and SD ports. While the law has a USB 2.0 port and headphone.13.3-Inch LED Ultrabook Laptop interestingly missing Folio Kensington security lock regardless of the reason of his absence and accepts that the owners of this machine amazing rarely remains out of sight during a period of potential thieves. beautiful metallic finish with silver in the HP Ultrabook Laptop Computer logo integrated Centre and the lower part usually contains a range of ports for exhaust and sticker.

Jumpshot Frees Geeks from Repairing Computers for Friends

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At any social gathering—whether of friends or family—there’s a question heard all too often, yet feared by all people technically minded, “Can you fix my computer?”

Of course, it’s not really their fault. Computers come preloaded with software that harasses users with pop-ups to purchase full versions. Unnecessary software running in the background on many computers does little more than slow everything down. Add hackers and aggressive online advertisers to the mix, who try grabbing your wallet at every turn, and soon your computer is so slow or so filled with ads and infections that it’s nearly unusable.

David Endler and Pedram Amini saw this problem. the two have been close friends for more than a decade, and to tread their own paths through the digital landscape, they decided to quit their day jobs as security research managers in HP’s TippingPoint division.

Two years after quitting their jobs, they were in a state of creative unemployment when inspiration hit. they began brainstorming, bouncing ideas off one another, “and during that process it occurred to us that we knew a lot of people with PC frustration, and that their frustration frequently translated into our frustration when they reached out for help,” Amini said, via email. “It was a problem we were excited to solve and after researching the space, we felt there was a large gap that we could fill.”

They didn’t want to just create new software for cleaning computers though, and even less did they want to create anti-virus software. Rather, what they made are various USB drives and software, each with a set purpose. to represent these purposes, they created an animated character, or “minion,” for each.

A small ninja-shaped USB drive seeks out and destroys malware, a drive dressed as a detective protects users identities and guards them from snooping, another dressed as a mechanic fixes up Windows to make it faster and more secure. they currently have 10 of these characters, with others on the way.

“The vision is this: everything a technical person normally does for his friends and family, we want to automate,” Amini said. “Human cognition is far too valuable to be wasted on such tedium.”

“When we add new features, a new minion will be introduced explaining what he or she (or ‘it’ in some cases) is capable of doing,” he said. “In this way users can get a familiar and personal feel from the final report as they see a few of them.”

The approach of using characters to represent their purposes isn’t just about having a cartoon USB drive that wears a top hat and monocle. Amini and Endler are trying to reimagine maintenance software in a way that anyone can use and understand—getting rid of the usual software updates and versions, getting rid of complex menus, and replacing all of this with a simple plug-and-play interface and Web-based systems that let the drives learn and adapt as they work.

“A decision we made early on when designing Jumpshot was to break away from the current expectations of software as much as possible,” Amini said.

The technical parts run in the background. the drives “sedate” the computer before they start, and let the user browse the Web privately while the software gets to work. this makes it possible to remove different types of malware and fix parts that can’t be touched while the computer is running on all engines.

The Jumpshot drives also work both locally on the computer, and on a Web-based server through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which lets the drives learn from each other. “This allows the software to immediately apply technical information it learns from one scan, to another that may even be occurring simultaneously,” Amini said. “This split architecture and the scalability offered to us through AWS allow us to make this a reality.”

The software will be available this fall. Endler and Amini posted Jumpshot to online fundraising website Kickstarter, and exceeded their funding goal of $25,000 within the first few days—with 53 days still to go, they’ve raised nearly $60,000 from more than 1,100 people. ept.ms/MrtO15

Amini said, “Dave and I were both quite nervous coming up to the Kickstarter launch. After spending two years in a coding cave you start to second guess all the assumptions you made about what people will find interesting or funny. Fortunately we’ve been lucky so far and are really excited about the response.”

Cheapest International Calls

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HP is the Leader Now

The fastest growing and most profitable market in the world is the one of the mobile technologies. It defines the modern business and there are big players on it which can hardly be moved from their leading positions. However, the statistics are something that can be changed and this is exactly what we see in this case. in the beginning of the year Apple was the company that leaded the statistic for most sold computers but at this time the tablets were also considered computers. Today however, the statistic does not include tablets and Apple’s results fall from 12 million to 400 000.

