Laptops on Sale – Bait and Switch

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Throughout the year you will always find a company that is selling laptops on sale at a ridiculous price. Many of them are legit with their claim of actually selling them for the stated price, but for every four that are legitimate places there is at least one that is doing one of many different shady practices that will screw you out of your hard earned money.

The number one scam that has been done to many consumers is the old bait-and-switch routine. We all heard about how this is still being done years after laws have been put into place and quite a few have paid hefty fines and/or gone to jail for doing such scams to consumers.

Don’t think for a minute that if you see an advertised price in the newspaper or a sign hanging in the window of the place, that it’s not a scam. It may not be one, but you won’t know until you walk in the place to find out. Of course you can always walk out and not do business with the establishment, but there are skilled salesman out there that know how to get you into buying a different model than the one they advertised.

Because of the laws that have been put in place to combat this type of practice, they professional scam artist has found ways around the shades of grey in the laws.

You walk in and ask about the model that you saw in the paper, they don’t tell you right a way that they don’t have it. instead they ask you questions on what you want in a laptop. along the way they will lead you toward the model that they are looking to push and have different methods to have you believe that your needs won’t be met with the sales model.

If they can’t persuade you into buying the switch model, they will say something along the way that they will get the bait one from the supply room, only to come back and say that they didn’t realize that the last one was sold while talking to you. unfortunately listed in the advertisement it stated that they only had five of the sales brand at that price and they won’t be able to sell any of the future deliveries to you at that price.

The best way to know if your dealing with a reputable company is when you walk in the store, stick to your guns and ask to see the sales model first before he or she starts trying to sell you something else.

How to Buy a Laptop Computer – The Ultimate Guide

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If you have never owned a laptop before, learning how to buy a laptop computer may seem difficult. however, laptops are readily available and there are a number of resources available to help just about anyone get their hands on the kind of laptop they need.

It’s important that you choose the right laptop for your needs. the good news is that there are a number of resources available, letting you know the kind of specifications you should be looking for depending on what you’ll be using your laptop for. In general, if you’re going to be using your laptop for word processing, checking emails, using the internet and so on, you will not need a top end laptop. Hence, you will find laptops for only a few hundred dollars.

But knowing how to buy your laptop also means knowing how to get the best price. most of us are looking to save money however we can, and a good way of doing this is to compare laptop prices online. Choose a few laptops to compare using the tips above, and simply type these into price comparison websites for quotes on the best place to buy your new machine.

As you can see, knowing how to buy a laptop computer isn’t too difficult. however, the most important thing for you to remember is that you need to take your time to make sure you make your decision carefully. by doing so you’ll have a new computer that should last you for years to come.

Review Laptop Computers » ASUS U36SG-AS71 13.3-Inch Laptop PC Review

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ASUS U36SG-AS71 13.3-Inch Laptop PC Review If you are reading this much until mid-2012 year-ish I can guarantee that this will be the best value. many other similar thin and Sexy stylish laptops price have its disadvantage that will take you on a laptop like this. These disadvantages can be things like a small hard drive or a i3 Intel HD graphics card a really useful. Asus u36-as71 comes with i7 processor packd [unless a quadcore or later chip set but a sandybridge] an nVidia Geforce Graphics card with 610 m Optimus technology [aka the switch from nVidia that Intel HD graphics card in your computer t it n requires.Laptop PC Review and a decent sized hard drive. A thin and light design it is always a good idea to use as a lap-top. But this heat t it n qualify for a lap top in viewers. I’ll explain a hot scenario now. Laptop PC The left half of the notebook is usually cool because portable fan takes care of the temperature on that side. On the right is half of the laptop however always hot. we can hear the terrible noise from this page and when it is heated (say after 20-30 minutes the first use of laptop) heat sure half will continue as there is no fan to expel the heat generated. 13.3-Inch Laptop PC Some hardware can be found here on the heating base. To be more specific is where is the serial number of windows. If you listen to this area you can hear a faint sound. Notebooks Review in General the right half of the laptop is too hot … U36SG-AS71 Laptop PC for the most part it becomes a bad laptop. I ordered this laptop for my wife’s birthday when was gold box deal. ASUS Laptop PC Another reviewer said that it was not an i7 as product description t said. The laptop arrived today and it’s a quad-core i7. Quality seems to be excellent and the screen is the thinnest I’ve seen yet. The entire laptop is fine. we are very satisfied so far.

Vizio 14″ Thin + Light Laptop Review: Can a TV Maker Put Out a Good Laptop?

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Vizio, the company that sells millions of HDTVs at Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club every year, set its sights on cracking something different this summer: the Windows laptop market, and it didn’t just want to be another player. it wanted to stick out in the sea of similar ultrabooks (a term coined by Intel to describe a new category of thin and light Windows laptops).

Vizio focused on design, struck a deal with Microsoft to preload a clean version of Windows and perhaps most important, figured out how to offer what it does best in TVs: a good array of specs at an affordable price (the 14-inch version starts at $898, $948 for the 15-inch model).

But I had one question when the Vizio thin + Light 14″ Laptop arrived on my doorstep for review: Can a company that has been so successful at creating and selling affordable televisions really hack it as a computer maker?

It was when I was getting the laptop out of the box or my bag at work that I was the most impressed with the machine. the design is striking, with chiseled edges that give it a distinct look from all the other thin and light laptops out there that are just aping the MacBook Air design.

But even better than the look is how it feels. the aluminum body makes it very solid, but the soft-touch black bottom is smooth and easy to grip. and because the 0.7-inch thin laptop is so lean and weighs only 3.4-pounds, it’s really easy to grab out of a bag or grab off a desk and port around in one hand.

My one design complaint, though, is that the edges are a bit too sharp, making it very hard to open the front of the laptop. You have to really dig a nail in between the bottom and top lid to pry it open. Speaking of edges, Vizio made room on this laptop for two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and a full-sided HDMI jack. Sadly, there is no SD card slot.

Once you get that lid open and start using the keyboard and trackpad, though, things take a turn for the worse. while the palmrest and the rest of the laptop is made of metal, Vizio went with a plastic keyboard and touchpad, and the result is a subpar experience. the keyboard is mushy, and the keys are just overly plasticy. It’s also not backlit, so it’s hard to see in the dark. (Vizio does say it is working on a special backlight technology for its next laptops.) the touchpad’s texture is less problematic, but it’s flakiness is the biggest problem plaguing this laptop.

The mouse buttons are integrated into the pad, and I consistently saw the cursor get stuck or worse jump to a different position on the screen when I was trying to navigate around. Multitouch gestures, like two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom, are actually better than on some other Windows 7 laptops. But the trackpad experience sums up what I said in a previous column: it has been difficult for laptop makers to get the touch right. Vizio says it is currently fine-tuning the drivers to improve the touch area, but as of right now it puts a damper on the entire experience.

The screen, on the other hand, is better than most laptops in this price range: it has a higher 1600 x900-resolution and a better quality panel. while I appreciated the resolution for fitting more on the screen, there’s a bit of a graininess that’s visible. (The new Lenovo X1 Carbon has a much nicer 1600 x 900 screen, but that laptop starts at $1,299.)

Cheap Notebooks

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A notebook or a laptop, there seems to confusion when it comes to exactly what is a notebook. Whereas netbooks have only been developed in the last couple of years, notebooks have been around for a while now and are in some ways identical to that of a laptop. the term laptop and notebook is often used as synonyms for each other.

The phrase notebook first came about in 1989 when describing laptops that were size of an A4 paper notebook. NEC and Compaq development of notebooks had made them become popular with the wider world. Laptops are considered to be bigger, wider and thicker as they either have to fit in extra components, a larger screen or increasing the airflow allowing the powerful processors to stay cool.

A notebook was referred to as a smaller laptop that mainly used by business people or students. This was due to the lighter size and weight of the device and being easier to carry around. due to the smaller size of a notebook, it is less powerful than a laptop. A notebook is ideal to work alongside a desktop computer but not to be replaced by them. in today’s market notebooks are developed in different sizes which has made them look and feel like a laptop. with more expensive laptops claiming that they can do all sort of things that most desktops can do, then you easily purchased a less powerful but more streamlined notebooks.