Today the biggest manufacturer of computers is HP with over 15 million devices. The top 5 is closed by Apple, Dell, Lenovand Acer.

What Is It The Most Preferred Handheld Equipment With The Computer Repair Shops In South Florida

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At the same time humans that happen to be fallible, plus this example may not recognize all the future scenarios simply because items modify, but because they have zero experience of that exact market, region of undertaking, or maybe social system, are usually resulting in a lack of freedom with each brand new rule they generate to run the latest system.

The corporation has been set up in 1996 in order to cater for players who seem to needed the greatest in high-end devices. at that time the big manufacturers including Dell and also HP failed to offer real video gaming Personal computers, having those interested in such machines having to origin individual elements and build your rigs independently.

Buy tv screen guard to reduce the reality your new Universe Hook display could possibly get scratched when getting trapped in your own wallet, attache case or e-book carrier. It might even be an advantage if your screen guard provided anti-glare diminishment which reduces glare brought on by echoing mild. you can find goods through Alpha Products that’s built to are living of the tablet. Additional alternatives when utilized are described as a low profile motion picture that will affix to a display allowing complete accessibility regulates. This specific item helps to protect your own machine through marks, airborne dirt and dust, hits and the typical damage with title.

Compatibility The most crucial sign of the registry cleaner definitely is definitely compatibility. another registry design can be utilized by simply each and every computer as well as elderly pc registry cleaners might not be informed about how a synonyms are usually outlined.

While it will not be as noble since donations a body organ, offering your own computer, or in other words selling the item, can nevertheless be a powerful way to conserve some other person from entirely shedding their own computer once and for all. In order to obtain an innovative computer, or simply just proceed to the films but you’re quick upon funds, simply sell Acer tablet laptop computer systems for money colliding with the road! Don’t be concerned regarding depreciating delivering the computer in to the folks that want to buy that, if that they like the sound of it you have got they can send you this pre-paid appearance. What could be as good as receiving payment to get carrying out adjacent to practically nothing? The one thing that can often be better is placing a significant slice of income toward a brand new computer once you advertise Acer tablet mobile computing with regard to elements, for cash!

There’s no sole device devised until night out having a great number of numerous employs. whether it be knowledge, amusement, small business or connection, for no matter what objective you should use a computer, it’ll effectively meet a person. The advent associated with mobile computers makes points better intended for us. Nowadays, types of types of personal computers which in turn organic beef pick from based on each of our wants and needs.

Fifth generating computers, determined by synthetic cleverness, remain around development, while there are a few programs, for example style recognition, that happen to be getting used today. Using similar processing in addition to superconductors is helping for making man-made cleverness possible. Parallel running entails a system managing the control energy of numerous CPU’s to operate collectively, as opposed to von Neumann’s one central control product pattern. Superconductor, a similarly progressive invention permits movement connected with electrical power with little or perhaps low level of resistance; tremendously improving upon information move and also lessening heat reduction.

For far more fantastic news right here can be a web page for you to appear at. This computer repair Palm Beach Gardens company organization will care for you guaranteed.

Short URL: http://www.technoreporter.com/?p=4852

$HPQ News: The Dell dilemma

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FORTUNE — is Dell finally turning a corner? Five years after Michael Dell returned to lead the PC maker he founded and transformed into a colossus, Dell may actually be ready for a second act. But the next several months will be crucial in determining how strong any recovery will be.

Between 1995 and early 2000, Dell’s (DELL) stock enjoyed one of the biggest rallies — even for the tech sector — rising nearly 900% to $59 a share. the dot-com crash brought it back down to $16 share by the end of 2000, but the strength of its brand in the PC market helped Dell rebound to $42 over the next four years as Dell’s reputation for efficient manufacturing and assembling customized PCs made it the market leader.

But in 2005, following the departure of Michael Dell as CEO, Dell’s stock began to decline again, pushing the price back down below $20 a share in early 2006. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Chinese manufacturers such as Acer began competing harder in laptops. Michael Dell returned as CEO in 2007, vowing to revive the company.