Notebooks are sort of in between a netbook and laptop in terms of their computing power and how they are used. Netbooks are very portable and are much cheaper whereas a notebook has been designed to do every task that laptop or a desktop could do. with laptops and notebooks now becoming very similar to each other we may soon see that there is no difference between them at all.

But one difference that does make the notebook stand out from a laptop is a touch screen capabilities. Notebooks are now being designed with built-in touch screen whereas as laptops have the facility for touch screen support but is currently confined to notebooks.

Night Time Computer Re-opens As Prodigy One With A New Location and More Services

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Night Time Computers has done an upgrade! They have revamped their business, including a new name, new location, new hours, and more services. while a busy time, I spoke to owner Fred Long about all the exciting changes taking place.

“I wanted to explode the business into what I had always envisioned it to be”, says Fred who has owned the business since 2010. with a degree in Computer Science, and having worked in the computer world for over 15 years, he said there were several things he had wanted to change. first the name, “The name confused people. many customers thought we were only opened at night.” second, parking was very frustrating. the space itself was small and had less availability for marketing. as of July 2, Night Time computers flipped the switch and has been operating as Prodigy One Computers.

They have expanded into a larger facility allowing them more space. this has also given them the ability to offer retail. They now sell a full line of both new and used PC’s and laptops, accessories, parts, and software.

While many things have changed their commitment to excellent customer satisfaction has not. They still offer top notch services including computer repairs, virus removal, hardware and software upgrades and installation, data and pictures backup and recovery, and even PC cleanup, which removes dust and dirt from your computer. They can work on any brand, and offer a free consultation to discuss your computer problems and talk about the steps necessary to resolve it. for anyone not able to come to the store, such as businesses or residents with several computers, or problems involving a network, Prodigy One will come to you. They give on-site service visits for issues relating to connection to the internet or server problems.

“This community has made this business what it is today,” says Fred. Over the years he has received feedback from customers and the community and he says he has heard them and is excited to be able to offer even more in computer service to the Kent Island area.

The new Prodigy One store is located in the Rainbow Plaza at 1549 Postal Road in Chester. They have new hours, M-F 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. You can reach them at 1-800-278-4616.

The First “Chromebox” Desktop Computer is Now Available – Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

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About a year ago I wrote about the Chromebook laptop computers that run Google’s cloud-based Chrome operating system instead of Windows or Macintosh or Linux. these low-priced laptop computers have tiny hard drives as they store most all data and applications in the cloud. As long as the user has an Internet connection, these computers can perform nearly all the same functions as their more expensive cousins.Chromebook computers never get viruses and are very, very simple to use, even for computer novices. In fact, they have been called “laptops for the AARP generation” because of their simplicity of use. They are great for use by anyone who is nearly computer illiterate. Chromebook computers are popular with senior citizens, grammar school children, and anyone else who has never learned the intricacies of computers.

Retrieve Hard Disk Information From a Crashed Laptop

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Laptops should be one of the most feared computers ever made. why I say this is because of their portability nature. Since they can be carried from place to place they are very prone to damage. Yes, they are good because you can move around with it and do more work. But the dangers it is exposed to are high. they can drop easily. But even after it has dropped, the information on the laptop hard disk can still be recovered. Here are some ways how it can be done:

Data recovery software. it is possible for a laptop user to recover their hard disk information by purchasing data recovery software. This means that you can do the information recovery on your own. these days, there are many places where this self-recovery software can be purchased, both online and offline. What is amazing is that you can get the software for free online. But I wouldn’t advise anyone to try and do their own data recovery. ‘Why?’ you may ask. This is because you don’t know the extent of damage that has happened on your laptop hard disk. you may install the software and in the process cause overwriting of information. To break it down for you, any overwriting that happens on a storage device is as good as permanently deleting your information. Since you don’t know the extent of damage, let the professionals deal with the recovery. That’s the best option.

Data recovery specialists. An accountant is trained to deal with issues of finances. A human resource manager is in charge of dealing with issues that concern the people in an organization. A data recovery specialist deals with issue of recovering hard disk information. In short, trying to do data recovery on your own is a risk, a waste of time and money. the recovery specialists have the necessary skill and expertise for data recovery. the wonderful thing about using data recovery experts is that they have gone through several successes and failures and in the process, have gained knowledge of dealing with various problems. using this, they will be able to diagnose your problem easily and your data will be recovered.

Laptop Computer Parts

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Laptops or notebooks are the way of life in today’s modern world. no jets setting executive can do without them, such is their importance. they usually weigh from one to three kilograms, based on their size.

Laptops usually run on a single battery. some run on an external AC/DC. this could also charge the battery, while supplying energy to the laptop itself. Laptops are capable of doing the same tasks as a desktop PC, though at times they may be a little less powerful. they contain all the components that are present in a conventional PC in a miniaturized size. these components are optimized for mobile use and low energy consumption. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays. they come with different memory modules for their RAM.
Apart from a keyboard, laptops come with a touchpad or a pointing stick, which is used for input functions. Alternately, in many of the laptops, one can attach an external keyboard of mouse, if the need arises.

Laptops are typically divided into three categories, ultra portables, thin, light and medium-sized. these categories depend on the size of the laptops, as the name suggest. the entire size of a laptop is usually dependent on the screen size, which could vary from one brand to another.
Powerful laptops, otherwise known as desktop replacement computers, are also available. they are usually used in a fixed location and are not that portable because of size and weight. the monitors usually measure 15 inches or more. these desktop replacements have limited battery life due to their hardware.

The early days saw the use of heavy lead-acid batteries in laptops that have been replaced with lighter and more efficient nickel metal hydride and lithium batteries in the present generation laptops. the processors have also become more powerful. Laptops usually come with all kinds of drives like a floppy drive and a separate drive for CDs.

The Difference Between Desktop, Laptop and Notebook Computers

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So what is the difference between a desktop, a laptop and a notebook computer? what are the good and bad qualities of each? Which one should I buy?

These are all questions you may be asking yourself. I have created this post in order to answer your pertinent questions about desktop, laptop and notebook computers.

Desktop computers are much bigger and heavier than laptops and notebooks. They usually store more information and have more features than the other computer types. This being said, they are usually left at home and are not for quick transport. Also, desktop computers usually have all of their parts in different pieces. the main brain of the computer is linked to the screen, power source (it has no battery) and keyboard/mouse through wires. While desktops are bigger and not portable, many find them to be faster and easier to work with.

Laptop computers are designed for on the go travel. While they can be used as home computers, laptops are fitted with batteries and can be transported easily from one place to another. Laptops and notebooks are usually confused as the same thing. While they both are designed for travel, the laptop usually has graphics cards, CD writer drives, and larger (usually heavier) screens. A big question to consider when buying a computer is whether you should have a laptop or a notebook.

Notebook computers are often confused as laptop computers. Notebooks are light, extremely portable, and have along battery life. While popular with students and business men, notebooks have great qualities that anyone can enjoy. Notebooks are usually not fitted with graphics cards and usually have a smaller, more compact keyboard. They are ideal for homework, assignments, papers and forms. the main purpose of a notebook is functionality. It is not so much an entertainment medium as it is a project manager.

What are the good and bad qualities of each?

Desktop computers – good qualities:

* designed for heavy use and large capacity

* ideal for home office/family computer

* easier to use for most people

Desktop computers – bad qualities:

* not portable

* can take up a lot of space

Laptop computers – good qualities:

* portable and easy to set up

* compact yet capable of media play (videos, games)

* can substitute as a home computer

Laptop computers – bad qualities:

* can still be heavy if needed for constant portability

* battery life is not always very long (depending on what it’s doing)

* can get bogged down

Notebook computers – good qualities:

* very light and easy to move around

* ideal for documentation and small presentations

* great for classroom or workplace environments

Notebook computers – bad qualities:

* not for graphic needs (video, games)

* not great for multitasking

Which one should I buy?

This choice depends on what you will be using the computer for. if you plan to keep it at home all the time and need a easy-to-use and efficient device, a desktop is the best choice. if you need to take it to meetings but also need to be able to create intricate graphical presentations on it, a laptop is the perfect decision. if your a student and need to take notes and homework assignments down, a powerful little notebook is right up your alley.

It’s all about your needs in a computer, finding out what you need your computer to do will help you decide on which type of computer is right for you

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