MORE: The problem with Zynga’s growth

But as HP is learning, turning a tech giant around is a grueling process that can take years. in February 2009, the great Recession brought Dell’s stock down to $8 a share. After that, it rebounded to and hovered around the $15 mark for a few years. Meanwhile, netbooks and then the iPad and other tablets became hot items, slowing growth rates for PCs and laptops. the company

…Continue Reading Below… Article source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/finance/external/hftn/rss/SIG=11em07sh0/*http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/04/06/dell/?source=yahoo_quote

Alienware launches game console-like X51 gaming PC – Neowin.net

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I wouldn't quite say that. A company I do consulting work for used to have Dell exclusively, but after damn near every one of them had problems, they moved to HP. They had everything from motherboard problems, to power supplies burning out. not to mention one model had a recall that they were never informed of. Personally, I hear more bad stories about Dells than good stories.

Not going to outright say Dell is garbage, but that is part of the reason why they are a low-ranked PC brand.

Regarding Alienware, yeah they are owned by Dell, but it's not like Dell has a huge influence on the product.

I'm not sure what Dell's involvement with Allienware is, but it would be enough to keep me from getting one (Which is a shame, because Dell does make very nice "looking" hardware).

We used to purchase Dell's exclusively for home and work. That was until they all died not long after purchase. My laptop that I'm on now as a matter of fact, had to be sent in to Dell for repair 4 TIMES within the first 6 months. with each repair a bigger headache than the last. This will be my last Dell. I have moved everyone else in the office over to Toshiba's and Asus computers, and have not had a single problem at all. and, as an added bonus, neither of those brands run red hot like my XPS does (That miracle of engineering that it is)…

Dell USED to build very good computers. I bought Dell's for years. That hasn't been the case unfortunately for quite some time, and as a result I have moved on to PC vendors that care about quality a bit.

PC Sales Slip Spares Apple, HP and Dell Diversify

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With the evolution of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, the demand for personal computers has been shrinking the past few years. But it seems that last year heart breaking, as 2011 is considered the second worst year in the history of PC industry for US sales.  Last year, US customers bought 71.3 million personal computers, which is even less than 2010′s 75 million. Total sales dropped nearly 5 percent from 2010, which is really disappointing for hardware makers.

The worst sign of this sales downfall was seen in the fourth quarter when the shipments declined by nearly 7 percent. Talking about all major computer manufacturers, Hewlett-Packard saw its US shipments decline by 25 percent, Dell by 5 percent, Acer by 14 percent, and Toshiba by 2 percent in the fourth quarter. When it comes to the entire year, HP saw its shipments fall by nearly 5 percent, Dell’s fell by more than 8 percent, Acer’s by 30 percent in the US.

But there was an exception.  Apple’s shipments grew by 18 percent in the fourth quarter. In fact, for the entire year of 2011, Apple’s share of the US market amounted to 10.7 percent, which is up from 8.8 percent a year ago.

Diversifying strategies

To cope with the current situation and revive its position, Hewlett-Packard is planning the launch of a new pair of desktop computers, designed for families. Named the HP Omni, it is an all-in-one desktop PC, and will go on sale on January 08, 2012. this week also brought news of the HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix, a tower-style PC for gamers. Hewlett-Packard is trying to gain growth in its $39.6 billion PC division after Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman’s October decision to keep the group in-house. CEO Whitman made some critical decisions early on, like keeping the much debated $40 billion-plus PC business. When Leo Apotheker was handling the command, HP was considering a sale or spin-off for the PC division, but Whitman reverted.

HP is also heady on storage, and we expect to see some major developments in this area as 2012 gets going.  On the software side, HP’s also making unexpected inroads in healthcare via WebOS, as medical researchers develop applications for the newly open-source platform.

Moving ahead, Dell is also giving another chance to its tablet business after burying two tablets last year. According to Dell, they could be launching their first commercial tablet later this year. The Dell team is really taking their time on this one, as they do not want to rush into things again then end up trashing their products like the Streak 5 and 7 or encounter the same sad fate as the HP TouchPad or the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Cheap Computers – Incredible Electronic Devices

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In today’s latest technology world, having a computer has become mandatory. these devices have made our daily tasks easy and fast. They are one of most innovative gifts that have made our lives comfortable. these devices with great capabilities and efficiency are most commonly used in offices, homes, schools, etc. In this modern age, a consumer can find a variety of hi-tech devices that facilitate our work on the go. Computers have become an essential part of our daily lives. having computer knowledge has become important for getting a job in almost every sector. these equipments are available with the top brands like HP, Acer, Compaq and Lenovo. some of the other features in the latest models include a web camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, etc.

Due to the advancement in the technological area, we have been offered various innovative gadgets and devices that have bought a drastic change in our lives. This has contributed to increase our abilities and making our lives more comfortable.

One can easily find some great deals online for computers. They are available in a variety of designs and colours. these stylish devices are available with superb features like amazing sound and picture quality. the huge capacity of the hard disk lets the users save a large number of files in their computers. You can also look for cheap computers which have been recently introduced. This way you can save a lot of money on your purchase. the best part is that you can get a lot of goodies along with them. if you are looking for a cheap computer in the online market, you need to consider a few things before purchasing one. these include memory, power supply, monitor, and CPU (Central processing Unit). one should make sure that they are of top quality. another thing to consider is the RAM (Read only memory) which is used by the computer while performing any process. the memory in your hard drive is also to be considered. This stores your essential files like pictures, files and programs of your computer.

With online shopping, one can easily find great deals and offers. there you can get low priced computers with some amazing deals. the user also needs to do some comparison shopping to get the best price. Do some research and compare prices and offers provided by different brands.

If the consumer finds out a cheap computer that consists of all the high quality features, then it is a good decision to purchase this computer for his or her daily needs. it may be sometimes difficult to find the computers which are cheap and offer superior quality performance.

Computer Parts, Used and Refurbished – A Smart Buyer’s Guide

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Microsoft, Intel, Sun, HP and all those businesses devoted to selling you new hardware depend for their livelihood on convincing you that you simply have to have the latest and greatest version of their wares. But truth be told for many of us, our trusty old equipment will do just fine, thank you.

This is even more the case with regard to enterprise level components: servers, routers, storage devices etc. Many companies have invested tens of thousands — even millions — of dollars in proprietary software which is critical to their businesses and which will not function on newer model hardware. Moving to a new generation of equipment for these companies often means undertaking a complete revision of software and processes — an expensive and perilous undertaking. Maintaining perfectly good equipment with a small investment in parts often presents the best value, so it’s not surprising therefore that many companies choose instead to keep their legacy equipment chugging along as long as possible.

As a result, a whole industry has developed catering to the used, refurbished and unused parts and components markets for equipment originally manufactured by companies such as Digital Equipment (later to become Compaq and later still to be absorbed by Hewlett Packard), Sun Microsystems, Cisco and Enterasys (formerly Cabletron) and many others. Buying used and refurbished parts can result in significant savings.

Thanks to the internet it is now easier than ever to find suppliers for old and even obsolete computer parts. And it should also surprise no one that the temptation to fob off counterfeit parts as genuine is too great for some to resist.

So, how do you know when you are getting genuine parts for your legacy machine? here are a few pointers provided by Pyramid Technology Services, a well known and highly reputable used and refurbished computer parts dealer with many years of experience and a large inventory of refurbished parts, on how to identify counterfeit Cisco parts:

  • Look at the color of the serial number. Cisco’s own color is a yellow-orange; counterfeits are darker. the numbers may appear crowded and even rub off on the phony items
  • LEDs on blades. They should all be the same size.
  • Watch the color on loop-back buttons on WAN interface cards: it should be dull, not bright red.
  • Real Cisco boards usually have solder points covered with nickel-zinc, not copper, as seen on counterfeits.
  • Inside the RJ-45 connector, Cisco parts will have the word Steward, not GLG.
  • Always deal with a well-established value added reseller. look for a dealer who rigorously tests everything and who backs up sales with a warranty.
  • Stick with sellers who belong to the ASCDI (the Association of Service and Computer Dealers International). They have an established code of ethics and an arbitration procedure in place for any problems that might arise.

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